Review: moa the green balm by Sasa

There are times I dig out stuffs from my stash that I haven't touched for eons and moa the green balm (sample size) is one of them.
I was actually trying out new lip balms that can help to heal chapped lips as I'd been having pretty dry lips for quite sometime. And so I saw this and thought maybe it could help me with the problem.

I wasn't so sure what this balm can do, so I looked it up and got this picture.
It helps in many ways from conditioning dry skin and hair ends to insect bites and grazes. It didn't say anything about being a lip balm though but I thought it should be safe to use on any parts of the body since it is 100% natural.

The balm is rather greasy and it smells a little... weird, like a very raw bean or vege. I had my friend to try this balm as a lip balm too but she doesn't like the pungent smell. As for me, I'm pretty used to it because I had been using it for quite sometime as a lip balm.
After trying it in Singapore as well as in Korea's cool weather, I concluded that this moa green balm doesn't help at all as a lip balm. Why I say so because my lips didn't get moisturised and it didn't moisturise even a bit when I was in Korea. I end up buying a lip balm in Korea because my lips cracked til it almost bleed. So I guess, it's moisturising factor is very low? I had not tried this on my hair ends or skin though... because I find it a little bit too greasy for my liking.
Moa the green balm however helps in relieving itchiness, inflammation and sores that caused by insect bites, almost immediately.
A few times I used it when I have mosquito bites and I find it weird that I don't feel itchy after a few mintues like as if the bite wasn't there at all. It doesn't feel minty or whatsoever to counter that itchiness feeling left by the bug, but funny enough I don't have the urge to scratch.
I guess this balm is really good when it comes to combating itchiness and the like, where else its the moisturising factor isn't what I expected it to be.

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