Review: BioNike Defence Elixage

I'd mentioned in my last post of 2013 that I'm going to review BioNike Defence Elixage skincare products and here it is! ^_^
Defence Elixage was one of my most loved anti-aging product in 2013 that I had emptied all 3 of them and still wanted more~ If you had used BioNike products, perhaps most of you would agree with me that their skincare products are really good and effective.
In this post I'm going to review the 3 products I'd received from BioNike:
- BioNike Defence Elixage Elixir Regenerating Fluid (30ml)
- BioNike Defence Elixage Satin Regenerating Cream (50ml)
- BioNike Defence Elixage Contour Eye-Lip Balm (15ml)
Before I start, you may wish to read more about Defence Elixage in my 2 other blogposts here and here. The other 2 shows information on various BioNike skincare range as well as the details for Defence Elixage, including some swatches.
Side note, even though this range is targeted towards age 45-65, I still go ahead with using these products because I feel that my skin age is older than my true age. hahax~ Like some will say, even though you are 30, your skin maybe 40! (^,^")

BioNike Defence Elixage Eye-Lip Balm
This eye-lip balm is my most loved anti-wrinkle & lifting cream. Why I say so, later you'll find out. ^_~

I followed the illustration when applying the eye-lip balm. As I have droopy eyes with hooded eyelids, I need to really give them a lift so I followed the method when putting on the skincare. I have laugh lines too and it's extending downwards as I age so this balm comes in handy now!~

Notice the skin under my eyes are rather dry.. (its getting more and more dry..  =△=")
I applied a pea size of eye-lip balm over my eyelids and under my eyes (shown in no.2). Then lightly massage it out and upwards following the illustration above. It may look greasy due to the glossiness but actually it isn't.

For my laugh/smile lines (not wrinkled, more like sunken in. Just saying in case you don't see the 'laugh lines' that I mentioned), I actually applied all around my mouth area and then lift and massage it following the illustration shown earlier. By doing so, the skin becomes lifted and plumped which will help in minimising the appearance of the laugh lines.
What I love about the eye-lip balm:
- doesn't cause any breakouts on both undereyes and around mouth area
- doesn't cause milia seeds under my eyes
- eyes are lifted and look more alert than ever, not so droopy anymore
- the balm formula is absolutely compatible with any kind of concealer and foundation as it doesn't make them cake at all (love!)
- makeup under my eyes don't get trapped in between the wrinkle lines or 'cracks' when I smile or laugh alot
- the balm looks glossy on the skin surface but it is not greasy
- very good at hydrating my dry undereyes
- relieves the tight pulling feel on my laugh line (I feel gravity 'pulling' the skin only at my laugh lines... why.. =_=")
- the skin on my laugh line is often red when I open my mouth or when I make big expression, but after using the balm, the redness reduced alot
- skin is plumped hence when smiling/laughing, my makeup won't get trapped inbetween the lines
- the 2 corners of my lips appear to be a little lifted as well

BioNike Defence Elixage Regenerating Fluid
My 2nd most loved item out of the 3 is this regenerating fluid, which is the serum for the Defence Elixage range.

Anti-aging skincare works best if you do some upwards massage with it, instead of applying it in circular motion! ^_^

The regenerating fluid is a lotion but consistency is slightly on the thick side. It is also not greasy.
What I like about the regenerating fluid:
- really smooth texture
- absorbs fast into the skin
- silky smooth finish
- helps in overall skin lifting
- very hydrating
- skin feels plump and very, very smooth (♥!)
- my large pores look less visible
- frown lines appear a lot less visible / less wrinkled too
- doesn't cause breakouts at all
- somewhat calms my skin on areas where I have slight inflammations
- doesn't help in getting rid of acne or pimples (since its an anti-aging serum)
- but on the good side, it doesn't feel greasy or makes my skin produce more sebum
Before using the regenerating fluid, I already had a little bit of bumps some inflamed some not, located mostly on my jawline and near the ears and my skin texture was rather rough. I used several products to try to exfoliate and make my skin feels smooth but to no avail. The moment I started using the regenerating fluid along with the other 2 Defence Elixage products, my skin become so very smooth after a week! Despite the smooth skin texture, it still feels bumpy since the clogged pores can't be removed by these products.
The best part however is that this fluid doesn't break me out, meaning it doesn't cause me more bumps or clogged pores! Imagine if I used it when my skin is flawless... I would definitely love the results even more!
This regenerating fluid is definitely a must-buy too~

BioNike Defence Elixage Satin Regenerating Cream
This cream was the last one that I emptied since the content is a lot more than the other 2.

The cream though has a thicker consistency, still feels smooth, silky and is easily spread out.
What I like about the regenerating cream:
- the cream feels quite light weight, doesn't feel too thick
- like the regenerating fluid, it has a smooth texture too
- takes a little longer than the fluid to be absorbed into the skin
- leaves a glossy film on skin surface but not greasy (easily rid of by pressing tissue paper over it)
- skin feels ultra smooth when it is used together with the fluid
- gives my skin a boost in hydration
- when used alone, my skin isn't as smooth
- skin will start to produce sebum after awhile
- with makeup, my T-zone will still produce sebum (normal, not excessively)
- doesn't cake my makeup at all
- doesn't cause any breakouts (kinda like the fluid, it also calms my skin)
Since I'd finished the regenerating fluid first, I tried the cream ontop of other anti-aging serums and it worked alright just that the effect is not as good when both the fluid and cream are used together.
I experience little sebum production when I use both the fluid and the cream, but it starts to get a little bit more when I stopped using the fluid and changed to other serums. Also, skin slowly turn rough again when I stop using the fluid.
Overall, I'm really loving the Defence Elixage products. If given a choice to buy an anti-aging range, I'll definitely go back to BioNike! ^_^

BioNike Defence Elixage Elixir Regenerating Fluid (30ml) SGD$349
BioNike Defence Elixage Satin Regenerating Cream (50ml) SGD$339
BioNike Defence Elixage Contour Eye-Lip Balm (15ml) SGD$149

Where to buy?
Available at all The Spa-Lon:
Tiong Bahru Plaza - 302 Tiong Bahru Road, #05-08, Singapore 168732 Tel: 6276 6313
Choa Chu Kang - 304 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #01-661, Singapore 680304 Tel: 6891 0030 / 6891 0060
East Point Mall - 3 Simei St 6, #05-10, Singapore 528833 Tel: 6783 3773 / 6783 2594
CHIJMES - 30 Victoria Street, #02-02/04/05 Caldwell House, Singapore 187996 Tel: 6837 0131
CITY SQUARE MALL - 180 Kitchener Road, #03-01 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539 
Available exclusively at the Guardian outlets

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