Random Swatches ~ Findings at SaSa, Guardian, Watsons, Beauté Spring & L'Occitane

Throughout year 2013 and this month, I had posted some new beauty findings at various stores, mainly drugstores. Pictures of these products that I'd found and the swatches are mostly posted in my Instagram which linked to my Twitter and Facebook page but it didn't come onto my blog.
And so I'd decided to collate them into one blogpost where you'll find bigger with better post processed images (due to all are taken by my iPhone, the picture quality is low so I did some PS before posting them up) and able to view their details better than the pictures I'd shown through IG, Twitter & FB.
In future, I will continue to do this so you'll be able to search for the products and swatches through my blog since it's harder to find through the social media platforms. ^_^
Anyhoo, let's start! 
I will put up the products according to what's most recent, and according to the stores that they are located at.

First up is the NEW Taiwan brand 1028 Visual Therapy, a cosmetic line by 小凱老师 Makeup Maestro Kai Chang found at SaSa Wisma Atria outlet.
Check out the Maestro Foundation Brush... reminds me of Shiseido Perfect foundation brush. This brush's bristles however appear more flared. It only cost SGD$19.90... tempted to get it! ^_^

Dropper bottle foundation.

Swatched a few shades from 2 of the nude eyeshadow palettes (shown above). They feel quite glittery and I find that the pigments are light.

Guardian Health & Beauty
I saw this just yesterday at Guardian City Square. I'm drawn to the @cosme sticker that were pasted on the polish caps and the wide brush visuals... Don't tempt me you! *points at Salon Nail polishes*
Oh btw, these enamels are from the brand Art Collection, under the same company (Do Best) as AC Makeup & Mio Piccolo which often produce good quality cosmetics sold at super cheap prices, just like essence cosmetics. Art Collection Salon Nail Enamel was ranked #1 at @cosme from 2012 to 2013. It is actually only 100+yen in Japan but in Guardian, it's selling at SGD$6.80.

A rather new brand at Watsons - N°7!!! I'd bought their skincare products before thanks to my bro who went Thailand.. but that was like so long ago.. Lolx~ Glad that they had came in Singapore. ^,^

Sorry for the blur images.. ^_^"

Recently, I bought a soap from L'Occitane for only SGD$5. 100% profits from sale of the L'Occitane Rose Solidarity Soap will aid eye-health projects. I believe it is still up at their shops, so please get them for a good cause~ ^_~💗

Beauté Spring
Something Jap and something ranked #No.1 at @cosme caught my eyes again.
Bisebise Nail care essence oil in Glamorous & Femmine. They differ by the scent.

Spotted new display at Punggol Plaza Watsons store. essence Black Black Black mascara and its Buy 1 get 1 free! SGD$4.90... darn cheap can. (<_<)

New Zombie CC Cream found at Compass Point Watsons.

At first I thought it suppose to make us look like a Zombie with the CC Cream.. but nope, it's the other way around.. hehex~ =p

Maybelline Color Show Eyeliners

Maybelline Color Show Eyeliners swatches. The Orange & Purple is ~

L'Oreal Paris False Lash Butterfly Waterproof and Gelmatic Pens. The swatches are Gelmatic Pens. Gota super love the turquoise one!

CLIO Lipnicure.

Swatches of all the shades with bottom half coated with Lipicure Top Coat. Refer to 3rd row, I'd swatched the Lip Primer & Top Coat separately too. Top coat is the one that is thicker & glossier (right side).

CLIO HitchEye-King Mascara. This was taken rather long ago but I still see them at some Watsons stores.

Swatches of the Tinted Tattoo Kill Brows in shade #1 & #2.

Spotted new Maybelline LashFactory display at Orchard ION's Watsons store. The packagings are in Japanese, perhaps they are only available in Asia.

My eyes never fail to spot @cosme stickers whereever I go... Lolx~ Eyescream eye makeup on Watsons' shelves.

Eyescream Gel Eyeliner in Black Coffee & Chocolate. Both are ranked #2 in @cosme.

New eyelid tapes spotted~

Biore x My Melody Cleansing Oil display. The display maybe gone since it's been awhile... but their products are still available. Btw, do try their cleansing oil, it's good! Removes stubborn & waterproof makeup! ^_^

Collection Buy 2 get 1 free promotion.... opps it's over! hehehx~ Anyhoo, promotions at Watsons will come back soon so do check out their website & Facebook page for updates!

I wanted to buy Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer so I'd swatched all 3 shades (top row) that were available at the shelves along with the 3 Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealers (bottom row). Left pic is when they are still wet and right pic shows the shades that remained on my hand after I'd dabbed off the excess. They are pink toned concealers, should work well for skin that has pink undertone. I'd bought the middle one on the top row and it appears very pink on my face even though in here, the shade looks rather close to my skin.

Last year's Christmas/ Promo bundles. Heroine Make makeup... a highly raved brand, especially the volume mascara, it's a must get

And more X'mas bundles! Actually I still see them on Watsons shelves~ Good buys, do consider getting them! ^_^

Thanks for reading!~ I hope you'll find something that interests you in here. ^,^

SaSa Singapore
Guardian Health & Beauty
Beauté Spring
Watsons Singapore


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