ORBIS Opening Ceremony at Bishan Junction 8 + Top 5 Best Sellers

ORBIS recently opened its second store in Singapore at Bishan Junction 8. I'm honoured to be invited to attend this grand opening~ It is also my first time to take photos of all the ORBIS products. Later in this post, I will be sharing all of ORBIS' skincare and makeup products so do read on! ^_^

For Singapore culture, lion dance is a must for any grand opening! Huat ah!~ *throw oranges* ^,^

ORBIS Bishan Junction 8 store interior.

What's on the counter are the testers for 5 basic skincare range, face cleansing range, makeup, health food and supplements.

More stocks placed on the wall shelvings. (click to enlarge image)

ORBIS health food - Collagen Jelly & Collagen drinks.

Something new among the cleansing range - Whip Soda Pack.

Foam formed from using Whip Soda Pack. It look ultra dense~

Did you know that one of the prime areas women neglect is moisture retention? The key to keeping skin moist is the moisture density* of the overall corneal layer- and this is where ORBIS’ bestseller, the AQUAFORCE range comes into the picture. This series helps to develop the skin into a reservoir of moisture, which consistently pools water in each corneal layer by closing spaces between cells. Additionally, AQUAFORCE provides penetrating, intense and long-lasting continuous moisture to eliminate problems of poorly hydrated skin.

Excellent Enrich
Intensive Anti-Aging Care

Adult Acne / Pimple-prone skin

For Fairer Skin

Excellent White
Anti-Ageing & Whitening Care

Special care
For the eyes, sebum control and more.

Sunscreen and Base makeup
Oil-free sunscreen for face & body.

Makeup base for brightening and colour correct.

Base makeup including stick concealer, eyexone bright veil & smooth matte base.

Lasting Foundation UV  SPF25/PA++
Light as a veil, this foundation is essential for luminous, beautiful skin. Created specially for the summer season in Japan, this light-textured powder is of 0.01 micron thickness to give a delicate finish. It contains a rare cylindrical shaped powder with coating technology that absorbs sebum and sweat to create a shine-free finish. An added bonus of SPF 25/PA++ protection seals the deal.
Available in 6 shades. Free of easy-to-oxidize oil, fragrance and UV absorber.

Prism On 3D Eyes palette in 6 different shades

Face Color in 3 shades

Point makeup
Gloss Rouge (lipgloss), Pure Precious (Lipstick), Eyeliner, Mascara and Eyebrow pencils.

ORBIS' Top 5 Best Sellers
AquaForce Lotion-M

UVCUT Sunscreen On Face Light SPF34 PA++
This hard-worker slogs round the clock to keep UV rays at bay. Thanks to its light weight texture, it is ideal for everyday use. Formulated with UV-scattering agents, it creates a layer to resist sweat & moisture, making it last longer. When used as a makeup base, the “moon veil powder” gives fair coverage to fine lines and visible pores; helping to even out and brighten skin tone. It is also 100% oil-free for that matte sheen every woman is after.

Cleansing Liquid
If a gentle yet effective cleanser that picks out all the glob and makeup from those stubborn pores is what you’re looking for, another noteworthy product to consider is ORBIS’ CLEANSING LIQUID (150ml). Over 30% of moisturizing essence in this cleansing liquid keeps skin supple and thoroughly moist. By mixing three different types of amino acids and Hyaluronic Acid Na, the moisturizing effect captures mascara, foundation and dust quickly without damaging skin. To date, more than 30 million pieces have been sold (sales figures from Dec’97 – Dec’12)
To know more about Cleansing Liquid, read here.

Diet Food - Petit Shake
Prime mover PETIT SHAKE is adored for being a tasty one-meal replacement. It comes in
individual aluminium sachets that become instant flavourful shakes when mixed with milk.
Between 1998 and 2012, cumulative sales tabled more than one hundred million. PETIT SHAKE
is packed with 10 kinds of vitamins, iron & fibre an average adult should consume per day.
Boasting real fruit pulp, puree and fibre, it is testament to the fact that dieting can be fun & tasty.
To read more about Petit Shake, read my review here.

Skincare Supplement - Collagen
ORBIS offers a range of skincare supplements, the most popular one being collagen products; which has recently piqued interest in the beauty market. These collagen supplements come in the form of jelly, drinks, and pills; making them suitable for every customers’ needs.

Complimentary from ORBIS
Lovely gifts from ORBIS! I was actually thinking to buy the meal replacement but now I need not~ ^,^ Thanks so much to ORBIS Singapore~
The Yuzu Honey, Matcha Green Tea, Sakura & Japanese Melon are actually Japanese Edition Petit Shakes which are now available at Orbis stores from Jan 2014 onwards. Woots~
Besides the 4, they also included the Double Berry & White Chocolate which I like as mentioned in my review here.
They included a Moist Charge supplement, Whip Soda Pack as well as a cute mint brolly Lovely!

Where to buy?
Bishan Junction 8 #01-46 and Robinsons Orchard, Level 1.

ORBIS Singapore Facebook
ORBIS Japan Website


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