Launch & Review: Laboratoires Kéranove Hair Care

Late last year, Fusion Cosmetics launched a new hair care brand name the Laboratoires Kéranove, in short, Kéranove. ^_^
Under Kéranove, there are total of 8 hair care range targeting different hair/scalp types as well as a DIY permanent hair color consisting of 9 different colours.

About Eugene Perma
With nearly 100 years of innovation, expertise and know-how exclusively dedicated to hair beauty, Eugene Perma is a French heritage independent company that has establish itself as a key player both in France and abroad, thus becoming the 1st French independent company dedicated exclusively for coloring and hair care.
The strength of Eugene Perma is to tap its success in a rich history dedicated exclusively to high expertise in capillary studies and adapt to the latest technological developments and fashion trends with a “French style touch”. With full independence from creation to distribution, Eugene Perma is present in more than 56 countries around the world with almost 30 brands, both retail and in the professional field under its belt.

About Kéranove
As a brand that was sold in pharmacies and hair salons since 1966, Keranove excels as being the second most known brand in the French hair color market. Being the first brand to use the expertise of laboratories within the FMCG distribution, it quickly become a recognized and established hair expert which stands for quality guarantee for consumers.
Keranove Laboratories range of hair care, shampoo and colour specializes in and focuses on in-depth care for the scalp and hair by combining expertise and naturality.
The unique formulas containing the patented Dermo-Kératyl™ are high in performance and has scientifically proven results.
The “dermo-keratyl” complex (rich in trace elements) revitalises each and every type of scalp and hair. Each segment of its range has a natural active ingredient with plant extracts which have formulas tested under dermatological control and is paraben free. Demo-Kératyl™ is present in the entire range of products and helps to stimulate and revitalize the scalp and hair.
- Natural Active Ingredients with Plant Extracts
- Scientifically proven efficacy
- Paraben-Free

At the launch, we were introduced with the newest range namely the Nutrition & Care, specifically targeted for Dry & Damaged hair.

Nutrition & Care - Dry, Damaged Hair
Revitalize, Protect & Nourish
The natural active ingredient included in the Nutrition & Treatment module is: Active mango concentrate. 
The pit of the mango is rich in protein and lipids, offering greater hydrating properties than Shea butter. This active ingredient restores the condition of damaged hair and makes it shiny soft to the touch.
Shampoo - Helps to repair damaged hair through frequent use.
Treatment - Provide dual action of repair and fiber protection to nourish and smoothen hair.

 Nutrition & Care Treatment leave-on ampoules. There are 5 ampoules for each box of treatment.

Mask - Intense hydration which leaves the hair soft and supple.
Conditioner - Facilitate detangling and nourishes dry and sensitive hair.

A sample of how the shampoo & conditioner look like.

Radiance & Protection - For Colour-Treated Hair
Extends Color Radiance
The natural active ingredient included in the Radiance & Protection module is: Active pomegranate concentrate. 
The pomegranate is recommended for its anti-oxidant properties and protects hair against free radicals and UV rays. Pomegranate juice also contains vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the hair.
Treatment - Revitalizes and protects the hair bulb, providing lasting hair colour
Shampoo - Helps to keep hair colour bright and lasting and protect it from UV radiation
Conditioner - Facilitates detangling, preserves colour vibrancy and shine

Mask - Reveals colour shine and prevent oxidative attacks on the hair

A sample of how the Radiance & Protection shampoo & conditioner look like.

Balance & Purity - Oily Dandruff, Balance & Care - Dry Dandruff
The natural active ingredient included in the Balance & Purity module is: Aseptilamine™. 
Thanks to its antibacterial and anti-irritant properties, which stabilize the scalp and regulate sebum secretion, this active ingredient is recommended for treating an oily scalp.
Oily Dandruff Shampoo - Anti-micro bacterial properties cleanses scalp and regulates excess sebum and dandruff.

The natural active ingredient included in the Balance & Treatment module is: Zinc Pirythione.
Thanks to its antibacterial properties, this active ingredient prevents the production of dandruff and protects the scalp. This formula also possesses hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties which provide a sensation of well-being.
Dry Dandruff Shampoo - Prevents the growth of yeast while balancing and soothing the scalp.
Dry Dandruff Treatment - Intensive care to eliminate dandruff and prevents it from reappearing.

 Sample of how the 2 shampoo differs.

Volume & Care - Thin/Fine Hair
Densify & Volumize
The natural active ingredient included in the Volume & Treatment module is:
Soy active concentrate. With its protective film, this active ingredient covers hair with a flexible coat that improves its manageability, softness and strength.
Shampoo - Adds volume and shine to hair without weighing it down.
Treatment - Densify fine hair to give it volume and shine.

Sample of the Treatment ampoule & Shampoo.

Lightness & Purity - Oily Hair
Purifies & Soothes
The natural active ingredient included in the Lightness & Purity module is: Meadowsweet active concentrate. 
This active ingredient is rich in phenolic acids, known for their ability to restore the balance of the scalp’s ecosystem. Meadowsweet has astringent effects which significantly regulate sebum secretion. Its antibacterial and anti-irritant properties improve the condition of oily scalps.
Shampoo - Eliminates excess sebum for light and soft hair
Conditioner - Helps to purify scalp and detangles hair

Sample of the Lightness & Purity Shampoo and Conditioner.

Prevention & Density - Thinning Hair (Hair Loss)
Strengthens & Densifies
The natural active ingredient included in the Prevention & Density module: Trichodyn™. 
This active ingredient combines synergistically an exotic wood extract, glutamic acid and sodium succinate to more effectively combat the main causes of hair loss, acting at 4 different levels: it stimulates cell storage, repairs and protects the scalp, and prevents hair loss.
Shampoo - Revitalizes hair and scalp and provides shine to hair.
Treatment - Helps to stop hair loss, promotes hair growth and revive shine to hair.
*Thin hair & thinning hair is totally different. Thinning hair means hair loss while thin hair means the hair strand is thinner than average.

Sample of the shampoo.

Vitality & Shine - Normal Hair
Revitalize, Protect & Nourish
The natural active ingredient included in the Vitality & Shine module is: Nutsedge oil active concentrate. 
This active ingredient, rich in oleic acid, is known for its nourishing properties. In addition, its high level of tocopherols provides natural protection from free radicals.
Shampoo - Gives the hair natural protective and nutritional properties

Sample of the Vitality & Shine Shampoo.

Oléo Color
DIY Permanent Color Treatment
Ammonia-free, Paraben-free and Odour-free natural long lasting hair colour.

Available in 9 colours.

Complimentary from Kéranove
Thanks to Fusion Cosmetics, I got to try out the new range of hair care products along with the DIY Hair colour Treatment~ ^^
- Nutrition & Care - Dry, Damaged Hair Shampoo
- Nutrition & Care - Dry, Damaged Hair Conditioner
- Oléo Color in 7*35 Shiny Hazelnut Brown

Even though I have oily scalp and hair, I would sometimes use hair care and treatments for the damaged hair because I often bleach and dye my hair.
And so this Nutrition & Care Shampoo comes in handy for my dry hair ends.

Nutrition & Care Shampoo Ingredients.

Pour out type shampoo bottle.

The shampoo smells really good, it smells like a very sweet ripe mango. I'm liking the scent of it everytime I shampoo my hair. ^_^
I use this Nutrition & Care Shampoo during occasions when my hair is not too oily, because my black hair has grown to a length of about 10cm+, so my scalp and black hair area are getting more and more oily. I couldn't afford to use this shampoo everyday as my scalp will oil up really quickly within hours and my hair on the crown will go flat and limp.
On the other side, when I shampoo onto my hair ends it feel perfect. It gives just enough moisture to prepare it for the conditioning step.
It is not oily and cleanses decently but it's definitely not for people with oily scalp or hair unless the hair has been dyed or bleached to an extend that it lacks moisture, feels dry and frizzy.

As for its partner the Nutrition & Care Conditioner, it smells exactly the same. Difference is that the cap is at the bottom.

Nutrition & Care Conditioner Ingredients.

The conditioner is pretty lightweight, doesn't feel greasy at all and its consistency is like a gel-cream.
I reaaaalllyyy like the conditioner! I only use it on my hair ends and it make them look pretty tamed and look less bed-head.
Normally a conditioner for dry damaged hair would feel greasy and makes my hair look like it just got rebonded, but this one won't! I'm not saying that this conditioner doesn't make my hair feel smooth.. it does but it isn't greasy at all and doesn't make my hair go all limp after it's dried too.
The difficult part however is to get the conditioner onto my hair. Even though I'm just applying on my hair ends which is a pretty short/small area, I need to use quite alot of conditioner. Say, about 2 to 3 x 50cents size? I smeared it all over the hair ends but they don't feel smooth immediately, it take a few strokes before the hair takes in the conditioner and then after a few more seconds, I can feel the smoothness. Sometimes I might even need to pump more conditioner to make it feel smoother. Great part is the non-greasy, smooth and tamed hair result.

Aside from the Nutrition & Care range, I'm also using the Balance & Care Shampoo for Dry Dandruff which I received from Watsons.
As I'd said, I got oily scalp and hair, but I don't have dandruff (at least for now *touchwood*). Even if I have, it is usually very minor and it is caused by the sebum accumulating underneath the dead skin cells which means mine would be oily dandruff. I suppose to use the other one that is meant for my scalp type but well, I'm given this so I thought I'll just try it! ^_^ hehehex~

The shampoo consistency is slightly thicker than Nutrition & Care Shampoo. It has light minty scent.
This shampoo works slightly better than Nutrition & Care Shampoo as it cleanses my scalp a little bit better by removing the extra sebum from my scalp and hair. I find that it is however still pretty moisturising comparing to shampoos targeted for oily hair. My hair still turn oily pretty fast so this shampoo is also not for my scalp & hair type. I REALLY need to get a shampoo that is for oily scalp & hair now! Lolx~

The shampoos foam up easily by adding a bit of water to it and they are really easy to shampoo without much hair tugging. Both the shampoos I'd use are not meant for oily scalp and hair type, so do consider about your type before purchasing one.

Laboratoires Kéranove Dry and damaged hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Conditioner (200ml) SGD$19.90 ,mask (250ml) SGD$29.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$29.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Coloured hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90, Conditioner (200ml) SGD$19.90 ,Mask (250ml) SGD$29.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$29.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Dandruff Oily /Dry dandruff Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$29.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Hair loss treatment Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$39.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Oily hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Conditioner (250ml) SGD$19.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Normal hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Thin hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$29.90

Where to buy?
Available exclusively at Watsons (Singapore) stores.


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