What I got for December & 2013 Beauty Favourites

And so..... this is what I got? ▼▼▼
The truth: Yes. WE got fat. Well, I'm basically eating and sitting at home most of the days and so is Mimi. Thus we BOTH got fat. I never weigh him but I carry him everyday and I found out that he got heavier near the end of this year. I pondered... isit me who got weak or he who got fat?
Well, I guess it's fat because none of us exercised for the whole year.
I excused myself because I got an injured toe and as for him... well, because I got an injured toe. hahahx~ nah, I did played with him and got him some leaps and runs but he got bored really quickly so I think he didn't really burn any calories and.....neither do I.

This year christmas is quite pretty ok for me. Not much of a big celebration... but spent more times with families and a few friends.
This Christmas tree is a real tree (I'm not sure what tree it is because I don't know about trees... lolx~), I went to a gathering held by bunch of poly friends and this year, it wasn't as crazy as last year maybe bcos there are more babies at the gathering now? hahax~

Talking about babies...I got one here! (belongs to friend)
And she went "OMGGAWWWWDDDDD~~ I'm held by a WITCHHHhhhhhhAaaaa~" Her name is Paper because she is as white as a piece of paper!

And here's my 2 babies! Baby (dog♀) and Mimi (cat♂). Attempt to put santa hat on both... play to see their reactions~

What's Christmas without gifts?
Here are some that I received~ First up are Essence & Catrice makeup from none other than my bestie +everblue c! Not exactly a Christmas present, but it felt so like Christmas present. lolx~ I told her, I'm STRESS!!! Because I have too much makeup! Hahhaax~ But then again, I always wanted more... Greed indeed~

Another gathering with my cosplay friends and here are the cute stuffs I got from them~ Some cosmetics from Etude House &The Body Shop.. Oh, and that mimi POCHI Friends coin purse? It is from my man...my LOVE~ ^^

More gifts from friends! Miracle Romance, Marks & Spencer, Memory card~ Mem card is actually a random X'mas draw! Nice brand Toshiba~ I likey!

Happiest to receive this beautiful baby from Noshuu, bought all the way from Japan! Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Liquid Liner (brown)~ Actually I requested her to CP for me but she gave me as a present. Sho happy! ^,^ I'll never throw away the packaging and the product even if it's already used up. kekekex~ Sailor Moon FTW!

Besides the lovely gifts from friends, I also received surprise mails from Sasa and Sample Store!

And awesome Christmas packages from TheFaceShop company!

Along with their VDL products...

....and belif products. Thank you thank you thank you!

I got the new Marine Collagen Essence Strip in Mikan orange flavour pack from Brand's too this month. Really love how they play with the colour theme. So much from Brand's. Thank you so much~

2013 Beauty Favourites
Well, I don't do monthly or yearly favourites post... but I guess it's time for me to start one. It's hard for me to be consistent in something, I always end up prioritizing the wrong things, delaying,  procrastinating or what not... I hope I won't ruin this one! ^_^"

I'm going to be a little random... picking up a few products that I would really like to use or buy again, just because they are soooooo gooooooood~
First up, the Juju Aquamoist Moisture Lotion (Light Type). You can view my review here.
It's one lotion/toner that I like very much in compared to many other lotions that I'd used for this year. It is cooling, totally non greasy, quite slippery so no tugging of my skin when I applied it with cotton pad. Loving the feel~

My favourite FAVOURITE anti-aging skincare products this year have got to be BioNike's Defence Elixage! I had done some swatches here, but yet to come out with the full review. (procrastinating again?! <_<") Why I love this so much is because, I don't break out at all with this, my skin feels ultra smooth, the effects are really visible and it doesn't ruin my makeup.
You know how some skincare or eyecream makes your makeup look cakey, melts your makeup or makes your makeup shift? Well, so far BioNike Elixage doesn't do all that. Not only Elixage, it's Defence B-Lucent range which I had emptied too are awesome products for my combination & dull skin.
I would highly recommend this brand to those who are looking for products specifically for sensitive to ultra sensitive skin or even, to combination-oily skin. I have pretty oily T-zone & has mild break-outs along jawline but BioNike helps tame them.

Tahpre Dream Cream is the next anti-aging cream that I will go for when I want a botox-like effect. Dream Cream is the only anti-aging cream that DOES NOT make my skin oily AT ALL. Yes, AT ALL! Even with BioNike, I sometimes experience shiny T-zone (not the worst). But with Tahpre Dream Cream, my face looks totally matte, even after hours of walking around in a mall my skin still looks pretty ok - not oily or too matte. I like the idea that this cream can be used as an eyecream too, good for lazy people like me... just apply the cream on whole face + neck and TADAH!~
Will be providing a full review of this Dream Cream... in 2014. Lolx~

Besides the highly raved Heroine Make mascara, the next mascara I love has got to be Za Killer Volume. I had already list it as my Holy Grail here, so go read it to know why I say it's my favourite! ^_^

Favourite powder foundation of this year is Make Up For Ever Pro Finish. Review is already up, go read it! ^_~ I already hit pan on this, if you are same skin shade as me #117, good luck getting it! As I heard that #117 is sold out worldwide, so remember to contact Make Up For Ever via their contact numbers provided at the bottom of my review blogpost if you want to know your shade is available!

Next shoutout is to Janice Khoo from The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery. Thank you for giving me smooth glowy skin! I love how my skin turns out after the last session of Theraclear treatment of the year. I hope it can maintain this way forever~ ^_^ To know more about Theraclear treatments by Janice Khoo, read my review here. I will be blogging more about the Thereaclear sessions in 2014, keep a lookout~ ^_~

Lastly, to my fellow buddies~ Ariya & Na! I don't want to say anything that raise goosebumps... shall keep all that between 3 of us only! Lolx..~ Nonetheless, life isn't as beautiful without you all!
And to all of you readers out there, I love you too! Thanks for reading this! o(^,^)

Forgive me if I missed out any one of you! :P (Why so seriousssssssss)

~*~*~*~*~*~Happy New Year!!!!~*~*~*~*~*~


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