VDL Christmas 2013 Customizable Gift Sets

This year, VDL released its first Christmas Gift Sets in Singapore and there are a total of 7 sets to choose from!~
To celebrate the festival of gift-giving, VDL sent me 2 sets among the 7~ Sankyu~ (ノ*゜▽゜*)
Here's what I received:
- Violet Dream Love Story set
- Dreamy Beauty Vacations set
Alrighty, let's now take a look at all 7 Christmas gift sets!

VDL Christmas Gift Sets
Violet Dream Love Story
A 3-pc Eyes, Cheeks and Lips Set. Pick your favourite Eye Shadow that are named with differenct romantic locations and choose your matching Blusher that are named with different actions and top it off with your favourite lip colour that adopts men's names.

Touch Me Softly
Consists of 4 perfectly scented hand fragrances and give your hands the ultimate scented moisturizing effect for an unforgettable Christmas hand-holding! Warning! Velvety smooth hands ahead.

Kiss Me Tender
Customize your favourite 2-pc lipstick gift set with VDL or alternatively, send your besties some love too! You can choose from an exciting selection of 25 lip colours ranging from nude browns to sexy chilli pepper red to sweet pink and corals.

Pucker Me Up
Set your lips for the night ahead with VDL's Puckyer Me Up 2-pc Lip Passion Gloss Set and you're ready for some serious lip action!
Choose your hot favourites from 6 exciting colours!

Romantic Nails
Show off your lovely digits as you party hard this Christmas with VDL's 4-pc Festival Nail Set. Pick you favourite 4 colours from a selection of 65 exuberant colours.

Romantic Glittery Nails
Shine bright like a diamond this Christmas. This set consists of VDL's 2-pc Festival Nail (Glitter) Polish. Choose from 10 dazzling colours for the best combinations.

Dreamy Beauty Vacations
Take a beauty trip around the world this Christmas! Give your skin the needed pampering with this 5-pc Beauty Trip Mask Sheet Set.
Choose from a selection of 8 uniquely designed mask sheets that delivers the best concoction for your skin!

VDL Cosmetics probably have the BEST Beauty Gift Sets so far because all of the 7 gift sets are customizable! At least you won't get to buy what you don't need this time! ^_^


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