Review: Theraclear Acne Therapy at The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery (1st & 2nd Session)

I had been mentioning quite a lot of times in my blog that my face oils up easily and I also have inflammations here and there, sometimes big sometimes small and sometimes they're non-inflammatory comedones that make my skin looks bumpy. And so for the past 2 weeks, I visited The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery for a Theraclear Acne Treatment to treat my (what I would always call) "troublesome skin".
Theraclear Acne Therapy

My 1st Theraclear Session
The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery is located at Novena Medical Centre Square 2, #11-06.

Clean and neat interior~

Here's The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery specialised medical services which I spotted at the counter. The Theraclear Acne treatment that I'm going for is under the first category. ^_^

Introducing Dr. Janice Khoo, General Practitioner at The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery. This picture was taken at one of her public talk for managing acne, which I will be blogging about separately.

Dr. Janice's certs placed on the wall near the entrance. ^_^

Alrighty, now here's me in one of their room all ready to get my dirty gunk all sucked out. Lolx~
All their rooms are cozy, and whenever I lie down, the staff there will place a thick blanket on me making me feel so privileged and very comfy~

My first session started off with this Digital Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing & Vitamin C Treatment. It looks like a phone, no? hahax..
When the metal part of the hand piece (looks like a handset with a flat piece of metal sticking out at the end) touches my skin, i can feel that it's vibrating at a very high frequency. During the cleansing, micro water droplets bounce onto my skin making my skin feel cool and there wasn't any pain or whatsoever. I was also told to hold on to a metal rod (which is the earth plate) during treatment.

After my face is cleansed, Dr. Janice proceeds to use Theraclear on me. So.... what exactly is Theraclear?

Theraclear is the only technology that treats multiple causes of acne in one single treatment (p. acne bacteria and hyperactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores) by using advanced vacuum & filtered broadband light.

How Theraclear Works?
View this video for more information about Theraclear Acne Therapy.

First, I'm given a hot compression on my face to enlarge the pores.

Thereafter, Theraclear is used on my skin. Omy~ Just look at those oil gunk on my nose!
During the Theraclear treatment, I can clearly feel that the vacuum power is quite strong because it seems like my skin is being pulled. In fact that can only be felt by the patient because by looking from the outside, it doesn't look or even sound like there's any vacuuming action going on. This vacuum action is actually pneumatics, a kind of technology that runs using pressurized gas/air, therefore it's quiet and the pressure level can be controlled.

When the Theraclear hand piece vacuums to extract the impurities from the pores, it also flashes strong broadband light to destroy P.acnes (bacteria) and reduces sebum production at the same time and that is why I'm wearing the goggles. Kas said I look like a Minion when I show her this pic. Lolx~
I had been given several shots on my forehead, and more shots on my T-zone especially nose area and cheeks because Dr. Janice says that I have an oily T-zone. As for the rest of my skin, I mostly had closed comedones (acne with closed pores) or what we call whiteheads. These are caused by sebum production and follicular hyperkeratinization. For that, Theraclear will deactivate and reduce sebum production through its Broadband light, and the pores in turn will be unclogged.

I am back to the Digital Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing & Vitamin C treatment again. This time, it is to remove all the impurities that are left sticking onto my skin after the Theraclear treatment.
I don't mean to disgust you guys but hey, if I don't show this, you won't know how much of my oil and dirt Theraclear can vacuum out.

Last treatment is a cooling mask which helps to cool down the skin because it feels flushed after the Theraclear and deep cleansing treatments.

I had the cooling mask on for about 20 mins and my skin feels icy cool. This helps reduce the skin temperature and helps close up the pores.
Here's a picture of my face after the deep cleansing and Theraclear (left) and after cooling mask (right).
It is common to experience redness or temporary red marks from Theraclear treatment, it would go off within hours.

Before & After
Let's now look at the before and after pictures of my skin. Here are the pictures of my skin before Theraclear treatment.

Chin and neck area.

And here are the pictures after Theraclear treatment.
My forehead had a red mark because the vacuum power is a little bit strong for my sensitive forehead. I'll need to request for a lower pressure next time~

My nose now doesn't look or feel oily~

Note the pimple that I have (pointed with an arrow below) becomes enlarged after Dr. Janice applied some lotion over it. This is because the oil has been loosened from the follicle base to let the pimple come off gently.

Argh at that big inflammation... ^_^"

And here's my jawline. So far, the Theraclear wasn't used on my neck, so the mini white heads under my chin and neck is still there. In fact, they come and go really fast, they are not like the big closed comedones which stay for months.

After 4 days
4 days after my first Theraclear treatment, the redness had subsided.

My nose still looks pretty clean and it's not as oily as before.

Dr. Janice says that I can continue with my usual skincare routine, so I proceed with applying anti-aging skincare everyday. The problem that I have with anti-aging skincare is that I often experience little inflammations on my face and sometimes it also increases sebum production. My skin overall don't feel that oily anymore but I still got a few little whiteheads appearing around my jawline.

The big inflammation on my chin (shown in previous pics) 'exploded' on the very next day after my Theraclear treatment. When I run my fingers over it, it feels flat! For my case, usually these inflammations still remain raised even after the pus had been removed, thus this time I'm very happy that the bad guy is totally gone!
Just within 3 days, I can already feel that my skin is a lot smoother than it used to be. The sebum production is slightly lesser than usual, but because I'm still using my anti-aging products so it may once again increase the sebum production.

My 2nd Theraclear Session
I finally got to meet this buddy who wasn't in the clinic during my first session. This equipment can analyse our skin so well that other clinics wanted to give it a try too (lolx~) and that's why I only got to do it on my 2nd session.

The interior has cameras and mirrors. The mirror is for you to look at yourself actually so that you know your face is in the right position.

Analysing my face...

The analysis breaks down into different areas like Spots, Wrinkles, Pores and even Porphyrins!
The higher the percentile the better. I scored badly on Porphyrins, a low 45% meaning that I have lots of bacteria on my skin!
This programme is so smart that it can also turn a piece of my skin into 3D block which I can rotate around and look at how rough the surface is... hahax~
Despite my complaints on my bumpy skin, I'm surprised to see that my skin texture is at 99% which means it's very smooth. I will soon be doing another skin analysis on my 4th session, so do lookout for my post and the results. ^_~

Somemore alien findings during my 2nd Theraclear session. Oh the oil~~~ Never felt happier to see them out of my pores.

After my Theraclear treatment, I still experience redness but it milder as compared to the first time. Now I don't feel so embarrassed walking out the clinic.. hahhax~

Before I walk out of the clinic, I always apply this Anti-oxidant Sunscreen with SPF30. It is broad spectrum and enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants to protect and nourish the skin. I was told not to use my sunscreens because most of them tend to clog the pores, but with dR+ Anti-oxidant Sunscreen, it will reduce the chances of pore clogging. This sunscreen formula is created by The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery.

And here are the pictures after 2nd Theraclear treatment.
I have very sensitive skin particularly only at this spot so when Theraclear is being used here, it gets really red. Other areas seem fine.

Notice that my nose and cheek areas are now less red than before? ^_^

Skin texture has obviously become smoother! 

After 7 days
7 days after my 2nd Theraclear treatment. Red marks on my forehead totally gone. ^_^

I spotted a red mark on my nose, it seems that there's going to be something nasty coming out soon. So far I didn't experience anymore other inflammations on my cheeks and nose besides this.

Skin texture is even smoother now and it feels so clean! ^_^
Oh and that other inflammation near my mouth? After waiting for weeks, this closed comedone has finally turned into an open comedone. Can't wait for my 3rd treatment to get it out!

Areas around jawline is pretty ok, the usual mini whiteheads sometimes can still appear around this area due to the skincare / sunscreen I use.

Overall review

- overall experience at the clinic is good ^_^
- deep cleansing and cooling mask treatments are pretty relaxing (makes me doze off..)
- a little bit of peeling on my nose found on the 2nd day after my first Theraclear treatment and it's gone within 1-2 days
- during my 2nd Theraclear treatment, I feel that the light is a little bit too hot (I'll request to reduce the heat)
- within 3 days from my first Theraclear treatment, my skin felt smoother with lesser inflammations
- sebum production is slightly lesser at my T-zone
- my cheeks don't appear as glossy/shiny as before
- skin texture gets smoother & smoother each day
- I feel fewer bumps on my skin (previously there are a lot of big bumps all around)
- skin feels alot cleaner
- Theraclear don't remove scars but it prevents the new inflammations from scarring
- the closed comedones (non-inflammatory) that had been around for the longest time finally turn into inflammations which then can be extracted out using Theraclear
My biggest enemy had to be all those big non-inflammatory acne that makes my skin feel bumpy and causes dark scar if I pick them. Next would be visible large pores on my nose and around it.
I hope to achieve a smoother skin with less visible pores after my Theraclear sessions.
Do follow me for more updates of my Theraclear treatment results.

The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery
Dr. Janice Khoo
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Contact: 6338 2740

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The Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery
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