Review: ORBIS Petit Shake Christmas Limited Edition

To celebrate the season of love, joy & giving, ORBIS came out with a Christmas Limited Edition Petit Shake. Petit Shake is a One-meal Replacement which makes your diet fun & tasty.
For this season, I'm happy to receive a special gift from ORBIS - the Xmas Edition Petit Shake!~ Here's what they sent me:
- Caramel Pumpkin Pudding x 1 sachet
- Mixed Berries x 1 sachet
- Double Berry & White Chocolate x 1 sachet + 1 box (2 sachets)

Christmas Limited Edition Petit Shake
Limited edition flavours of ORBIS’ most popular diet food PETIT SHAKE are coming for the Christmas season. Tasty yet low-calorie PETIT SHAKE is perfect to support your diet during the gastronomic festive season!
Nutritious: PETIT SHAKE contains 10 kinds of vitamins, iron, and water-soluble fiber. It serves as a healthy diet option, packed with the right nutritional requirements.
Great Taste: Delicious and flavoursome fruity taste with no artificial sweetener.
Low Calories: Each one-meal replacement consists of about 150kcal only, even after mixing with milk.
If you replace 750kcal meal to 150kcal to cut 600kcal every day for a month, 2.5kg* of body fat can be lost! (*calculated based on a body weight of 50kg)

How does PETIT SHAKE get its viscous texture?
Pectin (a thickening agent found in PETIT SHAKE) reacts with the calcium in milk to create a viscous, smoothie-like texture.
What is Pectin?
- Pectin is a natural ingredient found in plants/fruits such as apples, lemon etc., and is known to have moisture retaining properties
- The pectin found in strawberries enables the strawberry jam to thicken when the strawberry fruits are bring to boil

4 Christmas edition flavours are:
- Double Berry & White Chocolate
- Caramel Pumpkin Pudding
- Mixed Berries
- Cheese Mousse

Each box comes with 2 sachets of Petit shake. Each pack of Petit Shake is 100ml.

All descriptions, ingredients and nutrition information are written on the box packaging in English.

The Double Berry & White Chocolate, Mixed Berry & Caramel Pumpkin Pudding sachets.

When you are unsure of what flavours they are, just turn to the back and see the stamped words at the corner.

How to?
View the video on how to prepare Petit Shake in my previous ORBIS post.

Before I talk about the Petit Shake, just to let you guys know that I had tried using Magnolia and Marigold milk for my diet drink and both taste weird after mixing. The milk make the drink taste either too strong, too buttery or too creamy.. And finally, I came to use the Farmhouse Fresh Milk and the taste is a lot better! I realised that McDonald's is using Farmhouse too so I guess their milk is more neutral in taste (funny choice of word to describe taste.. lolx~)? At least now I don't find my diet drinks tasting funny, it taste just like how the drink should taste like, without additional flavour in it.

Mixed Berry
I must say when I saw the word 'berry', I'm kinda afraid that I wouldn't dare to consume this Mixed Berry Petit Shake because I don't like many kinds of berries like raspberry, blueberry, strawberry etc.. However, I'm trying hard to learn eating food and fruits that I don't like eating last time. (I sound like a 5 year old spoilt kid ^_^")
So this time I take up the challenge to finish a cup of Mixed Berry and I must say that... Japan sweets (confections/desserts) have never failed me and that includes Petit Shake. I'd always love eating Japan sweets because they made it with love and they always taste heavenly. They can make the food that I dislike most into something that I'll love.
Mixed Berry is actually really really nice, so much nicer than the other Petit Shakes.Or perhaps I'd grown to like something more sour (I love sweeter stuffs previously, but now I had cut down the sweetness by more than half) and that makes me like drinking Mixed Berry so much. It taste more sour than sweet and has a fruity berry taste that leaves a refreshing aftertaste in my mouth. The berry taste isn't overwhelming hence I can even drink this the whole day. ^_^

Caramel Pumpkin Pudding Petit Shake
For Caramel Pumpkin Pudding Petit Shake, I added more than 100ml of milk because after having a few diet drinks I want to try out how it would taste like if it's not thickened and so I made it more towards the runny side. (I know I'm not supposed to do that so it would taste more like a pudding, but I kinda prefer it to be slightly running for this one. ^_^)
The caramel pumpkin taste is actually pretty strong and it has a somewhat roasted scent & taste to it. Because I added more milk this time, it doesn't look much like a pudding drink anymore but it still feels a little bit thick and it's also quite sweet, sweeter than Mixed Berry & Double Berry White Chocolate. (The milk is also slightly sweet)
Even though I don't eat/drink caramel (there are tons of things I don't eat because I'm very very picky) but this diet drink is acceptable for my tastebuds. ^_^

Double Berry & White Chocolate
It taste more of white chocolate than berry actually and it is slightly sweetened. It doesn't taste too funky although the combination appears funky to me.. lolx~ I am quite used to drinking berry flavoured drinks now so for this Petit Shake the berry taste doesn't bother me at all, infact the drink leaves a sweet white chocolate aftertaste in my mouth. It would be nice for people who like eating white chocolates!~ ^_^

Overall, the drinks are yummy! Especially the Mixed Berry! ORBIS really surprised me with this yummilicious berry drink, despite me not liking berry stuffs.^_^ Probably... just probably, I might even consider trying out the real berry fruits.. hahahx~
Besides that, I find Petit Shakes are a great help to me because whenever I feel like eating supper (normally oily stuffs)/ desserts (sweet stuffs) or when I crave for food in between meals, I will go for Petit Shake and it not only helps fill my stomach, it also helps not make me gain extra fats and most importantly, makes me healthy. 
I know I know, many people scolded me for saying that because I look so skinny! Well, my fats are very well hidden underneath the clothes, nobody except myself know that I had been gaining weight and lots of fats growing here and there.. Lolx~
I exercise weekly so I maintained my weight well, but now I don't because of my injured foot so I had to watch what I eat. By using this calorie calculator, I learn that I intake more calories than I should per day. If I have Petit Shake replacing one of my meals, I will then be able to maintain my daily caloric intake. Even if I take Petit Shake as my supper/dessert, at least the calorie isn't as high as the food I normally eat hence it won't exceed my daily caloric intake by too much.
Petit Shake really is a must-have for anyone who would want to continue eating delicious meal and still be able to go on a diet.

Petit Shake Regular Edition
Alrighty, after showing you the Christmas Limited Edition, let me now show you the other Petit Shakes available at ORBIS counters.
6 regular flavours available: (Serving per box: 100g x 2 sachets)
- Mixed Peach
- Banana
- Pink Guava (Available in Singapore only)
- White Grape & Aloe Vera
- Fresh Strawberry
- Orange Citrus

White Grape & Aloe Vera
In Japan they name it Muscat & Aloe. I got this during an event, see my previous post here.

White grape & Aloe are the few things I dare to eat so I had no problem consuming this drink. It is pretty yummy too and it has little aloe pulps which I love to bite on. ^_^

About Petit Shake
Prime mover PETIT SHAKE is adored for being a tasty one-meal replacement. It comes in individual aluminium sachets that become instant flavourful shakes when mixed with milk.
Between 1998 and 2012, cumulative sales tabled more than one hundred million. PETIT SHAKE is packed with 10 kinds of vitamins, iron & fibre an average adult should consume per day.
Boasting real fruit pulp, puree and fibre, it is testament to the fact that dieting can be fun & tasty. Unique flavours exclusive to Singapore include Christmas limited edition flavours like Double Berry & White Chocolate, Cheese Mousse, Caramel Pumpkin Pudding and Mixed Berry.
ORBIS’ all-round approach will certainly help revolutionalize the way women approach beauty. Many a time, women utilize the outside-in approach, forgetting that wellbeing plays a great part in cultivating healthy skin that lasts. What matters is what is on the inside; and ORBIS’ beauty regime and holistic beauty philosophy aims to help change Asian skin, once and for all.

ORBIS Petit Shake Christmas Limited Edition (Serving per box: 100g x 2 sachets) SGD$8.90 /box

Where to buy?
ORBIS Flagship counter @ Robinsons Orchard

ORBIS Singapore Facebook
ORBIS Japan Website


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