Gifts & Birthday Presents ~ Fashion haul

It's been sometime since I post my haul and casual stuffs.. so here's something different for a change.
Pretty stuffs that I received and bought recently. ^_^

Here's a pretty nice Hard Rock heart shape silver necklace from my man bought from Macau~ Sho bling! I likey~ It's rather hard for him to get something I like very much because we have very different taste in things, but this time he scored it! ^,^/~

My overdued post on my birthday presents! Well, not really overdued... because I already showed them in my Instagram!
Wacoal bra from my man.. (kinda forced him to buy me one hahahx =p~) and a very very early birthday gift I received from Kas! She said they are special cos it's CPed! Yes yes VERY SPECIAL! Hahhaax~ She knows I like lippies and things that are gold, so she got these from Korea for me! Thank u Kas! ^_^

And then +everblue c , Ariya & me celebrated our birthdays very much later, on a day that is about a month after my actual birthday. Kekkex~ These presents are from my bestie! There isn't any kitty stuffs that I don't like (except Hello Kitty that is..).. lolx~  And more lippies! It's really time for me to open up new lippies to use.. I had been storing them aside as if they are some antiques. =_="

When I look at the cup from top, I asked my bff how to drink when there are 2 ears poking my cheeks? Hhahahax~ #purposelykajiao

Green stuffs coming from none other than +everblue c's sis Ariya!~ Her fav colour... hhahax~  I sometimes would like things in green too cos it is easy on my eyes.

 She picked all accessories for me! Gold and blings~

And more kitties! Sho kawaiiiiii~~ Love it! ^_^ If only I can wear more than 2 earrings... >,<

A random gift from Kas - Sleep Makeup divine. We like sharing beauty stuffs among ourselves! I'll be posting the swatches in a separate blogpost.

My Fashion Haul
Got a voucher at Zalora and I spent it on these 2 clothes.

How it look like when won...

And how I look like wearing it... lolx~ Sorry for the blur and noisy pic.. taken on a very gloomy day.

 2nd item I bought is Scalloped Hem Skater Skirt. It is no longer on Zalora as it's sold out! Will be posting a OOTD on Instagram when I wear it. ^_~

Ending this post with a random pic of me holding fresh SUGAR Rose lipbalm. hahahax.. It's actually my holy grail lipbalm, you can read my review here.

Thanks for reading! ^_^


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