Event: Majolica Majorca Chapter 39 Pure Play & Ma Cherie Winter Floral Hair Fragrance (Winter 2013)

This season, Majolica Majorca and Ma Cherie of Shiseido both launched their new products together at the "Forbidden Beauty" event last month.

At the entrance of Shiseido laid snow flakes and withered trees decoration to welcome the new winter. During the event there were game booths for us to play and win prizes, that's why the props and balls in the photos. ^_^

Majolica Majorca Chapter 39 "Pure Play"

Majolica Majorca released a total of 6 items for Winter 2013 collection in-conjunction with their 10th year Anniversary.
They are:
- Lash Expander Edge Meister 17
- The Little Humming Book IV
- Rouge Majex RD412 Pure Apple
- Rouge Majex RD311 Poisonous Apple
- Majoromantica P
- Meltysnow Hand Cream

First up, let's look at their last limited edition palette for this year which is also the 4th booklet -
The Little Humming Book IV
Limited Edition Compact Palette with highlight colors that shimmer like white snow and enhance pure skin.
Can be used as an eyes shadow
-Brighten the eye area
Can be used as a highlighting powder
-Apply lightly over face with your powder puff to add shimmer to your face.
-Covers pores while eliminating sebum for a long-lasting refreshing and beautiful finish.
Pure textures that give the t-zone, eye area and cheeks a translucent feeling with 4 shimmery powdery highlight colors.

Similar to the other Humming Books, the musical notes written in the pages can be played out by an instrument or if you know the notes, you can hum the tune~ (that's why it's call humming book! ^,^)

How to use The Little Humming Book IV?
Below explains the purpose of each colour/section and the effect that it'll give.

Apply it on your face following the diagram below.

Next we have the Majoromantic P & Meltysnow Hand Cream.

Majoromantic P fragrance consists of the follow notes.

Meltysnow Hand Cream
A scented moisturizing hand cream that blends in perfectly for silky smooth hands, has Sheer floral &Vanilla scent
A base of  「MAJOROMANTICA」 scent of red fruits and concentrated flowers with pure citrus fruits and flowers, leaving a rich romantic sweet scent. (Same scent as MAJOROMANTICA P)
Blends in perfectly and quickly without any sticky feeling for silky smooth hands.
Moisturizing ingredients: Raspberry extract (Raspberry Extract, Glycerin), Rose extract (Rose Extract, Glycerin)

Next we have the Rouge Majex and Lash Expander Edge Meister 17.

Rouge Majex
- 70% of moisturizing ingredients
- Liquid color that creates juicy, plump lips
- Mesmerizing forbidden red

Swatches of both Rouge Majex RD412 Pure Apple (left) & RD311 Poisonous Apple (right).

Lash Expander Edge Meister 17
Powerful and beautiful glittery blue stardust-like lengthening effect
Formulated with gloss oil and blue lame (meaning 'glitter' in french) specks
-A glossy glittery wet finish that accentuates jet-black and shiny lashes
Formulated with 4mm jet black long fibers and a liquid lengthening base
-For strong beautiful lashes.
A duo comb that widens and separates each and every lash.
-Smaller comb that widens difficult-to-get short lashes such as eye corner lashes and lower lashes.
Formulated with Speedy Dry oil and gentle treatment ingredients for lashes
-Long-lasting effect for the curls
-Vitamin E derivatives、Macadamia nuts oil
Sweat, oil, tear and water-proof

Obvious fibres and blue glitter specks can be seen in this mascara swatch.

At the Majolica Majorca display, I also noticed there's a poisonous apple snow globe! It is super pretty that I had to take a photo of it~

This snow globe is only available in a special press kit that is only available in Japan. ^,^

Ma Cherie Winter Floral Hair Fragrance
This winter, Ma Cherie brings you the fragrance of winter flower and takes you out from the pink world of Ma Cherie to the snow world with Aurora.

This Limited Edition Winter Floral Hair Fragrance is able to prevent odour and elimiates tabocco smell.
Formulated with Champagne Honey Gelee that allows your fingers to glide through smooth hair.
Containing champagne, honey and other ingredients that beautify hair by trapping moisture to tame flyaway hair thus leaving it silky smooth.

Moisturizing ingredients include:
- Champagne Protect against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress.
- HoneyNaturally retains moisture and add shine to hair!
- Hydroxyethylurea Effective moisturizing ingredient
- Inositol Vitamin B that softens hair

Side by side with the original Ma Cherie Hair Fragrance in Romantic Fragrance (left)

Here are the note differences between the 2 hair fragrances.

Product has been packaged with English translations when you get it in local Watsons stores.

How to use?
Use it as a last step after styling. Shake well before use. Spray at a distance of 15-20cm onto your hair with an upward direction.

Complimentary from Majolica Majorca & Ma Cherie (Shiseido Singapore)
- Ma Cherie Winter Floral Hair Fragrance
- Lash Expander Edge Meister 17
- Rouge Majex RD412 Pure Apple
- sachets & mobile charm (got them at the game booths~ ^^)
Thank you Shiseido Singapore for the wonderful experience at the "Forbidden Beauty" event.

Majolica Majorca Chapter 39 ‘Pure Play’
Lash Expander Edge Meister 17 SGD$25.90
The Little Humming Book IV SGD$25.90
Rouge Majex (RD412 Pure Apple, RD311 Poisonous Apple) SGD$17.50/each
Majoromantica P SGD$25.90
Majoromantica Melty Snow Hand Cream SGD$10.50

Ma Cherie Winter Limited Edition
Ma Cherie Winter Floral Hair Fragrance SGD$16.90

Where to buy?
Available at selected Watsons stores

Majolica Majorca Singapore
Majolica Majorca Singapore FB
Ma Cherie Singapore
Ma Cherie Singapore FB


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