Event: Launch of Loretta and Hair Styling Demonstration with Mr Suzuki Youhei

Sometime before Christmas, I had a hair makeover at the newly opened Isetan @ West Gate. At the makeover session displayed the newly launched Loretta products, a professional hairstyling range crafted by the famed Molto Bene from Japan and features a range of styling wax, styling milk, hair sprays and more.

Here are the range of products brought into Singapore from Loretta Japan. Loretta products are widely used at Japan salons.

Some of the products are awarded @cosme award! Let's take a look at all of the products~ ^_~

Loretta Make Up Line
Loretta Make Up Wax
Loretta Make Up Wax 2.5 (Green jar)
Stickiness-less! Light and silky touch like oil in wax.
Soft finish. In between usual wax and hair cream (not as loose as hair cream but not as sticky as wax). Won’t weigh down hair, even for thin hair. Creates soft and airy style. Ideal to create natural hairstyle without unwanted artificiality.

Loretta Make Up Wax 4.0 (Red jar)
Stickiness-less! Silky touch like oil in wax. Not too stiff. Stiffness is about the same as 2.5. Has fair styling power.
Favorable lightness and styling power will give movement to hair tips with bounce. Enjoy desired waves and finish all day long!
Awarded 3rd in hair styling category at @cosme in whole of year 2011 and awarded 1st in April - Sept 2011.

Loretta Make Up Wax 6.5 (Black jar)
Style last longer! Easy to use. Doesn’t make hair too stiff. Easy to recreate style after awhile. “6.5” because “6.0” is too weak but “7.0” is too strong. Strong and long lasting styling power will create locks and solidity. Style freely as you desire.

Loretta Make Up Wax texture.

Loretta Make Up Milk
Loretta Make Up Milk - Natural (Blue bottle)
Easily spreads on hair to the tips! No dryness. Creates light locks comb-able with fingers.
Milk itself is jiggly on palms. Oil based milk to keep hair tips soft and fluffy. Also adds gorgeous shine to hair.

Loretta Make Up Milk - Glamorous (Red bottle)
Style lasts longer! No squeakiness. No stickiness, recommended for non-wax users. Keeps curls, while adding shine and moisture. Oil based milk to keep bouncy waves all day long. Enjoy light bounciness and random locks.

Loretta Gel Line
Loretta Wave Gelée
Water-base gel to create defined waves with light texture
*Contains Damascus rose oil (common ingredient in Loretta products) & Honey extract
Create wave styles freely even with your natural curls! Perfect for bouncy waves.
Awarded 2rd in hair styling category at @cosme in 3rd-4th quarter of year 2012.

Loretta Hard Jelly
Keep any hairstyles with stronghold.Non-sticky, pliable water-base gel.
*Contains Damascus rose oil (common ingredient in Loretta products), Honey extract & Royal jelly extract.
New challenge of Loretta for spiky edge styles! Glowing sheen and stronghold will create funky styles.

Hard Jelly texture.

Loretta Spray Line
Loretta KiraKira Shuu (Blue bottle)
Gloss spray to make hair sleek and silky
*Contains Damascus rose oil (common ingredient in Loretta)
Light, sleek and shiny styles will make your day happy! Create the silky hair that you always dream of.

Loretta FuwaFuwa Shuu (Yellow bottle)
Styling spray to make hair light and soft
*Contains Damascus rose oil (common ingredient in Loretta)
Feminine hair styles with light and soft look will cheer you up! Create light texture with airy feeling.

Loretta KachiKachi Shuu (Red bottle)
Hard spray to keep any hairstyles
*Contains Damascus rose oil (common ingredient in Loretta)
Stronghold will keep every hairstyle to let you be ready for any occasion! Keep styles with stronghold.

Loretta Map of the make up line products. 
Left bar indicates the holding power. Bottom bar indicates the weight or heaviness of the product.

Loretta Base Care Line
Loretta Base Care Oil
Oil treatment with the rose fragrance makes the hair sleek and shiny.

Loretta Night Care Cream
Leave-in treatment used before the bed time helps to avoid bed-head and have hair controlled.

Loretta Happy Morning Rose
Natural damascus rose water! Can be used as hair mist as well as taking care of your bed head.
*Gentle treatment mist that contains only natural ingredient of Damascus rose water.
Aerosol bottle helps to spray fine mist to let you feel it's like skin mist.
Skin irritation test completed.
*Irritation may be caused depending on individual.

Loretta Map of the base care line products. The bottom bar indicates the moisturising level.
Note that not all the products are available in Singapore yet, pls visit Beauty Direct's website to know more of the product availability.

Loretta Hairstyling Demonstration @ Istean West Gate

After introducing the products, let's now take a look at the products that Mr Suzuki Youhei used on my hair and how he styled it! ^_^
Lucky for me, I had a hairstyle that I can follow! Out of the few hairstyles, I picked this one because first, it's kinda my style... and second, I have almost exactly same hair colour as the model.. Lolx~

Here's Mr Suzuki and my stone face. (hahax...^_^") Firstly, he applied the Base Care Oil on my hair ends to make it less frizzy looking.

Then he blew dry it and started to curl them.
After the curl is done, he used the Make Up Milk Glamorous to hold the curls. (He did not use the Wave Gelee on me, but he did use it on +everblue c's hair! ^_^) Next he tied my curls up, styled it a little and added a white lacey hair accessory. How cute is this?! I totally love the side and back view of my hair... (♥▽♥)

Lastly, a photo with Mr Suzuki~
Mr Suzuki Youhei is from Loretta Japan. He is well-experienced and knowledgeable in Asian Girls' hair need and hair trends. He has had almost 10 years of experiences working in the top hair salons in Japan Day-by-Day, On-the-Go. Mr Suzuki is now taking position as Molto Bene's Global Business Designated Instructor, sharing and teaching hair techniques and trends in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea and this time Singapore.
Just a note... I wore this hair-do from afternoon until midnight and my curls hold up for the whole day, even until the time when I got home and pulled off the band... the curls are still there~  Most importantly, my hair was not oily at all. ^_^

Loretta Style Line Up
A basic line up shows what you can use and do with these wonderful products during this cold season!

What's best is Loretta Japan website provides hair styling pictorial! If you do not understand Japanese, don't worry... Use google translate just like me! Lolx~ But I guess picture says a thousand words~ Just follow the provided step-by-step pictorials! ^,~ For more, visit: http://www.moltobene.co.jp/products/styling/loretta

Complimentary from Loretta Singapore
Thanks to Beauty Direct~ ^,~ I chose the wax instead of the Make Up Milk because I wanted to give the wax a try and I picked the one that was awarded by @cosme~ Hope it'll be good even for my medium long hair!
- Loretta Base Care Oil
- Loretta Make Up Wax 4.0

Do keep a lookout at Beauty Direct's website (link at the bottom) as they will be bringing in more of Loretta products~ ^_^

Loretta Make Up Wax 2.5 (65g) SGD33.60
Loretta Make Up Wax 4.0 (65g) SGD33.60
Loretta Make Up Wax 6.5 (65g) SGD33.60
Loretta Make Up Milk - Natural (100ml) SGD37
Loretta Make Up Milk - Glamorous (100ml) SGD37
Loretta Wave Gelée (250ml) SGD33.60
Loretta Hard Jelly (300g) SGD33.60
Loretta Base Care Oil (120g) SGD43.90
Loretta Night Care Cream (120g) SGD43.90

Where to buy?
Isetan Westgate (Jurong East) and Plaza@Cosme (100AM, 100 Tras Street, #03-04)

Moltobene Cosmetics Japan
Beauty Direct Singapore Facebook


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