Review: Za Perfect Action Waterproof & Smudgeproof Mascaras

In this post, I gonna review 2 Za mascaras which I had received during the Za Cosmetics x Forever 21 event.
Some of you might had heard me raved about the Za Killer Volume Mascara and you might wonder if their newest mascaras are as good as the Killer Volume, so continue to read this post and you'll know the answers! ^,~

Za Pefect Action Mascara Waterproof
The Waterproof mascara is packaged with a blue cap and blue prints.

Packaging & Ingredients
All information have been printed in English on the box.

Note that both the Waterproof and Smudgeproof mascaras have the exact same applicator brush.

Lash Swatch
Here's my bare lashes.

Applied with Za Perfect Action Waterproof Mascara. 
Sorry for the lack of photos for this one as most of my pictures focuses on the lids instead of the lashes. However I had compared with the Smudgeproof one, the lashes look about the same.
- mascara wax's formula is quite wet (I will wave the applicator in the air to let it turn semi-wet and apply, this way it will get onto the lashes easier & quicker)
- wax contain fibres that are of different lengths, not very long and seem quite thick than the fibres from other mascaras
- applicator didn't poke into my eyes (I have slightly prominent eyes)
- gap between the bristles is pretty wide, it doesn't catch on to all my lashes upon first coat
- on first coat, it volumnized my lashes a little, I'll need to keep doing the zig zag motion to get the wax & fibre onto my lashes
- doesn't clump but instead it kinda make my lashes look a little bit jagged looking (if seen close-up)
- easy to apply the mascara on my bottom lashes
- not much curling effect, only slight lengthening and decent volumnizing effect
- mascara last long without drooping
- doesn't smudge
- waterproof
- no fibre flecks found on my cheeks or under my eyes
- easily removed with warm water or cleansing oil (I usually use these 2 methods to remove waterproof mascara)

Za Pefect Action Mascara Waterproof
The Waterproof mascara is packaged with a gold cap and gold prints.

 Packaging and Ingredients

Lash Swatch
Applied with Za Perfect Action Smudgeproof Mascara. 
Note that actually it looks the same for the Waterproof one too.
Both waterproof & Smudgeproof mascara wax are almost silimar, so I'm not going to repeat all the points again in here. I'll just state the differences of the 2 mascaras. ^_^
- doesn't smudge
- non-waterproof
There are a couple of times my eyes teared because something was in my eyes and when I touch my tightline and the lashes, the mascara wax melted a little bit and stained my finger. So I would think that the Smudgeproof one is better for those who prefer not getting a waterproof mascara. For some people, waterproof mascara might be very hard to remove but for me, it is pretty easy because I remove makeup when I shower and I take warm shower. Cleansing oil + warm water is quite enough for me to remove any kind of waterproof makeup. ^.^

These 2 mascaras are actually very different from the Za Killer Volume Mascara. So if you like something that is not too dramatic but want it to provide a little bit of both lengthening and volumnizing effect, then go for the Za Perfect Action.
Waterproof mascara is also smudge-resistant, but Smudgeproof mascara isn't waterproof.
Do think about what is more important for you before getting one! ^_^

Za Pefect Action Mascara Smudgeproof SGD$19.50
Za Pefect Action Mascara Waterproof SGD$19.50

Where to buy?
Available exclusively at Watsons



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