Review: Star Lash Duchess Lash, Tokyo Lash, Eyelash Glue & Liquid Eyeliner

Recently I had received some new lashes and eye makeup from the brand Star Lash (Beauty Direct) and in this post, I will be reviewing some of the products that I had tried.
Here's what I got from them: (clockwise)
- Star Lash Eyelash Glue Clear (3g)
- Star Lash Tokyo Lash Collection TL012 Marie
- Star Lash Tokyo Lash Collection TL010 Risa
- Star Lash Premium Eyelashes DA13
- Star Lash Special Edition Duchess Eyelashes DB35
- Star Lash Premium Eyelashes DA13
- Star Lash Golden Ratio Brow Pencil (Golden Brown)
- Star Lash Automatic Gel Eyeliner Pencil (Hot Bronze)
- Star Lash Lightning Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof (Intense Black)

All these pretties are packed nicely in their new pink Beauty Direct bag~

The products used to create my recent LOTD which I did for my Halloween celebration are:
- Star Lash Eyelash Glue Clear (3g)
- Star Lash Tokyo Lash Collection TL012 Marie
- Star Lash Duchess Eyelashes DB35
- Star Lash Lightning Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof (Intense Black)

Star Lash Special Edition Duchess Lashes
Oh so Bling Bling!!! ^o^

When I peel them out from the packaging, 2 gems from the inner corner dropped off for both of the lashes. (T_T")
- usually don't prefer thick bands but the somewhat stiff "U" shape fits my lashline very well
- both ends of the bands feels prickly so I cut the ends rounded to make wearing more comfortable
- basically it just stick on my lashline like "TAH" and it's done!
- no adjusting needed and no fuss about removing it out and putting it on again
- lids feel a little heavy after putting it on, but I get used to it after sometime
- the longer lashes which are on the outer ends appears to point downwards, sometimes making my eyes look very droopy (which my eyes already are without false lashes) so I will need to open my eyes real big when taking pictures, otherwise a relaxed expression will make my eyes look sleepy
- the gems are pretty big and very obvious
No problem with wearing this pair even for my already very droopy eyes. I only need to keep my eyes open big enough so they won't look heavy and sleepy. Lolx~
The rather big gems are so awesome that my friend went WOAHHHH when they saw the blings.
Definitely going to rewear this again for future special occasions! I just hope I won't keep losing the gems! ^,^"

Tokyo Lash Collection (Marie)
Comparing the Tokyo Lash with the Premium Lash, this one has 2 more pairs of lashes in a set, which will be better and probably more worth buying for those frequent lash users. Even for me who don't use lashes most of the time, I would still go for more than 2 pairs of lashes in a set. Probably because it look more appealing somehow? lolx~ I guess it's a trend now that lashes must come in more than 1 pair. Just look at all other Japanese lashes, they all comes in how many pairs a set? ^_^

Tokyo Lash Collection packaging includes a booklet showing all the upper and lower lashes available.

How to use?
First timer? Just follow the instructions on how to put on your false lashes.

3 pairs of Marie lower lashes. They are pretty long on the outer ends.
- transparent bands but they feel quite rigid, not too soft or flimsy
- the lashes are pretty long and curved, parts of the lashes on the inner corner is poking my undereyes so I cut the lashes shorter
- easy to put on since the band shape is fixed and won't shift around when I stick it on
I find that this pair of lower lash hair are quite long and voluminous, which may make my eyes look weird if I didn't pick a thick upper lash to go with it.
I usually have a hard time putting on my lower lashes but this one also goes on like "TAH, DONE!". I'm happy that I did not waste too much effort in putting on the lashes, it reduces my makeup time so much that I still got time to even selca before I went out of my house... lolx~

Star Lash Eyelash Glue
This eyelash glue is milky-turn-clear kind of liquid. Star Lash also has one in black liquid. I had never tried black eyelash glue before but I had heard many horrible experiences from friends who used other brands' black eyelash glue. Call me 'chicken' olright, I rather not try out the black ones because I still love to draw my own eyeliner. hahahx~ (^▽^")

How to use?
The packaging explains how to use their eyelash glue with illustrations provided.
Lashes don't expire but the glue does. Expiry date is written at the bottom of the packaging.

This product is very small but good to bring around while traveling!
- instead of a brush applicator, this eyelash glue comes with a stiff plastic stick shaped like a lipgloss applicator (you know, the end has a slighted cut that kind? Sorry for lack of visuals.. ^_^")
- my first time applying eyelash glue with a stick instead of a brush so I got abit clumsy in the beginning but after awhile I got used to it
- the glue once turns semi-transparent becomes really sticky
- dries pretty fast, sticks on firmly
- both ends of the lashes doesn't come off easily (most of the times my lashes don't stick at the ends during first application probably due to my slightly damp eyes)
- works very well for both thick and thin bands
- the lashes doesn't come off even when I tear
- lashes stayed whole day even I teared and tissued it
- the glue applicator stick is rather wide so it will be a little hard to re-apply if the lashes had already been put on (that's where brush applicators come in handy as it can reach those hard-to-reach areas)
What can I say... this eyelash glue is now my newest favourite eyelash glue! It may become my Holy Grail eyelash glue in the future even! (Right after I test this for few more rounds to prove it! ^_^)
Though the few other eyelash glues I own are good too, but they still don't keep the lash ends from going astray. Star Lash eyelash glue ensures the ends stick on well and sticks on for the whole day. Love it! ^_^

Star Lash Golden Ratio Brow Pencil, Automatic Gel Eyeliner Pencil & Lightning Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof
For the pencils, I'm reviewing just the Liquid Eyeliner alone as I have not done any LOTD using the other 2 products. I'll be doing it soon though, using all of them in 1 look. ^_^
I'll post up all 3 products and their packaging in here, but leaving the other 2 swatches for next time! ^.^

Star Lash Golden Ratio Brow Pencil
Directions of use, ingredients, manufacturing and expiry date all are shown on the packaging. Total in 3 shades - Chocolate, Espresso & Golden Brown. I picked the shade Golden Brown.

Star Lash Gel Eyeliner Pencil
Out of the 5 shades available, I picked the Hot Bronze one.

Star Lash Lightning Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof
There are 2 shades for the liquid liner, I chose the Intense Black over the Sexy Brown.

All 3 of them put together~ They basically look very similar, so I will need to look at the words in order to differentiate them apart.

(left - right) Liquid liner, Gel liner pencil, brow pencil.

Star Lash Lightning Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof Swatch
Even after shaking the liquid liner pen vigorously, I still don't get the ink to look anymore intense than this... However good thing is that it doesn't spread along the lines/wrinkles and it doesn't form any black residues when layered.
- the eyeliner ink is not black or opaque enough
- need to keep layering it to build it's intensity.
- brush applicator is firm and easy to draw even on loose eyelids
- easy to draw one smooth thin line at one go
- easy to draw neat wings with the slim brush applicator
- applicator is slim and precise, able to fill in gaps in between lashes without feeling prickly
- starts to run when my tears touches the eyeliner at the outer corner of my eyes
- not oil-proof, as it also starts to run a little bit when my lids turn oily at end of the day
- smudgeproof
I would prefer if the ink is more black. From the picture below, you can see that the black liner I drew at the inner corner of my eyes look grey, even after I'd layered it a few times.

Last but not least, a closer look of my eye makeup~ ^_^
By the way, I didn't put on much mascara so I won't look like I have 2 layer of upper lashes. lolx~
As mentioned too earlier, the Duchess lash may make eyes look droopy, so be careful when wearing the lashes. Don't follow the lashline if your eyes are droopy like mine, try sticking it slightly higher than the lashline for the ends, so the eyes will look 'lifted up'.
I also sticked the lower lashes a little bit lower than my original ones. It can enlarge the eyes by doing so.

Thanks for reading! Hope you guys like my review!~ ^^

Star Lash Eyelash Glue Clear (3g) SGD$4.90
Star Lash Tokyo Lash Collection TL012 Marie SGD$20.90
Star Lash Limited Edition Duchess Eyelashes DB35 SGD$12.90
Star Lash Lightning Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof (Intense Black) SGD$16.90

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