Review: Déjàvu Keep Style Mascara

Saturday is here!~ Time to have fun & shop! If anyone of you are looking to get new lengthening mascaras, do read my review on this NEW Déjàvu Keep Style Mascara~ ^,^
I'd been using this new mascara for weeks now so now I'm all ready to do a full review of it! ^_^

About Déjàvu Keep Style Mascara
The longest lasting curl-up film mascara! (*according to in-house comprison)
The Déjàvu Keep Style Mascara is an improvement on Paint-On False Lashes, a mascara which stays smudge-prrof all day long, comes off easily with warm water. Unlike other water-based film mascaras, Dejavu's unique polymer formulation gives a long-lasting upward-curl hold.
Traditional wax based mascara has a strong curl hold, but requires more effort to remove due to it's hardening nature. It also causes smudging under the eyes.
Hence Dejavu aimed to develop a new mascara which not only kept eyelashes upward all day long, but was also smudge resistant as well as easily removed.
Film based mascara is water-soluble and easily removed with warm water. By perfecting the moisture level in the film-based mascara, Dejavu ended up with a mascara that washed away easily without excessive lash moisture, the major cause of drooping eyelashes.
- Keeps lashes curled upwards all day long
- Oil/water resistant and smudge-free
- washes off easily with warm water

As the product I received is not from retail store, so it doesn't have any English translation for the ingredients or description part. You could visit the website though, as it is available in English. ^_^

Gold chrome handle~ Lovely!
Although the mascara doesn't state its lifespan, but I would usually bin them roughly about 3 months later. Because they are eye products and are wet, bacteria grows inside the tube quickly.

Close-up of the applicator. The moment I pulled it out, the end of the brush has this long thick fibre extending outwards.. look kinda funny! Hahahax~
Below picture taken without flash.

Taken with flash. Spot all those thin fibres! Lots of them all around the bristles.

Here's my bare lashes before applying mascara! They are very very very thinnnnnnnn lashes! I also have thin hair to go with it~ ^^" hahax~

And here's after applying the mascara! VIOLA! ♥

I had used it for many occasions so hereby providing different pictures of my lashes using Déjàvu Keep Style Mascara on different days. ^_^

In the below look, I applied on upper lashes and a little bit on my almost bare bottom lashes.

This one is also taken on another occasion.. ^_^
Here are my thoughts after using the Déjàvu Keep Style Mascara:
- the mascara wax is a little to the wet side but not too wet
- I will usually take out the applicator and wave it in the air for few seconds to let the wax become slightly drier before applying onto my lashes (the wax becomes stickier and goes on easier when it's slightly dry)
- takes slightly longer time than usual to coat my lashes to achieve a medium-volume application as its ability is stronger at lengthening than voluminizing
- applicator isn't big or wide however I got poked in my eyes a few times (my eyes are quite prominent)
- doesn't clump
- when I coat it for too many rounds, the ends of the lashes will start to look kinda 'frayed' and may appear to look like... cockroach legs? (lolx~ but it's true! So, need to be careful of how much I apply the mascara! ^_^")
- though it's not able to curl my lashes but it maintains the already curled lashes well without further drooping throughout the day
- lengthening wise I must say it is really awesome ^_^
- not that easy to brush it onto my almost bare bottom lashes, it takes quite long for me to get the fibres onto them
- at mid day, I can find some little fibre flakes under my eyes and cheeks, easily removed with my fingers
- doesn't smudge at all
- the curl lasts whole day too
- I usually use cleansing oil to remove all my makeup, it takes a little more effort to remove the mascara using cleansing oil but it washes off easily if warm water is used after that

Ohh how I wished this mascara can give better volume then it'll be my perfect mascara! (>▽<)/~ hehex~
I often go for volumnizing mascaras because I have very thin hair, thin lashes and invisible leg hair (lolx~). If there's lengthening mascara, I would prefer it is 2-in-1 kind (lengthen + volume).
Most mascara that has lengthening ability would always droop my lashes (not forgetting to mention that my eyelids are droopy too, so it makes the lashes ultra droopy!) so I don't really like using them but.........Déjàvu Keep Style Mascara proves that wrong!
This mascara is good when I want to have my lashes not looking too dramatic and appear slightly more natural in a sweet way. The mascara hold the curl well and provide long fibres, thus making my lashes appear visible in photos even when I wore thick black eyeliner. ^_^

Where to buy?
Available at Sasa SG stores

Dejavu Singapore Facebook
Dejavu Official Website


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