Revealing my 5th personalized VanityTrove

Hey all, today I'm gonna reveal my awesome picks for my 5th Vanity Trove box! It is INDEED awesome! Just look at the stuffs below! ^_~

Right, here's what I had picked: (clockwise)
- Matrix Biolage Scalptherapie Cooling Mint Conditioner (Full size 300ml)
- Cheonsoo Natural Hub Aroma Nail (Full size 15ml)
- Kerastase Elixir Ultime Sample & Watsons Bird Nest Whitening & Firming Facial Cream (Free mystery gifts)
- Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical in Coconut & Exotic (Travel Size 50ml)
- Cheonsoo HD Snail Essence Mask (23g x 1 pc)
- Childs Farm Girls Shampoo (Travel Size 100ml)
- Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balm in Grapefruit (Full size)

First time seeing this CHEONSOO HD Snail Essence Mask. Infact I'm not familiar with the Korean brand Cheonsoo. After googled, realised it's actually named as 天水 in Chinese, translates to 'Holy Water' or 'God Water'. I picked the Snail mask as I find it is good in calming inflammations besides its strong ability in anti-aging.

Cheonsoo also make nail polishes too!

Love the rainbow holo effects from the glitters!

Batiste Batiste Batiste... It is my favourite & Holy Grail dry shampoo brand! Infact, I first encountered this at Guardian store when I was running out of my other dry shampoos. I got the very last Batiste bottle from Guardian shelf because there wasn't any other dry shampoos for me to choose and I was really desperate that time due to running around at events during work which made my hair and scalp really oily, sticky and flat.
Once I started using Batiste, I'm fell in love with it. ^_^ To read my full review, click HERE.
BTW, Batiste is now only available at Watsons! (i think.. lolx~)

The nozzle is just like any other dry shampoos.. the dry shampoo gushes out from the nozzle so strong that the air can make hair fly! Lolx~ But super loving the feel as it's really cooling!
So far I had tried Original, Cool & Crisp Fresh, and this Coconut & Exotic Tropical.. I find that Original and Coconut ones are better. They feel more powdery and make my hair feel and look alot less oily. I empty Batiste dry shampoos very fast, if I were to use it every other day, it can only last me a few weeks less than a month for a 200ml bottle. I'm glad that VanityTrove carries Batiste in their shopping page, I quickly add it to cart the moment I saw it appeared on the website! Lolx~ *kiasu* ^,^"

Matrix Biolage Scalptherapie Cooling Mint Conditioner has got to be the BIGGEST item I'd picked for my VT box so far, because it was packed separately from the usual VT pull-out drawer box when I receive it from the mailman. Hahahx!~ Lucky me I got this when they just uploaded it up onto their shopping page! ^_^

Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balm in Grapefruit. I like grapefruit~ at least a little more than grape when comes to cosmetics. Nowadays my lips chap like hell, hope this lip balm can help moisturise them! ^_^

The only item I chose that is not for me but for my niece/nephew - Childs Farm Shampoo for luscious locks with strawberry & organic mint scent!
Glad that the bottle was double sealed with tape so it won't accidentally spill during the mailing process. *thumbs up*
Childs Farm has NO Parabens, SLS's, mineral oils or artificial colours, and contains 98% natural ingredients. I am so tempted to try on my hair....hahhaax~ Probably giving this to my niece as she have natural curly hair! ^_^

Last but not least, mystery gifts from VT! ^_^
Thanks VanityTrove for all the awesome stuffs!

Personalized VanityTrove SGD$25.00 / box

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