Reivew: The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel & Soap

I'd recently indulged my skin with lots of honey during bath time everyday. Even though I don't fancy the sweet food Honey (yes, I don't like it at all but I'm slowly learning to eat it.. lolx~ why do I sound like a 3yr old kid?) but I'm not against using it in my skincare, bodycare or even haircare regimen.
Anyhoo, here's my thoughts about the Honeymania Shower Gel & Soap... which I'm gonna finish using soon! ^_^

The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel
This soap-free shower gel contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of thousands of wildflowers.
The honey is made in Bale Eco-Region, where hives are handcrafted from locally grown bamboo.
The raw comb is harvested and the honey is separated, filtered and tested for quality. These traditional methods promote strong, healthy bees and deter logging.

Packaged in a squeezable plastic pour type bottle. Product has 12 months of lifespan after opening. Well, who would use it for that long? I almost finished the whole bottle within 1.5 months!

No effort needed to flip this cap open~

As mentioned in my previous Honeymania post, the honey has a hint of floral scent. I kinda like the floral note and that's why I don't have the "urgh" feel when I sniff it. I got very used to the honey floral fragrance after awhile and find it really nice after using it.
- gel consistency
- very easy to lather with just a little bit of water
- luscious, smooth feel while showering with it
- shower gel foams up even more if used with a bath lily (bath puff)
- non-drying
- skin feels smooth and moisturised
- doesn't feel dry even after rinsing and towel dry
- skin feels very clean
- skin feels pretty moisturised even after leaving the bathroom
- the floral honey scent lingers for hours on my skin
- no allergies
- cleanses well and is able to prevent back acne
I love using this Shower Gel as it's easy for me to pour it out on my bath puff and lather into thick rich foam. It makes it easier and quickier to shower this way too!
Lastly, I really love the scent more and more now! ^_^

The Body Shop Honeymania Soap
This honeycomb-shaped soap has a cute bee at its centre. It has a rich, floral scent and contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of over 1,000 wildflowers.

Nicely packed with plastic shrink-wrap.

For the soap, it comes with a mini sticker booklet at the back of the soap and you can peel it off to read the contents in it. I flipped to the page where the Ingredient is listed in English.

The bee and the honeycomb design is really nice~

Bee flying in the air~ Lolx...

Oh noes! I ruined the soap! hahhax~ Oh well, that's how every soap gonna end up. hehex~
This soap's size is larger than the conventional soap bar.
- slightly soft soap (not the really hard ones or the very soft ones)
- strong floral honey scent but the fragrance doesn't engulf my whole bathroom (my bathroom is small) when it's left sitting at a corner
- not really easy to lather in the beginning, require me to rub it on my palms few rounds before the foam slowly developes
- once foam starts to develope, it gets easier to lather afterwards
- able to lather even with a bath lily (bath puff)
- smooth and luscious feel while showering with it
- the lather feels slightly more dense than the shower gel
- after rinsing off, the skin feels quite squeaky and waxy
- because the skin feels waxy, I will sub-consciously feel that my skin is dry
- skin doesn't feel taut but has this slight dry texture when I touch it
- my skin returns to normal after sometime and the waxy feel is gone
- floral honey scent lingers for hours on my skin
- no allergies
- cleanses well and is able to prevent back acne 
Because the soap use up abit more time to lather up, I'll sometimes go back to using the Showel Gel if I need to have a quick shower or when I get all lazy. lolx~
I seldom use soap because I don't really like the rubbery, squeaky feel that it leaves behind (I might like it if its for the face though because my face is oilier) as it keep making me think that my body is dry, which infact it is dry. So to combat this problem, I will immediately use a lotion/butter/cream right after I towel dry my body.

Alrighty~ Thanks for reading my review! More Honeymania product reviews coming up soon~

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The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel (250ml) SGD$12.90
The Body Shop Honeymania Soap (100g) SGD$6.90

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