Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE 2013 Holiday Collection & Gift Set

On 1st November, Les Merveilleuses LADURÉE launched their 2013 Holiday Collection in Japan. Even though I still can't get my hands on their products especially that rose blush but that doesn't stop me from sharing it with everyone!~ ^,^/~

For this Limited Edition Holiday Collection theme, they named it Bal à l' opéra.

First up, the Facial treatment oil (30ml). 8,400円 ~ SGD$120
Side note: Oh man! Now is definitely the best period to go Japan.. the currency rate now is SGD$1 = ~70yen!

Mixed Face Color Rose Laduree (Blush) in 2 new & limited shades #101 & #102 (the petal designs differ from the original ones).
Refill 7350円 ~SGD$105. Pot 3150円 ~SGD$45
Pearl Body Serum in 2 shades #101 & #102. 5250円 ~SGD$75

Holiday Card 2013. 525円 ~SGD$7.50
Cream Cheek Base in 3 new & limited shades #105, #106 & #107. 4410円 ~SGD$63

Eye Color Palette in 3 new & limited shades #103, #104 & #105. 4200円 ~SGD$60
Tinted Lip Balm Set in shade #101. 5250円 ~SGD$75
New (not limited) Glossy Rouge in 7 shades. 2625円 ~SGD$37.50

Les Merveilleuses also released their best selling Face Color Rose Laduree in a special Gift Set this Christmas season specially for those who love them. (OMG I WANT! T^T~)
Each set contains 2 shades out of the 5 available. It will be in Japan Les Merveilleuses stores from 6 Dec 2013 onwards. 
Each set costs 10500円 ~SGD$150
Now, anyone wana buy this for my X'mas gift? Kekekex~ =P~

Display at Les Merveilleuses store in Japan.


Pictures are screen capped from Les Merveilleuses LADUREE website. This post is for sharing purpose only.


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