Launch: The Body Shop Honeymania™ Bath & Body Collection

The Body Shop recently launched the new Honeymania™ Bath & Body range. The new collection of ultra-indulgent Bath & Body treats is enriched with wild honey goodness for skin that feels as nourished and fragrant as if it had been dipped in honey itself.

About Honeymania
Learn how The Body Shop selects the finest, richest honey combs and how the honey is harvested in the Sheka rainforest.
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A Honeypot of Richness
Honey is Mother Nature’s gourmand secret. Prized for its deliciously sweet taste and aroma, honey is also a natural moisturiser, known for its ability to soften, smooth and nourish skin.
Our rich, moisturising Community Fair Trade honey comes from the Ethiopian rainforest. It’s organically hand-harvested from only the ripest honeycombs, ensuring exceptional quality, good-enough-to-eat honey that’s rich in nourishment. This natural goodness is drizzled into our delectable Honeymania™ products so you can sink sumptuous moisture into your skin.

Sweet Sensation
Our Honeymania™ Bath & Body collection oozes rich, sensorial indulgence. Discover a range of pampering products with a natural array of golden honey colours and lavish textures that never feel sticky. Delight in the collection’s delicate, but indulgent, floral fragrance with enchanting notes of  floral honey blossom and sweet honey. And experience the bliss of 24 hour luscious moisture from  our Body Butter that melts straight into skin.

About Ethiopian Beekeepers
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Honeymania Body & Bath Collection
After learning how the honey used in the Honeymania collection comes about, we shall now proceed to the honey-fully luscious products!~
You can now try out the rich goodness of the honey scrub & butter at any of The Body Shop outlets!

The Honeymania collection consists a total of 7 body and bath products!

Honeymania Shower Gel
Contains moisturising organically harvested Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia.
Drizzle on and lather up a little luxury with our fragrant Shower Gel that leaves your body cleansed and subtly scented. Soap-free, it won’t dry out skin.

Honeymania Soap
Contains moisturising organically harvested Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia.
The scented soap gently cleanses to leave skin feeling refreshed. Loving the cute honeycomb design embellished with an adorable bee.

Honeymania Lip Balm
Contains Community Fair Trade beeswax from Cameroon.
This sweet balm melts in straight away for kissable, moisturised lips. Apply then pucker up!

Honeymania Body Butter
Contains moisturising Community Fair Trade shea from Ghana, cocoa butter from Ghana, sesame oil from Nicaragua, Brazil nut oil from Peru and beeswax from Cameroon.
Our luxurious, rich Body Butter delivers 24 hours of hydration. Massage in, to leave skin lightly scented and feeling sensationally soft and smooth all over. Each pot contains honey made from the nectar of thousands of flowers!

Honeymania Body Scrub
Contains moisturising Community Fair Trade shea from Ghana, and beeswax from Cameroon. Contains exfoliating salt grains.
You'll love the rich exfoliating scrub that leaves skin feeling velvety soft and super-smooth.

Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt
Contains moisturising organically harvested Community Fair Trade honey from Ethiopia.
Relax! Sink into a honeypot of bath bubbles and enjoy an indulgent honey experience with the luxurious Bubble Bath Melt.

Honeymania Eau de Toilette
Contains Community Fair Trade alcohol from Ecuador.
Crazy about the Honeymania™ beguiling fragrance? Spritz the Eau de Toilette onto pulse points for a burst of concentrated honey scent.

Honeymania Body & Bath Gift Sets
Body Scrub + Body Butter only for SGD$39.90 (35% off!)

Shower Gel + Body Butter + Eau de Toilette only for SGD$44.90 (30% off!)

That's all for all of the Honeymania Bath & Body products~ Look out for my Honeymania product review coming up soon! Buuzzzzz you later!

Complimentary from The Body Shop
- Honeymania Shower Gel (250ml)
- Honeymania Soap (100g)
- Honeymania Lip Balm (10ml)
- Honeymania Body Butter (200ml)
- Honeymania Body Scrub (200ml)
- Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt (300ml)
- Honeymania Eau de Toilette (30ml)

The Body Shop Honeymania Shower Gel (250ml) SGD$12.90
The Body Shop Honeymania Soap (100g) SGD$6.90
The Body Shop Honeymania Lip Balm (10ml) SGD$10.90
The Body Shop Honeymania Body Butter (200ml) SGD$30.90
The Body Shop Honeymania Body Scrub (200ml) SGD$30.90
The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt (300ml) SGD$26.90
The Body Shop Honeymania Eau de Toilette (30ml) SGD$22.90

Where to buy?
Available at every The Body Shop stores



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