Event: Watsons Flagship Store First Year Anniversary

In October, Watsons celebrates as it's crowned Singapore’s Favourite Personal Care Store in a survey by Brand Alliance and celebrating its flagship store's first year anniversary - "Watsons' Firsts Party". 
Conducted with Gen Y consumers between 18 to 28 years old earlier this year, the survey also saw the Watsons Card, which has over 660,000 members, being chosen as the preferred loyalty card in Singapore.

Mr Daniel Teo, General Manager of Watsons Singapore, said, “Watsons is leading the beauty and health industry with a comprehensive range of products that are on-trend and widely sought after, such as UK’s Collection Cosmetics and the latest range of facial and body massagers. We have been the number one drugstore brand in the region for four consecutive years, and we will continue to bring the best to our customers and enhance their personal shopping experience.”
The store has seen a double digit growth as well as new and exclusive brands, such as Atorrege AD+ and Bio Essence Professional, and products gracing its shelves over the past year.
In line with the brand’s promise to deliver the latest health and beauty trends, Watsons will once again be introducing a plethora of on-trend beauty brands and products from around the world.

What's New @ Watsons?
Established in 1983 in Tainan, Taiwan, Hwang Sun Enterprise has engaged in the research and manufacture of beauty equipment OEM (ODM) for more than 20years across six continents. An internationally recognized beauty equipment manufacturer in the application of ultrasound technology, the manufacturing process of Hwang Sun Enterprise is ISO certified, and its products are of FDA standards. With superior in-house research and development, Hwang Sun Enterprise aims to represent Taiwan as a leading manufacturer in sonic technology.

Sonispa Ultrasonic Body Slim Massager – Red Light
Utilizing micro-wavelength to activate skin cells, the Sonispa Ultrasound Body Slim Massager – Red Light allows for an increase in product penetration into the skin layer to break down fat molecules. With a vibration of one million frequencies per second (1MHz/sec), the Sonispa Ultrasonic Body Slim Massager – Red Light is able to improve the absorption of active ingredients (products) into the skin within seconds, thus enhancing the slimming effect. As a result of the red light therapy increasing the skin’s metabolism, a luminous and fairer appearance is achieved.

Sonispa Ultrasonic Deep Facial Spatula
The Sonispa Ultrasonic Deep Facial Spatula deeply cleanses pores, re-activates skin cells, and provides lifting and astringent effects to the skin. With a vibration of 25,000 frequencies per second (25kHz/sec), the spatula will work its way to remove excess skin dirt, oil and dead skin cells! The appearance of pores and dirt build up will be minimalized, whilst enabling a skin lifting and toning effect

I had used this gadget before or rather, I had been used by this gadget (lolx~) during facial and the result of deep cleansing my pores is amazing! I would really love to get this gadget for home use! ^,^

SkinBiotics is a revolutionary nutri-beauty system personalized to individual skin conditions’ needs. As a leading brand in nutricosmetics, SkinBiotics’ range of products are recognized for its effectiveness and excellence not only by consumers but also by scientists, aestheticians and dermatologists around the world for providing anti-aging and beauty benefits from the inside out.

The brand’s latest innovation is the EVEN+WHITER SKIN BOOSTER. Clinically tested, this new skin whitening booster pills contain a revolutionary whitening formula – Glutathione, a high absorption master antioxidant specially formulated for Asian skin to help lighten skin tone in as quickly as four weeks of consumption. With a high antioxidant power, the beauty pill not only helps to lighten two shades of skin but also reduces melanin, skin blemishes and increase skin immunity and radiance.

BeautyBiotics is a dermatologica cosmetics brand that is founded on an Innovation x Science approach. Developed based on Medical Aesthetic Science, the brand incorporates nano skincare science into all their products for improved penetration efficiency and immediately visible results in just one application for a more radiant and youthful appearance.
The wide range of Dream Cream products include:
- Dream Cream ($79) - Anti-aging, hydration, whitening cream for instant wrinkle reduction and firming
- Radiance Exfo Jelly ($39) - An exfoliating jelly + peel infused with AHA + BHA fruit enzymes that removes dead skin whilst deeply cleansing and unclogging pores
- Collagen Cleanse ($29) - Collagen powder foaming cleanser combined with nano collagen for daily use
- Perfecting BB+ Powder ($29) - Nano BB + loose powder which covers imperfections while protecting and repairing skin

- BB/CC Cream ($39) - 12-in-one advanced blemish balm + color corrector

- UV-White Mineral Powder SPF50 PA+++ ($29)  - Nano sunblock + whitening powder

Demonstration on model using Dream Cream, BB/CC & UV-White Mineral Powder.

Dr. Vincent
Dr. Vincent Auchane has practiced cosmetic surgery in Lyon since 1992. Specializing in facial rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and breast enlargement surgery, he has worked every day with women of all ages. Conducting in-depth research into the scientific knowledge of the skin, he continues to be interested in the skin scarring process, giving him a detailed knowledge of each skin profile and its capacity for regeneration peculiar to each individual. Born out of the latest technologies relating to formulations, this new skincare line has undoubted efficacy.

Correcting – Regenerating Serum
Working on the creation of skin support fibres at two levels: proteoglycans and collagens responsible for firmness and elastine for increasing elasticity, it results in a firmer, more elastic and resistant skin with a 16% increase in the elastine rate. It also has an anti-free radical and anti-oxidant action.

Moisturizing – Active Spring Moisturizing Serum
Inhibiting the evaporation of water in the epidermis and limiting its passage from the derma to the epidermis, this results in a 28% increase in water retention and derma of 28% after 30 minutes of application.

Unifying – Renewing Serum
Anti-oxidant, oxygenating and reviving the respiration of the skin, it allows for better cellular respiration for effective removal of toxins. In parallel with this, it leads to a reduction in cellular oxidation due to atmospheric pollution. It also regulates pigmentation by lowering melanine level by 17%.

Bio-essence has always been at the forefront of innovation in developing effective new products that serves consumers’ needs of achieving and maintaining gorgeous, healthy skin. The brand houses more than 100 products, within the local market and across countries like Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Australia and the UK. It has won awards for best-selling and most wanted facial, eye and body care brands from various retailers.
As reviewed and voted by readers and editors, Bio-essence has proven outstanding results in product efficacies over the years. In 2010, Bio-essence was ranked No. 1 in Facial Care Brand Ranking.

The Bio-essence Bio Water Power Protect Cooling Sunscreen SPF 56 (For Face) is the brand’s latest addition to its Sun Protection Series. This water-based formula provides long-lasting and high sun protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays whilst has an instant cooling effect on the skin.
Key ingredients include:
-    Miracle Bio Water: low in mineral contents and rich in trace minerals to give a 2x cooling and moisturising effect on skin
-    Tranexamic Acid: lightens and prevents the formation of dark spots and freckles, ensuring fair and radiant skin
-    Hyaluronic Acid: intensively replenishes and locks in moisture to keep skin hydrated and supple 

Japanese Suncare band, SunKiller offers you the perfect sunblock wardrobe to suit your different skin conditions, occasions and lifestyles!  The wide range of sunscreen products meet various customers’ needs from sporty and active individuals who desire high sun protection to individuals with dry skin and even to sun-protecting items for babies. On top of that, it is also the 1st sun care brand in the mass market to introduce PA++++ - Perfect Strong Plus!
Suitable for daily use, SunKiller products are also water resistant, light-weight and non-sticky in texture with a lightly citrus-scented formula.

To know more about Sunkiller & its range of sunscreen, read my blogpost here.

Laboratoires Kéranove
Founded in 1966, Laboratoires Kéranove is a recognized hair expert that launched the first transversal range of shampoos, hair care and colouring products containing processed natural extracts to treat both scalp and hair. The brand is formulated with an exclusive formula – “Dermo-Kératyl” complex rich in trace elements to revitalize scalp and hair. With a scientifically proven efficacy, all products are paraben, colorant, ammonia, and perfume free.

The brand has a wide variety of multipurpose hair care and colour lines specially developed to cater to individuals’ various hair needs.
- Dry and damaged hair: enriched with Active Wild Mango Concentrate to repair and hydrate dry and damaged hair. Includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and treatment
- Coloured hair: contains Active Pomegranate Concentrate that has antioxidant properties to protect hair against harmful UV rays. Includes shampoo, conditioner, mask and treatment
- Dandruff: Oily dandruff – contains Aseptylamine™ that stabilizes scalp and regulate sebum secretion. Dry dandruff – contains Zinc Pyrinthione that has antibacterial properties to stop production of dandruff. Each range has a shampoo and a treatment
- Hair loss treatment: formulated with Trichodyn™ to better fight against hair loss. Includes a shampoo and a treatment
- Oily hair: rich in Meadowsweet Active Concentrate to regulate sebum secretion. Includes shampoo and conditioner
- Normal hair: shampoo contains active ingredient Chufa Sedge Concentrate with nutritional properties
- Thin hair: formulated with Active Soya Protein Concentrate to increase manageability, softness and strength. Includes a shampoo and treatment
More detailed blogpost for Keranove coming up! ^_^ Keep a look out for it~

Originally coined in France, ‘Brigitte’ Cosmetics aim to create the best elements of makeup products to transform ordinary girls into ‘Kawaii’ goddesses in just a few simple steps. Ideal for confident, sassy women who are constantly on-the-go, BRIGITTE has a wide array of natural and unique makeup that are classy, romantic yet stylish.

Aptly themed ‘Girls Be Romantic’, BRIGITTE’s latest collection Romantic Prologue contains eyes, cheeks and face products to create that romantic, girly look.
- BRIGITTE Romantic Eyelash: Thinner and lighter than other regular false lashes in the market, the brand’s signature falsies are made of extra fine hair (45 denier) to create that charming big eyed doll look without adding any stress and discomfort to your eyes. Available in a variety of styles, including Chouchou (for a more elegant look), Noble (color mix lashes) and Frill (romantic look)
- BRIGITTE Creamy Shimmering Eyes: available in three shimmery shades for that soft and gorgeous pearl eye that gives your eyes that extra twinkle!
- BRIGITTE Fantastic Deep Mascara: helps achieve a beautiful finish without thick lumps, yet creating voluminous lashes. Available in Deep Black and Pink Brown.
- BRIGITTE Marble Creamy Cheeks: available in three blends to create a marble rosy dewy look
- BRIGITTE Nudie Contrast Powder: a magical highlight powder that accentuates and contours one’s face, available in two shades 
More detailed blogpost + swatches on Brigitte new range of makeup coming soon too!  ^_~

Founded in 1987, COLLECTION, previously known as Collection 2000, is renowned for fun, fashionable, on-trend and affordable makeup. Creating a cache for colour, the brand lives up to its sassy strapline ‘Work the Colour’ by presenting individuals with a wide array of the brightest and most wearable colors in vibrant and innovative packaging at unbeatable prices.
Exuding a friendly and approachable disposition, COLLECTION Cosmetics aims to invoke an attitude of adventure in youthful women to experiment with colour, subtle or daring; to create a makeup look that says “this is me and I love it!” Ideal for everyone, the brand is suitable for style-hunters wanting edgy new trends to those who desire playing with fabulous new products to enhance their own signature look.
Acting as a big sister in makeup, COLLECTION inspires women to have the confidence to experiment with colour and have fun with fashion their own way.

With a wide range of innovative products and shades, COLLECTION believes that every modern girl is beautiful and deserves to be able to OWN IT, WORK IT, LOVE IT!, no matter what differences.
Signature products include:
- Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners available in 11 sparkling shades
- Cream Puff Lip Cream, hybrid of lipstick and lipgloss for a creamery, powdery matt finish in velvety soft, retro candy colours
- Extreme 24 Hour Felt Lip Liner for easy to apply precision that is quick-dry, smudge free and transfer resistant
- Colour Pout Lip Stain, packed in a fun and easy-to-use highlighter pen format in six shades of romantic pink
Collection Cosmetics is available at selected Watsons stores, BHG and the newly renovated BHG Bugis

Here are some snaps of the products available on Collection shelves.

The Collection Lasting Perfect concealer - I bought this becos it's highly raved! ^_^

Swatches of the Collection Lasting Perfect Concealer #1 to #4 (left to right) and then, Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liners in black. Top row without flash, bottom row taken with flash.
The concealers are actually quite pinkish for the #1 & #2, and then more beige for #3 & #4.

Collection Eyeshadow palettes.

Collection Lippies! Awesomeness~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Complimentary from Watsons
Thank you Watsons and the brands for providing the products! (clockwise)
- SkinBiotics Even+Whiter Skin Booster
- BeautyBiotics Dream Cream
- Collection Hotlights Lipgloss
- Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream
- Brigitte Glamorous Volume Mascara
- Laboratoires Kéranove Dandruff Dry dandruff Shampoo
- Dr. Vincent Correcting - Regenerating Serum
- Bio-essence Bio Water Power Protect Cooling Sunscreen SPF 56 (For Face)
- Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF50+ PA++++

- Watsons Box Tissues (5boxes)

Read about Watsons Helping Hands Project here.

I love the Watsons tissue box tissues! It's pretty soft and smooth~ Comparable to the ones I always prefer to use. *thumbs up*

Sonispa Ultrasonic Body Slim Massager SGD$299
Sonispa Ultrasonic Deep Facial Spatula SGD$299
SkinBiotics Even+Whiter Skin Booster SGD$89
BeautyBiotics Dream Cream SGD$79
BeautyBiotics Radiance Exfo Jelly SGD$39
BeautyBiotics Collagen Cleanse SGD$29
BeautyBiotics Perfecting BB+ Powder SGD$29
BeautyBiotics BB/CC Cream SGD$39
BeautyBiotics UV-White Nano Powder SPF50 PA+++ SGD$29
Dr. Vincent Correcting - Regenerating Serum SGD$89
Dr. Vincent Moisturizing – Active Spring Moisturizing Serum SGD$85
Dr. Vincent Unifying – Renewing Serum SGD$89
Bio-essence Bio Water Power Protect Cooling Sunscreen SPF 56 (For Face) SGD$25.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Dry and damaged hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Conditioner (200ml) SGD$19.90 ,mask (250ml) SGD$29.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$29.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Coloured hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90, Conditioner (200ml) SGD$19.90 ,Mask (250ml) SGD$29.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$29.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Dandruff Oily /Dry dandruff Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$29.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Hair loss treatment Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$39.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Oily hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Conditioner (250ml) SGD$19.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Normal hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90
Laboratoires Kéranove Thin hair Shampoo (250ml) SGD$19.90 ,Treatment (5x10ml) SGD$29.90
Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF50+ PA++++ (30ml) SGD$14.90
Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++ (30ml) SGD$14.90
Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF38 PA+++ (30ml) SGD$14.90
Sunkiller Cool Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++ (30ml) SGD$14.90
Sunkiller Clear Water SPF50+ PA++++ (27ml) SGD$14.90
Brigitte Romantic Eyelash SGD$18.90
Brigitte Creamy Shimmering Eyes SGD$23.90
Brigitte Fantastic Deep Mascara SGD$28.90
Brigitte Marble Creamy Cheeks SGD$18.90
Brigitte Nudie Contrast Powder SGD$25.90
Collection Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner SGD$16.90
Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream SGD$12.50
Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Lip Liner SGD$16.90
Collection Colour Pout Lip Stain SGD$12.90
Watsons Box tissue (3plys x 100sheets x 5boxes) SGD$4.50 /pack

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