Event: Launch of Philosophy Hope In A Jar Night

Philosophy recently launched a new intense retexturizing moisturizer for night use - Hope in a jar night, allowing us to wake up with a smoother hydrated skin.

About Hope in a jar night
Did you know that your body renews itself best as you sleep? That means nighttime is your skin’s best opportunity for treatment and repair.
So, is it unreasonable to expect your night cream to fulfill your youthful dreams while you sleep? Not if you have hope.
Imagine waking up to smoother skin that is comfortably hydrated. Imagine having visibly radiant skin to start each morning. imagine the glow of confidence you could carry with you all day.

Thanks to philosophy’s breakthrough nighttime renewal technology, everything you imagine is possible. New hope in a jar night intense retexturizing moisturizer helps redefine your beauty sleep. It features a patented qusome delivery system that allows for better, gentler and more effective penetration of active ingredients.

The glycolic acid helps retexturize skin as it plumps the appearance of fine lines and even skin tone while the beta glucan helps strengthen skin’s natural cellular defense.
Hope in a jar night is clinically proven to help improve the signs of aging with regular use:
- overnight, 92% felt softer, comfortably hydrated skin**
- and in 2 weeks, 90% showed diminished fine lines*
* based on a once daily use, clinical study
** consumer study of 48 participants

Hope in a jar night also has a silky texture that absorbs quickly, unlike traditional night creams.

I was taken to another place far far away~~~ to the Wanderlust Hotel. hahax~ This beautiful room layout is taken inside the hotel rooms. Interesting isn't it? ^_^

The idea of bringing us to this special room is to allow us imagining ourselves at the comfort of our own home, wearing silk robe and slippers, switching off all techs and gadgets... all ready to tuck into our comfy bed. But before that we got to do one thing, which is....

....To apply Hope in the jar night to redefine your beauty sleep.

To accompany the good night sleep, use a sleeping mask.

Philosophy's night guide: The day ends at 9.00pm and begins at 8.00am.
Sleep performs wonders for the mind, and also wonders for your skin. So do remember to sleep early! ^_^ (*note to self too~)

Hope in a jar (oil-free gel) & Hope in a jar night.
Hope in a jar, the best-seller moisturizer was sold 3.5 million units worldwide and was voted one of oprah's winfrey's top 10 favourite things 6 times between 1996 and 2010.

Swatches for Hope in a jar oil-free gel & Hope in a jar night.

After blending them out... Both gives a smooth finish, one leaves the skin feeling fresh and the night gives a rich hydrating feel.

Complimentary from Philosophy
- Hope in a jar night (60ml)
- Philosophy sleeping mask

Hope in a jar night intense retexturizing moisturizer (60ml) SGD$64
Hope in a jar oil-free gel moisturizer for normal to oily skin (60ml) SGD$59

Where to buy?
Bugis Junction #01-16, Tangs Orchard Level 1 and Sephora

Philosophy Singapore
Philosophy Singapore Facebook


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