VanityTrove Halloween Contest (ends 7 Nov 2013)

Happy Halloween!
Though today is already the 31st but Halloween never ends until 7 November for VanityTrove!

VanityTrove is running a Halloween contest at VT website.
To join the contest, simply:
1. Login to your VT account and post your halloween look
2. Hashtag #VTSG (For Singaporeans)
3. Hashtag #Halloween
4. @ Tag 1 product/brand that you use to create your look.
Winners stand to win Bobbi Brown products!
So what are you waiting for? Post your Halloween look now! ^_^

So how about my Halloween look? I'd recently just did a simple fox ears and tail prop, and this is the makeup done to match the whole 'foxy' look~ ^_^
Clicky here to read about my Halloween Makeup Look and my early celebration for Halloween this year!



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