Review: no! no! Hair Professional Hair Removal Device

I'd did an introduction post on no! no! Hair device and today I'm going to do a full review of it. A few short clips of the device at work will be shown later in this post too! I hardly do any video review but for this, I had to because it's so hard to explain with just photos. ^_^"

How to work the device
After turning on the device, the screen will show a battery status (which is now 2 bar left).
By pressing the button under the screen, the treatment level can be changed to - Low, Medium & High. Below shows 1 bar for Low, 2 bars for Medium and then 3 bars would be High.

I always start off with low level treatment and if it doesn't remove some of the stubborn/thicker hair that I have, then I'll change it to medium/high.

This photo shows the device with the wide Thermicon Tip. I use the wide tip for arms and legs, mainly targeting at wider areas.

Wide tip.

This is the narrow tip. Narrow tip is used on not only smaller areas, but also on sensitive parts like the face & bikini line. It's better to use the narrow tip on surfaces that are uneven too like the knees, elbows and underarms.

When gliding the device (perpendicular to the surface), the blue LED guide lights above the Thermicon will light up meaning that it is in contact with the surface. Note that this device can only glide in 1 direction, with the Thermicon Tip infront and the roller at the back.

I made a video of the device gliding on a flat surface to show how the device work.
First 3 seconds shows device is perpendicular to the surface.
Next 4 seconds shows device slanted but still, the Thermicon tip stops exactly where it hits the surface. However the latter method should be avoided during treatment session, I'm just showing how the Thermicon tip actually works.

At times, there will be issues like such (refers to video). The roller won't roll smoothly and I'll get flickers. This will often happen when I just start using the device and I haven't get the hang of it. After a few rounds it'll be ok, except for some areas where the roller will always not roll well. I'll talk more about it later in this post.

Now here's the device gliding on my arm.

To remove hair thoroughly, I would recommend using the device to treat from all directions. This way, it will lift up some of the hair which got flattened from the first glide. Main purpose is to get all the hair standing up and get in contact with the Thermicon tip's wire which is a few millimeters above the skin surface.

Before & after
Let me say this first, I have very thin hair on my body including hair on my head too (except for intimate area & underarms of course ^^"). I don't shave or wax the hair on my body because it is not really visible when view from a distance unless seen super closeup like the image below.
I'm also medium fair so my skintone kind of camouflage the thin hair that I have and that's why I don't find them a bother. However I do remove underarm hair because well, every lady would do that right? lolx~

So here's my one part of my finger, near the knuckles. I believe some will have rather long hair on the fingers and may find them quite a bother. It's rather hard to get the device to work on such small areas like the fingers but I still manage to do on all 10 of them. Just practice using it over and over again and you'll get the hang of it.
1st pic is Before treatment.
2nd pic is What's left of the hair (signs of burnt hair) after using no! no! Hair with narrow tip.
3rd is After buffing with the buffer.

Before and after removing hair on my arm.

Before and after removing hair on my thigh. Because my hair is very thin (and sparse?) so it may not look any different to some of you. Click to enlarge image

Cleaning of device
After treatment, I'll remove the Thermicon tip and brush off the debris trapped inside the device.To maintain the device, I will clean all parts of it including the rollers and make sure all dirt and particles stay away from the socket.

The Thermicon tips also need to be brushed. 

Initially, I find it quite hard to get the device to roll or glide on my skin smoothly but after many rounds of testing I finally know how to work it to prevent flickers. From there on, it felt like I'd picked up a new skill. I can use it on any uneven surface, even for the most 'wrinkly' part... the underarms. ^_^"

When using the no! no! Hair device, I feel...
- the roller doesn't roll smoothly if there's not enough pressure or there's too much pressure
- glides smoothly on skin only when the right amount of pressure is used
- settings are simple and very easy to understand
- battery lasts very long (so far I only charged 3 times, one month once)
- Thermicon tips are easy to change and maintain
- requires to stretch out skin before using the device, unable to do so will result in device not rolling smoothly, thermicon tip flickering and not working properly
- takes about 5-10 'rolls' to thoroughly remove 1 section of hair on my body (depending on the area and the hair thickness)
- takes about 3-5 'rolls' to thoroughly remove hair on face (limit to lady-moustache)
- the burning smell is quite strong, it could be detected even from a distance away (I'll turn on a fan to blow out the smell)
- during treatment, I can feel warmth on my skin, not hot kind of feeling so I don't feel any pain at all
- I feel pain only when the Thermicon wire touches the skin (the kind of feeling I got by touching a hot cup, but no scalding marks) which is rather rare, happens when I don't stretch the skin before using the device or when I am not looking at where I was going (lolx~)
- requires a little bit of maintenance after each treatment session

After using no! no! Hair device for 3 months...
- I use the device once every few days to a week for underarms and 2-3 weeks for other parts of my body
- all hair on my face and body (except intimate & underarm areas) can be treated easily with just Low level of treatment (1 bar)
- for thicker hair require Medium to High (2-3 bar) treatment (eg. underarms)
- roller always flicker when I use it on uneven surface and on very smooth surface
- one way to let the roller roll smoothly is to make the skin surface a little stickier (I did it by not turning on the aircon or fan, so the high humidity makes my skin feel slightly stickier and the rubber roller will grab onto my skin well) 
- removes my not-so-visible moustache quickly and completing even without buffing (facial hair is way thinner than hair on my body, except eyebrows)
- hair at my underarms no longer feel so coarse and prickly (if I do shaving, they always feel very prickly on the next day)
- still require a little shave for my underarms as there maybe some very short and stubborn hair that the device can't reach
- hair doesn't grow back thick and prickly
- hair appears even thinner than it already is
- no ingrown hair
- no allergy or irritation
- no scars
- no redness/inflammation

I love to use the device but sad to say, I use it mostly only on my underarms since I seldom remove hair on my body.
Unlike hair on other parts of my body, the underarm hair is very obvious even when it is less than 1 mm long, so I would still shave if it become unsightly on the next day. I would use the device only when the hair is about 3mm or longer and that means I had to forgo sleeveless tops for a few days until I have my treatment.
Other than this problem, I am completely happy that I do not need anymore shaving or plucking for the hair on my body or my lady-moustache (kinda notice it when I stand under a tungsten light, otherwise I don't think I'll ever know I have a moustache! lolx~).

no! no! Hair (Pink/ Silver/ Black) SGD$468

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