Review: New Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch

This month, Lovemore come back with a brand new eye-catching mask series. And I'm honoured to receive a pack for my review from Secretive Singapore! ^_^
Just look at how cute the graphic is and the mint packaging... ^,^

Besides Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Reparing Patch, I also received the new SexyLook 4D Mask. Click here to read my review on the 4D mask.

About Lovemore New Eye Patch
Eyes are the windows to our soul. It is essential to take extra care of the eye contour as it is also the most delicate area of our skin. As we age, skin loses its elasticity and becomes thinner due to lack of collagen. And not forgetting to mention, with the increasing time spent on our electronic gadgets, we put immense strain on our eyes too. So, fight the aging sign with Lovemore Eye Patch now~

Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch
Prolonged exposure to air conditioning and sun dries out skin causes fine lines and crowfeets around the delicate eye contour. Hydrate your apple zone with this unique butterfly-design mask!
Formulated with the super hydrating snail mucin and aloe vera extract to reduce the sign of fine lines.
20 minutes with the mask gives you sparkly bright eyes!

All details are on the back of the box packaging.

Expiry date included on both the box and the mask sheet packaging.

Mask Sheet
Made in Taiwan. Has descriptions and ingredients in mainly Chinese. Refer to box packaging for English.

How to use & Ingredients

The eye patch/mask has a plastic backing, just remove it and place the mask on apple zone.

After removing the eye patch from packaging, there's still some serum left in it. I pour it out and spread it on top of the eye patch so it is well soaked with the serum.

Here's how the butterfly shape eye patch look like on me. I really love how well it adheres to my face shape, especially the area under the eyes and at the outer corner of my eyes. Totally no air bubbles and minimal folds on the edges of the patch.
It lifts up the skin at the end of my eyes and I could immediately feel the lifting effect around them and on my temples too.
And when I smile, *Pocks* out come my 2 puffy eyes. Lolx~

The butterfly shape eye patch is quite long and it fits well for my rather prominent cheeks (I have high cheekbones). It also fits nicely for my nose area. Ok basically, it is designed to fit my face. Lolx~

After 20 mins, the patch will start to feel dry like shown below. Before it turns really dry, the patch must be removed because it will tend to suck back the moisture from our skin causing skin to become dry. We wouldn't want that to happen right? Just remove whenever you feel the patch is turning from wet to a little damp. It benefits our skin best when the mask still feels damp when removing.

The Snail Mucin serum left on my cheeks after removing the patch.

 The skin under my eyes after using the eye patch.
- immediately feels cooling and soothing on my under eyes and cheeks
- feel that the outer corner of my eyes lifted during masking
- patch doesn't feel heavy on the skin
- serum from the mask isn't too thick, quite watery
- serum is not too rich for my combi oily skin
- the serum left on face doesn't feel greasy at all
- skin absorbs the serum quickly just by light patting with my hands (after removing patch)
- my apple zone feels hydrated and nourished
- skin instantly feels smooth and supple
- quenches the skin especially on the area under my eyes 
- the lines and wrinkles under my eyes appear less visible and don't feel that dry anymore
- eyes feel less tired as the skin below them don't feel heavy or have the feeling of it pulling downwards
- no much difference for my dark circles
- most importantly, doesn't sting my eyes when I look downwards
- no reactions, allergies or breakouts
This eye patch feels a lot different from any other eye masks/patch that I'd use before. Although I do tried before apple zone masks but it doesn't fit well on my face and feels rather heavy so it often slips downwards when I'm not lying down.
Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch is the first eye mask I'd tried that adheres perfectly to my face shape and eyes too! It definitely be in my to-get list whenever I want to mask my eyes once in a while. ^.^

And with that, I end this post by introducing all 3 new eye patches from LoveMore! ^_^

Lovemore Platinum Eye Whitening Patch Mask 5s SGD$11.90/box
Lovemore Platinum Eye Whitening Patch Mask 1s SGD$2.90/sheet
Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch Mask 5s SGD$11.90/box
Lovemore Snail Mucin Eye Repairing Patch Mask 1s SGD$2.90/sheet
Lovemore Collagen Eye Firming Patch Mask 5s SGD$11.90/box
Lovemore Collagen Eye Firming Patch Mask 1s SGD$2.90/sheet

Where to buy?
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