Review: Neutrogena Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence

Not long ago, Neutrogena launched a new product under the Hydro Boost range. It is the Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence, a one-step light weight solution designed to combat dryness and restore the skin’s moisture balance by providing a boost of intense hydration that targets dry skin cells.

About Neutrogena Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence
Ideal for those with combination skin, the Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence is formulated with pure Hyaluronic Acid and Oliva HA 1000 complex to deliver instant hydration to areas of the skin where moisture is needed the most. It absorbs quickly into the skin, even beyond the deepest layers*, replenishing the skin with up to five times more moisture, leaving it smooth, supple and refreshed.
The Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence also contains herbal extract and vitamin complex that rejuvenate and promote the skin’s metabolism to boost its absorption capacity and maximise the efficacy of the application of subsequent skincare products.
Designed to provide targeted hydration according to the skin’s needs, Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence features Neutrogena’s unique Progressive Release System (PRS), which allows the pre-essence to be released continuously over time, locking in moisture for up to 24 hours. PRS is a unique targeted hydration technology that awakens dehydrated cells and restores moisture in dry areas of the skin, resulting in even hydration across all areas of the face.
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence is dermatologist tested and alcohol free.

Thanks to Neutrogena, I got to try out the Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence. Frankly speaking, this is my first time using a pre-essence. When I know about this product, it actually appear to me as another essence that is to be used before the essence that I'm currently using.
Then I remembered the other skincare I use, has 2 products before the essence - the softener and lotion. So this pre-essence is also like a lotion but with an add-on treatment ability, since the name 'treatment lotion' is already indicated.
I guess some may find this pre-essence rather confusing and may treat it as a toner/lotion (1st step of skincare after cleanser), but if we read the packaging it states to use it after toner/lotion and before essence.

Packaging & Ingredients
Usage of the pre-essence, ingredient list is written on the packaging. Expiry date is also stamped on the box.

Sleek, simple, clear blue plastic bottle design just like the other products from the Hydro Boost range.

Pour type bottle with a small outlet so the amount dispensed can be controlled.

The pre-essence is translucent lotion. Looks kinda like gel lotion.

Pre-essence applied on the right half of the back of my hand. The skin absorbs the pre-essence really quickly after it's been spread out. Not much patting needed even, just light massage will do. No greasy feel at all, infact I find it has a little bit matte finish but it feels abit sticky at the same time.

Lotion swatch on my face. Seems like the pre-essence makes my skin look soft-focused in the last picture? lolx..(^_^) It makes my combi type skin looking smooth and matte after application.

- nice powdery scent
- lightweight gel-lotion consistency
- easy to spread out and absorbs into skin really fast with no patting required
- feel almost like applying a toner/lotion
- can be applied on by using hands or cotton pad method
- a little cooling
- immediately feel soothing and hydrated on the dry & tight areas
- skin doesn't feel greasy or dry at all, basially it turns the skin to its 'normal' condition and it looks a little bit matte
- initially feels sticky but after awhile it becomes silky smooth
- skin feels soft & supple
- can be applied after any kind of toner/lotion and before any essences
- doesn't collide with the essences I try to use on top of it
- no issue even if used as the first step of skincare (toner/lotion)
- it kinda stings a little around the lips area when used near them
- doesn't sting my eyes even when I apply near them.
- helps skin to absorb better for the other products applied after it
- even though it gives a soft matte finish but it can't make my skin less oily if I use my usual anti-aging essence/serum on top of it
- able to provide the hydration that my skin needs which other skincare products lack of
- skin feels smoother and less tight around my eyes and laugh lines
- skin doesn't appear any radiant than before
- no allergies
- it won't minimize clogged pores, my clogged pores that were there before remain the same
The pre-essence is indeed very good for combination skin type since it is totally non-greasy. It is an additional step to my usual skincare regimen but I find it ok as I sometimes would apply 2 products before the essence/serum depending on the skincare I use. It is good too that I can now add in a step for hydration purpose as I'm currently into anti-aging skincare and some of them lacks the ability to hydrate my skin enough. My skin may feel firm but it feels dry at some areas so a hydrating pre-essence is perfect because I do not want to use 2 essences which may turn out to be too rich for my skin.
To put it simply, it is a basic hydrating after-toner/ pre-essence. ^_^

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost Treatment Lotion Pre-Essence (150ml) SGD$25.90

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