OOTD & LOTD: Halloween Celebration 2013

Happy Halloween everyone!
This year, I celebrated Halloween early! Managed to come out with simple fox ears and tail prop on the day before my Halloween celebration, after like lazing at home doing nothing for a few weeks procrastinating about cutting the fur.. hahhax~
Well, now that I know what the fox says, I shall wear my big white fox ears and go around "Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!" LOLx~
Foxy look of the day

On 26 Oct Saturday I spent about 5 hours doing up just these 2 ears... (=__=") Spent more time in crafting out the foam (which was given by Sakana. Yeah save $! ^^) and fixing the shape in order for it to stand by itself. Send this pic to friends and they all thought this pair of ears are small, never did they realise it's actually VERY BIG! lolx~

And then I spent an hour to do the tail...~ On Sunday 4am I was hot gluing hair clips on the ears with half closed eyes.... zzZZzz~

White Fox OOTD
27 Oct Sunday, mixed and matched my outfit~ Well, do I look foxy enough? ^_^
Someone even said this pic reminded him of Pokemon xy delphox final evolution... uh ok... lolx~
Foxy OOTD white fox ears & tails cosplay halloween dressup
What does the fox says?

White Fox LOTD
To be frank I never did play around with makeup to create zombie look, bloody face or... watever. Everytime I begin doing my makeup, I'll just end up with normal makeup look with slightly dramatic eyes. I don't want to draw any fox nose and whiskers on my face either even though I'm dressing up as a white fox this Halloween.
Another reason is also because my friends aren't really dressing up so I don't wana be the odd one out.. ^_^" hahahax~
Anyhoo, I'd dug up some of the Starlash and Tokyo Lash Collection to go with my dressup that day.

Here's the close-up makeup look on my eyes. Other than this, my cheeks and lips are pretty normal, nothing special. ^_^
Foxy Makeup

The makeup used for whole face~
- Cyber Colors HD Aura Gel Foundation #02 Natural
- Shu Uemura Pro Gel Cealer (#7YR-M Medium Beige)
- Make Up For Ever Pro Finish  (#117 Golden Ivory)
- Star Lash Lightning Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof (Black)
- KOJI Pencil Eyeliner Black (Free gift from Dolly Wink Long Mascara Taiwan CP)
- Star Lash Special Edition Duchess (#DB35)
- Star Lash Tokyo Lash Collection (#TL012 Marie)
- Star Lash Eyelash Glue
- Creer Beaute The Rose of Versailles 2 Way Eyebrow Powder & Pencil (#02 Brown)
- YSL Rouge Volupte Radiant Lipstick #1
- Mentholatum Lip Pure Lipgel
I will be reviewing the Star Lash products I used to create this look separately in another blog post.

Another selca taken at Scape Halloween party~

Last but not least, me and my friends~
See what I say? Everyone's looking so normal! Lolx.. Except for real cosplay events, everyone would look so different~
Oh yes, not forgetting to mention the DJ at the Halloween cosplay event even played "What does the fox say?" song twice then everyone went crazy and sang along! I think that song is intended for me. Hehhehex~ =p

Thanks for reading!
Do share with me how you spent or how you going to spend your Halloween this year!

Oh yes, by the way.. do you know that you can join the Halloween Makeup Look Contest at VanityTrove? Click here to read more about the contest and what you can win! I'd also taken part in it too! ^_^


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