OOTD & LOTD: British-Singapore Inspired look

It's been a while since I bombarded you guys with my face. I still love to take my LOTDs but all were kept in my camera and never been shown to the world unless for review purpose. Lolx~
Anyhoo, today I'll be showing many selfies, even some close-up ones and also some eyeshadow product pics too. ^_^

The theme for today is British Exchange. First up~ my makeup look. ^_^ More close-up pics later!~

OOTD Theme: British-Singapore-Inspired look
There are times I go crazy with what I wear and there are times I go subtle. I'd thought of doing a English aristocrat dressup to match the British theme but I kinda think that would be way off because there is no 'Singapore' element in the style. 
Side note, I'd been to London before when I was younger and during that time, I didn't go around spotting what the people wear (I wasn't into fashion yet). All I could remember was that the sky's always gloomy and I always need to prepare umbrella or a raincoat and wear something that won't get my feet wet.
And so with this thought, I dug out a pair of boyfriend pants to match a translucent flare sleeveless blouse with a white inner, and a loafer platform (even though I can't wear heels for time being due to my foot injury but this is just for a quick OOTD shot, so I'm ok.^_^).
Khaki coloured pants to match the gloomy weather feel, folded ends so you know, rainwater won't wet them! (neh just kidding. lolx~). Off-white flare top & white inner to add a little girlish feel to the overall style. Singapore style on the other hand is all about comfy because besides rain, all we get is sun, sun, sun! A comfy, airy fabric that won't stick & warm the skin is most important to me, so I often wear chiffon or the like. Plus point, they often have nice drapes that make me look pretty in them. And lastly something leather - loafer platform (so rainwater won't wet my feet! lolx~). Leather is also one thing I'd seen most in London, the people there often wear leather jackets or leather shoes/boots to waterproof their outfit.
OOTD British-Singapore Inspired look
Alrighty~ I am all rain & sun proof! ^,^

To go with my OOTD, I picked The Body Shop Color Crush Eyeshadows that have similar colour mood as my clothes.
The Body Shop Color Crush Eyeshadow

Something light, nude and earthy with a little bit of sunshine.
The Body Shop Color Crush Eyeshadow

They are 220 Chocolate Linger and 101 Golden Girl
Both Chocolate (food) and Gold (colour/element) are my favourite!
220 Chocolate Linger and 101 Golden Girl

Here are some close-ups of the eyeshadows. (Opps, I dropped the Golden Girl and a part of it lifted up from the pan.. ^_^")

Chocolate Linger is matte while Golden Girl has beautiful gold shimmers, pretty pigmented and the colour becomes more obvious when layered. Gold compliments my warm skintone so I really love the Golden Girl. ^_^

Realise my charming fat eyes (aegyo sal) returned! Do I look younger now? Well this is done easily just by applying Golden Girl eyeshadow under my eyes (following the lower lash contour), and when the light shines on my face, the camera captures the reflection and make my 'puffy' eyes appear prominent.
Ahhh.. bed head hair~

For the eye makeup, I use Golden Girl (well, that clearly is refering to me yah? Lolx~) all over my lids first. Then pat a little Chocolate Linger on the outer corner stopping at the crease area and blend it. Once again dab a little Golden Girl on the center of the lids to make it pop.
I also applied Golden Girl under my eyes, highlighting the inner corner of my eyes and also my 'puffy' eyes area. Golden Girl totally make my eyes look bright and nice. It doesn't look overly done even though it's literally all over my eyes. ^_^ Since its gold shimmers, I can even apply it on my nose, chin and cheeks to highlight them.
At the outer corner of my lower lashline, I blended Chocolate Linger with the dark brown (also chocolate) pencil eyeliner to make it look softer.
To match the entire makeup look and outfit, I chose to use dark brown eyeliners instead of black.
EOTD Eye Makeup

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