New BioNike Defence Color Makeup at Guardian

Not long ago I instagrammed a photo of BioNike makeup which I saw at Guardian Compass Point. It is pretty new and just got it's own display shelf at the outlet so the BA was actually organising it but she let me took pictures of them~ Sho nice of her! ^_^
I love BioNike ever since I started using the first series of products I received (B-Lucent) and also loving the Elixage range too. Even though I may not have sensitive skin, but that doesn't mean I won't have it in the future. To prevent skin from becoming sensitive, one should try to avoid using skincare products that contain allergens like preservatives, nickel, perfume and gluten.
And that's what BioNike does, no allergens even in their makeup as well. ^,^
Before I begin, I would like to say sorry for the low resolution and blur photos! All are taken using my Iphone. ^_^"

First up, the BioNike Defence Color Moisturising Foundation SPF 15 (left) and Lifting Foundation SPF 15 (right).

Filler Foundation SPF 15

Compact Foundation Mat Effect SPF 15

Multi-Color Corrective Face Powder

Compact Face Powder (Silky Effect) and Compact Bronzing Powder (Sun Effect)

Defence Color Cover Ultra Coverage Concealer.
Said to be salmon in colour and great for dark circles (read here). Wow, I wana go down Guardian once more to swatch this and see if it is comparable to my Laura Mercier's Secret Concealer!

 Compact Blusher (Velvet Effect)
 Suppose to have 3 shades but I only saw 2 testers.

Limited Edition Glam and Chic Sunlight Loose Powder (Gold) & Moonlight Loose Powder (Silver).
Awesome... The Moonlight powder totally sounds like Sailormoon Makeup. Lolx~
It stated that it can be used on face and body. It's mainly mica/glitters mix with powder, so I guess it cannot be used on the hair? At first I thought it can be applied on anywhere, but I think powder will make the hair look whitish and may look somewhat like dandruff.. hhahax..^_^"

Eyebrow Liner with Fixer.
The actual thing looks like this, the fixer thing got me interested there.. I wonder how it 'fix' the eyebrow since it is a colourless lead. Hmmm..

Defence Color Eye Shadow

 Lip Treatment Lipstick (Nourishing Effect)
Available in many shades!~

Lip Liner.
See the actual thing here. Nude shade looks tempting~.... ^,^

There maybe other products that I'd missed. Anyhoo, go check out Guardian store near you and see if you can find BioNike there! At least I know I have 1 near me now, so it's gonna be convenient for me in the future if I need to stock up any BioNike stuffs. ^_^
In addition, you can also apply for BioNike's membership. It will entitle you to some rewards or discounts but you will need to purchase your BioNike product while the BA is around.
In any case, if you need a BioNike BA's contact you can get it through BioNike's FB page.

Where to buy?
Available exclusively at the Guardian outlets

BioNike Singapore FB
Guardian Singapore FB
BioNike Website


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