More Shape, Less Age with Wacoal Love Ageing Concept

From this month onwards, you might chance upon a special 'Mirror' with an interactive screen at Wacoal store or boutique. This 'Mirror' is actually Wacoal's revolutionary Love Ageing Mirror which had recently been imported to Singapore from Japan.

About Wacoal®
For more than half a century, Wacoal®’s goal has been to help women world-wide realise their desire to be beautiful. Today, Wacoal® utilises the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years to develop new fields, brands and business models, under a design policy based on the keywords of Beauty, Health and Comfort. A market leader in intimate apparel, Wacoal® has key operations in Europe, America and Asia.
Wacoal at Metro Paragon

How our bodies age
Firstly, we will need to understand how our body changes as we age before learning how to pick the right lingerie for ourselves.

Love Ageing Mirror
Based on 40 years of research with more than 40,000 female respondents, leading lingerie line Wacoal® has discovered that a woman’s body goes through 4 steps of biological changes during ageing (Step 0-3) – termed as the Love Ageing Concept.
With the findings, Wacoal® has developed the revolutionary Love Ageing Mirror. The mirror is the first of its kind in the world to let women take a peek into the future and witness how their bodies age in another 20 to 30 years’ time. It aims educate women on ageing and how the selection of proper undergarments prolongs a youthful silhouette.

The Love Ageing Mirror that has been programmed to display in English, is the first device in South East Asia and Singapore is the first to have it! ^_^

Alrighty, this is how the Love Ageing Mirror works. (It will be in English for the actual 'Mirror')
The Love Ageing Mirror starts out by asking a few questions about your age (Pic 1-2) & lifestyle, like how often you exercise and also the problems you have when wearing your bra.
After picking the answers, it will proceed to taking a picture of your torso (Pic 3-4).
Once the picture of your torso flashes on the screen, you can view how the shape of your chest will age in the next 10 to 30 years by pressing the buttons on the right (Pic 5-8).
Lastly,  the mirror will show a picture of your ideal body and prints out a copy of your current proportion & the ideal proportion for your reference. (Pic 9-10)
To view the video of how the Love Ageing Mirror works (in Japanese), click here.

Well, I had my go with the mirror too and this is the 'Ideal Body' I suppose to have. (My actual body is wider than what is shown below. ^_^") I'm glad that my body is not older than my age, I wouldn't be surprised even if it is since I don't eat healthy and seldom exercise.
It is still not too late for me to prevent my body from ageing (or expanding.. lolx~) further! With Wacoal, I'll be able to get back the youthful looking body~

Where to find Love Ageing Mirror in Singapore?
Wacoal®’s Love Ageing Mirror will be at the following locations and period:
Metro Paragon: 20 September - 10 October
Isetan Scotts: 11 October - 31 October
CK Tang Orchard: November - 21 November
Wacoal Plaza Singapura: 22 November - 12 December
Wacoal Jurong Point: 13 December - 30 December

Wacoal Love Ageing Concept
Let's now take another step to understand more about Wacoal's Love Ageing concept.
What are the 'Steps' labels that you see in the pictures? What do they mean? Now, let me explain what they are, in detail. ^_^
STEP 0 (Age 16 to 23)
Unbeknown to most women, the process of ageing begins in their late teens. By the age of 16 to 23, they begin to experience what is called Step 0 Ageing. Their overall circumference would decrease, becoming slimmer and more mature-looking. However, as young adults reach 24 years old and beyond, they will begin to see the significant changes of ageing as they enter the next step of ageing.

STEP 1 (Age 24 to 36)
Step 1: Ageing affects those between age 24 to 36. During this period, a woman’s body reaches complete maturity and size begins to change. The body starts to accumulate extra fat. Very often, body shape will change drastically during this period. This change can be seen significantly in those who have undergone pregnancy.
The upper bust during this phase appears to have less volume while the breasts maintain little softness. Upper edges of the cups may gap when the body stretches. It would also be difficult to maintain a proper cleavage throughout the day. At the hip, the ageing process affects the bottom area, making it appear loose and flabby. There is also a little protrusion around the naval area.
As the accumulation of fat begins, the torso begins to increase in size. The lower abdomen begins to protrude and waist size will continue to increase further down the ageing process. The skin becomes less supple and the chest loses firmness.
Recommendations from Wacoal®
1.    A good shape-adjusting and bust-defining brassiere with paddings in cups will help to create a desired shape around the bust and enhance a smoother silhouette.
2.    Bottom-wear that softly supports and shapes the body as skin begin to lose firmness at this stage, these bottom-wear help to maintain the figure.

STEP 2 (Age 37 to 46)
Into the 30s and 40s, Step 2 Ageing occurs when the bottom of the bust begins to slacken, causing the nipples to point downward. The upper bust appears to have less volume as if starts to sag. The softness level of the breasts transits from its original firmness to become a lot softer. At this stage, women often experience problems such as a gapping upper cup and the back band sliding up easily with slight movements. Very often, there is a noticeable bulge because the under bands dig in at the sides or the back.
Muscle deterioration becomes more prominent. The stable posture begins to gradually change as the pelvis leans forward. Basal metabolism drops significantly due to the changes in hormone balance.
Recommendation from Wacoal®
1.    Brassieres with larger cup base including an elastic back band or folded under band edges to ensure the slackened bust is contained within the cup.
2.    Girdles with a natural and strong shape-adjustment effect to lift and shape the figure instead of emphasising on the bulges around the body.

STEP 3 (Ages 47 to 60)
Women between 47 to 60 years old experience what is called Stage 3 Ageing – the final stage of the ageing process. They may notice that as they mature, their bust shifts outwards and become softer. Their upper cup tends to gap, and they may find it difficult to fit into brassieres with wires as they either touch or dig in at the front, centre or sides of their busts. They may also notice that the under-band of the brassiere shifts easily with slight movement. Other issues include brassieres tend to lie lower than the actual level and the under band digs in at the sides or the back, which causes bulging.
Signs of hip-ageing also become more prominent as the hip joint area shift inwards while the upper stomach protrudes further.
Women experiencing Stage 3 Ageing undergo hormone imbalance, better known as menopause and this causes their natural body type to change. Depending on the individual, a woman’s basal metabolism may drop slightly or significantly.
Recommendation from Wacoal®
1.    Brassiere with larger cup-base to contain the slackened bust within the cup so that it naturally fits the shifted verge lines.
2.    Brassiere with elastic material in the back or with under band containing folded/flat edges. These features in a brassiere enable women to adjust the entire bodyline by adequately lifting the bust and pointing the bust outwards to create a smoother and more appealing silhouette.
3.    Bottom wear made of soft fabric with joint-protective qualities for the hip as they are gentle on thinning thighs and hips.
(click to enlarge image)

Besides bras, there are girdles that are also labelled with the 'Steps' as well.
The following girdle shown is for Step 0-1 (Age 16-36).

And here's Step 2-3 (Age 24 - 46). However it is not necessary that one should always go for the 'Step' base on her age, it all depends on individual's body. There may be some who maintain their body shape so well that they can go for 1 step less. For eg, an age 40 woman have been wearing corsets and girdles to maintain her body shape so instead of getting Step 2, she can go for Step 1 or even Step 0 because that's how young her body is. Likewise, if a young lady at age 25 doesn't maintain her body shape well, she might require to take Step 2 instead of 1.

This is a Step 1 bra, I had tried it and it fits really well on me and feels very comfortable. It prevents the fats popping out from the bra wings/bands at the sides of my chest & my back which is a common problem for most women (notice how the tall the wings are?). Wacoal is also looking into labeling all their products with the Love Ageing concept in the future which will make it easier when shopping for the right lingerie.

To discover your actual body age, follow the dates for the Love Ageing mirror location mentioned earlier and request for custom-fitting at Wacoal boutique/store.

Thank you Wacoal for providing us with the wonderful knowledge of our bodies.

Where to buy?
Wacoal® is available at the following boutiques and stores:
Boutiques: Plaza Singapura, AMK Hub, Marina Square, Jurong Point, Suntec City, MyVillage, Serangoon Gardens, The Clementi Mall, Lot ONE Shopping Mall.

Departmental stores
BHG – Bugis and Bishan only
Tangs – Orchard and Vivocity
Isetan – Serangoon Mall (NEX), Tampines, Katong, Orchard Wisma, Orchard Scotts
Metro – Causeway Point, Orchard, Paragon, Seng Kang & City Square Mall
Robinsons – Centrepoint, JEM Shopping Mall & Raffles City
OG – People’s Park, Orchard & Albert Complex



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