Launch: Chacott For Professionals Makeup

This October, Chacott for Professionals makeup has finally arrived at Plaza@Cosme store.

What is Plaza@Cosme?
Plaza@Cosme is a store under Beauty Direct, selling Japanese beauty products located at 100AM Mall.

About Beauty Direct
Bringing you the best in Asian beauty.
Beauty Direct represents the Japanese cult beauty labels Beppin Body, Bihada Koudou, Chacott, EGF, Fernanda, Forme, Hot Massage, Hurry Harry, JUJU, KAMV, Keanarafu, Lucia, MVNE, Nadeishko, Samourai, Shiromomohada, White Label as well as Starlash (Singapore), Hollywood Lashes (Singapore) and S.O.C Masks (Korea).
And now adding on Chacott label to the list starting from Oct 2013.

Chacott For Professionals Makeup
Seeing the display for Chacott, that reminds me when I went around searching for Chacott in Japan at @Cosme outlets...

Here's some of the pictures showing Chacott displays in Japan. ^_^ You can view my Chacott haul in this post too!

Right, here are some of the products being brought into Plaza@Cosme. ^_^
(left - right) Chacott For Professionals Cleansing Lotion, Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Water (with a free pack of Cotton puff)

(left - right) Chacott For Professionals Recreative Washing Foam, Recovery Essence, Moisture Essence. This is the only skincare products that Chacott carries and it's also the highest priced products among all Chacott products. SGD$50, $105, $120 respectively.

Chacott Plants Collagen Gel. Chacott Plants is a new series which provides light and very natural makeup to users.

(clockwise) Finishing Powder, HD Enriching Powder, Chacott Plants Powder Foundation. All available in various shades. For everyone's info, Plaza@Cosme is selling Chacott at a price very close to its original price! It is only SGD$33! When I was in Japan, I got it around SGD$31.50 after conversion, so now there's no need to fly so far to get a dollar cheaper Chacott makeup. Lolx~

Another Finishing Powder and it is the largest tub among all powders.

Creamy Foundation available in 5 shades.

Liquid Foundation Face & Body available in 2 sizes and various shades.

Stick Foundation available in alot of shades. Probably the only foundation that comes with the most shades.

HD Enriching Concealer in 3 shades.

Cake Foundation Face & Body. After the stick foundation, this is the other foundation that is available in many shades too.

Cake Foundation Face & Body.

Makeup Color Variation & Varie-paint Lining Series. Soooo colourful! Seems like the colours are really intense.

Eyelashes, Color Liner Pencil, Brushes and Makeup Variation 6-color-set palettes.

Lip Color & Lip Gloss Refills

All their lipcolors are in pans so there is a need to get the palette to place the refills in it.

(clockwise) Winking Series Glass Powder, Winking Series Lame Glitter, Powder Puffs (Large & Small), Natural Sponge.
*'Lame' in Japanese kinda means 'Color'

Mascara Volume Eyelash, Mascara Long Eyelash, Quick Eyeliner HD & Liquid Eyeliner.

Makeup Demonstration
During the Makeup demonstration, the Makeup Artist Ms Hiroe Maeda uses the Chacott Patting Cotton Puff soaked with Cleansing Water to cleanse the model's face. She explained that the puff is special because it has a gauze weaving pattern that is not commonly found in normal cotton pads.

#1 Look using the new series of Chacott Plants makeup: Chacott Plants Collagen Gel as makeup base and then pat on Chacott Plants Powder Foundation.

After which she used the Chacott brush to blend the powder and brush off the excess. This will create a very natural makeup without having the powder look excessively layered on the skin.

#2 Look using HD Enriching O2 Base and HD Enriching Powder. HD series makeup is good at both high-covering and translucent natural makeup. Makeup as recovering damaged skin enables to show a perfect fine skin for purpose of appearance at professional photo and film close-up situation.

#3 Look using Stick Foundation, application using a Chacott cutting sponge. For this demonstration, she did point makeup too using the Makeup Color Variation.

Here shows Ms Hiroe's palettes, they are stacked and slidable!

Ms Hiroe picked colors for the model's eyebrow and highlight for the undereyes.

She uses the Chacott eyeliner, mascara and finally lip color to complete the look. Looky at her gorgeous lashes~

And that is all for Chacott makeup! There are actually alot more products, you can visit their store to check them out! ^_^
I attached a few pics to show the other brands that they carry. Their store is a wonderland for anyone who love Jap beauty products~
AquaMoist (Juju Cosmetics).


Nadeishko, samourai woman, Miccosmo.

White Label (Miccosmo).


Lady Sapphire.

Chacott For Professionals makeup range from SGD$3 ~ $120

Where to buy?
Will be made available in departmental stores, selected beauty specialty stores from October 2013 onwards. e-store

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