Event: SK-II Stempower Essence

On September, SK-II launches its latest anti-ageing beauty essence at The P’enthouse – the SK-II STEMPOWER Essence. The Stempower Essence containing a new and powerful Stem-Acanax ES Complex and the power of Pitera™ is the ideal solution to youthful beauty, restoring skin’s youth activity to give poreless-looking, bouncy skin.

About SK-II Stempower Essence
SK-II’s scientists discovered that the source of our skin’s youth activity lies within our epidermal skin cells, thus introducing the new SK-II Stempower Essence with the power of Pitera to boost skin's inner resilience for poreless-looking bouncy skin in just 2 weeks.

As we age, our skin loses its inner resilience, and results in our pores losing the power to close after sebum secretion. For young skin, pores close naturally after sebum secretion.
A research collaboration between SK-II scientists and the world’s foremost authorities in the field, has revealed that our skin’s “Master Switch” activation enables the protection of epidermal root cells by optimising its environment, thus restoring skin’s youth activity to give poreless-looking, bouncy skin.

As women approach the big 'Three-O', the unforgiving signs of skin ageing surface more evidently, causing our skin to lose its firmness, our pores to enlarge and fine lines to appear. To address this issue, SK-II's extensive study of our skin cells unveiled that the key to our skin's youthful beauty lies in its "Master Switch".
Scientifically known as Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor (AhR), the "Master Switch" enables the protection of our epidermal root cells, by being responsible for promoting all of its cell functions of anti-oxidation, regeneration and longevity. This plays a critical role in the health of our skin cells, and ultimately results in an improvement of our skin's appearance - i.e. smooth, firm and poreless-looking skin.
"Master Switch" lies within our epidermal root cells and is triggered when external or internal factors act on our skin. When our "Master Switch" is triggered, it causes the generation of anti-oxidants and activation of longevity gene; enhancing both protective and regenerative of cell action. Switching on our "Master Switch" also regulates our cell environment resulting in protein production to increase and enhance our inner cell density. This result of an increase in our skin's inner cell density causes our cells to become plumper - an important factor in boosting our skin's inner resilience.

Master Switch Formula
SK-II's Stempower Essence is formulated with the new Stem-Acanax ES Complex.
The ingredients in this complex are: Artichoke Extract, SK-II Pitera, Stem Acanax and Kinren Extract.

The Stempower Essence is able to provide:
- Smoother skin texture and less visible pores immediately after one application
- Poreless-looking bouncy skin with significant increase in Poreless Bouncy Index after 2 weeks of usage.

The discovery of "Master Switch" is Dr. Masutaka Furue.

More about Ageing
Despite the myriad of anti-ageing solutions available however, women still feel that the speed at which their skin is ageing is rapidly accelerating. Women in their 20s might start seeing fine lines and wrinkles appear faster than they should while women in their 30s notice wrinkles they only wish to address at a much later age.
SK-II has developed an intuitive measure called Ageing Speed, which quantifies the difference between the rate at which women's skin ages versus their chronological age.
From a holistic longitudinal study of 108 women between ages of 16 and 74 in Akita, Japan, over ten years, SK-II scientists formulated an equation to calculate Ageing Speed.
SK-II scientists discovered that skin's ageing speed accelerates with age and varies amongst women from the same age group. Accelerated ageing speed is found to be the cause behind the appearance of rapidly increased signs of ageing.
Research showed that women with a slower ageing speed had skin that looked younger than their chronological age while women with a faster ageing speed had a skin that looked older than their chronological age.

Ageing Speed Equation
Calculated by measuring visible attributes and physical properties of skin through two parameters:
Visible firmness as measured by the Ageless Vector and skin's elasticity.
Changes in skin elasticity, sagging and skin firmness are then measured at two time points to quantify the amount of 'change' over ten years and calculate ageing speed.

Another key discovery from the in-depth study was that skin's radical firmness measured by the Ageless Vector is critical factor in slowing down signs of ageing speed.
Research showed that epidermal root cell activity declines with age, causing what is known as 'radical firmness' of the skin to decline, leading to the appearance of common signs of ageing like sagging, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of radiance, sallow complexion and an accelerated ageing speed.
Measuring Radical Firmness with Ageless Vector
The Ageless Vector is a  skin image analysis parameter developed by SK-II that measures the angle of sagging or lack of firmness in skin. By analysing the length and directionality of fine lines and wrinkles from the upper to lower cheek - the two obvious 'sagging' points on the face, the Ageless Vector calculates the skin's radical firmness - where the larger the angles of fine lines and wrinkles, the greater the decline in skin firmness.

Experiencing SK-II Stempower Essence @ The P'enthouse
It was my first time going up to The P'enthouse. It's spacious and the view's magnificent. ^_^

A display for us to feel the difference between a bouncy skin and an aged skin. It REALLY does feel like touching a real skin! 

At the event, we were presented with something that can be consumed - the ingredients from the Stem-Acanax ES Complex.
Here are the ingredients in its original form - a garden of plants and flowers. ^_^

The 'ingredients' can be consumed, such as the flower head from artichoke and ginseng which is harvested from an organic farm in the heart of Korea's Jeju Island.

For the next session, we did a test on 'anti-oxidation'.

We grated the apple and produced applesauce-like consistency and place equal amount in all 3 pans. Then we added the water/essences with same number of drops to all 3 of them and mix them with the applesauce.
You can see the row 'Before' is before we added the water/essences. And 'After' is after we added the water/essences & mixed them.
The last row shows how the applesauce turns out after waiting for about a few minutes.
▲ The applesauce in water is obviously the most darkest as it'd already oxidized, while the other 2 in essences became lighter.

▼ Here's how the applesauce will turn out after quite some time. The results are awesome huh?! ^_^
Me and Shirleen playing with the grater. hehex~ ^_^

What beauty bloggers say about SK-II Stempower Essence

SK-II Stempower Essence
SK-II Stempower Essence is in a dropper type bottle.

Details and ingredients are printed in Japanese on the bottle. However on the box packaging, it will all be in English.

How to use?
After applying SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Clear Lotion, drop an appropriate amount (1-2 droppers) onto the palm of your hand. Apply it smoothly onto the entire face, and add a few extra drops on concerned areas with a gentle knuckling motion.

A translucent white essence in watery-lotion like consistency. The skin absorbs the essence quickly without leaving any greasy or glossy finish.

SK-II Stempower Cream
I know this is not a new product but since I'd not featured this before so I guess I should do it with the Essence. ^_~
The cream which is also a moisturizer, is in a jar form. Same as the essence, all details are printed on the jar in Japanese, while the box packaging comes in English.

Spatula is provided to scoop out the content.

How to use?
After applying clear lotion and essence, take an appropriate amount of cream (diameter 1 cm) with spatula onto palm. Dot on forehead, cheeks and chin and gently spread all over the face.
Alternatively, you can also do a Vector-up massage by following the below instructions:

It has a gel-cream consistency and spreads out easily. Leaves a light shine after absorbed into my skin.

When used together, the dynamic duo (Stempower Essence+Cream) is able to provide:
- Almost 200% increase in penetration of skin active ingredients than just the Stempower alone.
- Almost 200% increase in hydration levels in skin as compared to using the Stempower alone.

Complimentary from SK-II
- SK-II Stempower Essence (50ml)
- SK-II Stempower Cream (50g)

SK-II Stempower Essence (30ml) SGD$156
SK-II Stempower Essence (50ml) SGD$224
SK-II Stempower Cream (50g) SGD$149
SK-II Stempower Cream (80g) SGD$219

Where to buy?
Available at SK-II counters at leading departmental stores
Buy online at Zalora.sg

SK-II Website (Singapore)
SK-II Facebook


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