Event & Contest: 5 New Sunkiller Sunblock

September this year, a series of New Sunkiller sunblocks were launched in Singapore. Of the 5 new products, there are 3 that were just been released in Japan as well.

Sunkiller Event
Guess who killed the sun? Sunkiller of course! Lolx~

The Sunkiller event was held at Octa Hotel which looks like a Parisan Hotel decorated with in-house designed apparel, accessories, bags, home ware and many others imported from Europe and Japan. It is such a pretty place that I kind of forgotten where I was for a moment when I entered the Octa Hotel Cafe. ^_^

More photos of Octa Hotel Cafe. It's really a cute place! I would love to go there again in future. ^,^

Alrighty, back to topic~ ^^

About Sunkiller
Sunkiller is a sunblock wardrobe, providing a product to match everyone's need. Why do I say so? That is because the Sunkiller offers sunblock with different skincare functions, including variants for sensitive, normal, dry skin as well as skin that needs power-packed UVA protection to fight aging.
Sunkiller is the first brand in the mass market in Japan to launch a sunscreen with PA++++. This protection grade, determined by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association, gives you the highest known protection against UVA rays, the main culprit for skin ageing!
Sunkiller also nourish your skin while protecting it. It boasts a string of high-performance ingredients, such as collagen, marine collagen, chamomile extract, aloe extract, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E.
Sunkiller products are well-loved because of its perfect non-sticky texture and that is the reason why its sales in Japan eclipsed those of its competitors.
With 20 years of suncare expertise and such compelling benefits, it's no wonder Sunkiller is a well-loved brand, selling over 50 million products since its launch in 1993, and expanding to markets beyond Japan, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and China.

And with that, I shall introduce all 5 new Sunkiller sunblock one by one! ^-^
The 5 Sunkiller sunblocks are: (left-right)
- Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF50+ PA++++
- Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++
- Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF38 PA+++
- Sunkiller Cool Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++
- Sunkiller Clear Water SPF50+ PA++++

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF50+ PA++++
- Has highest protection possible against damaging UV Rays
- Is the very first sunscreen product in the mass market in Japan with the PA++++ rating
- Offers superior UV-blocking with a special UV Cut Powder that improves the way it clings to your skin for even, long-lasting protection
- Contains hyaluronic acid and collagen to hydrate and firm skin
- Is a water- and sweat-proof formula that does not leave a white residue, but leaves behind a soft citrusy scent on skin.

Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++
- Has makeup base properties
- Doubles up as a BB cream by giving you natural coverage and concealing spots, pores and fine lines
- Contains nourishing and moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, collagen, and royal jelly
- Is a water- and sweat-proof formula free of the 'sunscreen smell'

Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF38 PA+++
- For sensitive skin type
- Protects sensitive skin from UV rays, spreads well on skin and can be removed easily with regular cleansing
- Is free from UV absorbents, alcohols, fragrances, synthetic pigments and mineral oil
- It has been tested for skin irritability on adults as well as on children over 1 year of age

Sunkiller Cool Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++
- Best to be used when engaged in outdoor sports
- Gives a pleasant cooling sensation popular with both men and women, thanks to its menthol blend
- Is formulated with a special silky powder, so it does not feel sticky but instead provides a mattifying effect
-  Moisturises skin with seaweed extract, scutellaria baicalensia extract and loofa extract, and firms skin with hamamelis extract
- Is a formula highly resistant to perspiration, water, and sebum

Sunkiller Clear Water SPF50+ PA++++
- For normal to dry skin type
- Contains an Aqua Charge Complex of hyaluronic acid, marine collagen, seaweed extract and hamamelis extract that intensely replenishes skin's moisture levels
- Spreads well and feels as light and refreshing on skin as water, making it a pleasure to apply
- Is a water- and sweat-proof formula that can also be used for outdoor activities

Sunkiller sunblock without packaging.

Among the 5, Mild Milk sunblock has the thickest consistency. Although it feels thick, but it isn't greasy at all after blending it out. On the other hand, Clear Water sunblock is the most watery sunblock and looks most transparent.
Cool Perfect Strong is the only one that feels cooling on my skin since it is made with a menthol blend.
BB Perfect Strong almost doesn't appear to me as a sunblock, it feels like a BB cream with sunblock properties. It is however very watery too, it flows pretty fast when I tilt my hand.
Lastly, the Perfect Strong Plus has almost similar thickness as Cool Perfect Strong but has a creamy texture instead of a silky one.

More about Sunkiller Products
Chemical and physical filters are used in all Sunkiller sunblock except for the Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF38 PA+++. This product is formulated for sensitive skin, and thus, only contains physical filters to prevent any form of skin irritation.
In general, physical filters have metallic scents while chemical filters have simulative scents. But Sunkiller scientists have managed to balance the percentages of these filters successfully and used a citrus scent to mask the unpleasant smell, so the application is more enjoyable experience.
The Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF 38 PA+++ and Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF50 PA+++ are free from artificial fragrances. The other products contain them but the products have been tested rigorously to ensure there is no resulting skin irritation.
Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF38 PA+++ is formulated for kids over one year old. Baby skin below the age of one is not stable, so it is not recommended to use before that.
As most sunblocks are oil-based, they cannot be removed with just water. A makeup remover is required to remove waterproof sunscreen. Proper cleansing is important as it prevents the accumulation of sunscreen residue on skin that will lead to the weakening of skin functions over time.

Now for all my readers, there is a contest to guess who is the 'Sun Killer' or in other words, the sun murderer. *flashes knife*
This is a voting contest whereby all Sunkillersg fans (which means YOU if you love Sunkiller! ^_^) will participate to guess the 5 Sunkiller culprits in "Who Killed the Sun?" campaign.
Head on to Sunkillersg Facebook to read how the game goes about and guess who is the Sun Killer now!

By the way, I am one of the suspects too! But AM I the Sun killer?!?!?!?!~
Well, here's my clue to you: What colour do I love most?
If you know the answer, you will know whether I'd killed the sun. Hiak Hiak Hiak~ *Witchy evil laugh*

Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus SPF50+ PA++++ (30ml) SGD$14.90
Sunkiller BB Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++ (30ml) SGD$14.90
Sunkiller Mild Milk SPF38 PA+++ (30ml) SGD$14.90
Sunkiller Cool Perfect Strong SPF50+ PA+++ (30ml) SGD$14.90
Sunkiller Clear Water SPF50+ PA++++ (27ml) SGD$14.90

Where to buy?
Available at selected Watsons and Nishino pharmacies, Meidi-Ya, John Little and BHG stores.


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