DIY: TinyPinc Delicious Sweets Accessories

This post is about the cute little accessories made by TinyPinc. I had a few of these sweet charms and DIYed them into necklaces~

Here's the first item I bought from TinyPinc during Comic Fiesta at KL. Rainbow Cake! SHoooo cute right?! ^w^ I'd also bought a few other accessories from Tiny Pinc at the booth that day to give to my friends as presents, just can't resist cute little things.. *-*

Oh yes, this charm doesn't come with the red butterfly swarovski crystal actually. I hooked it up so the rainbow cake won't look so lonely as a necklace. lolx~ I know butterfly have nothing to do with cake but then... both are so cute can!

This cake had been with me for quite long so there are some chips and dirt here and there.. (Ignores that little piece of tissue! I didn't notice it was there when I took the pics lolx~)

Next up is this Popcorn! A new item that TinyPinc had made recently. The moment me and my friend Di saw this, we immediately fell in love with it! Another /(*0*)\ moment....

She's really meticulous when comes to details. So much love~

Another rainbow sweet I can't resist! This doesn't come with any O-ring so I added one myself on the top.

Lilac Macaron!

Actually I wanted a bigger one but she only had mini macarons for sale~

To complete my DIY necklace, I add in some purple laces.

And TADAH!~ ^___^ Isn't it cute? Kinda like a Carnival-Candy Theme eh?

Other food related accessories that I own~ Cappucinno cup ring is also from TinyPinc.
Banana mobile charm and biscuit iphone dust plug are bought elsewhere. ^_^

OOTD with the new necklace I made~ Suits my whole outfit! (No, that's not a ghost behind me.. just +everbluec chantana. hahhaax~)

Interested in getting TinyPinc's crafts? You can even request for customized accessories & decos!
Doing free advertising for TinyPinc because I love her so much. hehehx~

All prices quoted by Tiny Pinc are in RM$. Buyers outside Malaysia require Paypal to purchase from her. She ships worldwide. ^_^

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