Review: My Holy Grail fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Ask me which lip balm or lip treatment that I love using most is gotta be the fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.
I first received fresh Sugar Honey Lip Treatment from my lovely BFF +everbluec chantana as a birthday present 2 years ago because she knows I love using lip products ^,^. Since then I had started to use it and love its texture which then got me to buy another one too at Sephora (will talk more about it below).

fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15

Luckily I took pictures of the packaging before I started using it that time which I totally forgotten about posting it later... until now. lolx~
For more information about fresh Sugar Honey, visit fresh website.

All of fresh's Sugar Lip Treatments have SPF 15.

 4.3grams of product.

Honey is of a very sheer nude brownish shade. As my lips are pigmented and pretty red at the same time, the lip treatment colour is unable to fully conceal my lips shade. It however do change my lip colour a little, making them look slightly reddish-brown.

fresh Sugar Lip Treatment & fresh Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 
This Sugar Lip Treatment is not tinted. And that is why I chose to buy it after I received the Honey tinted one so that I could use it at night too.

The last fresh lip treatment I got was sent to me in a parcel together with other products. I was happy to receive it once more because I'll never get enough of owning these lovely lip treatments! ^_^♥

Previously already shown in this post. ^_^

I totally forgotten to take the photos of the non-tinted one before I use it, so I only have this picture of my 'very used' lip treatments! Lollx~^_^""

Octinoxate is the most commonly used UVB blocking ingredient in sunscreens. It does not filter UVA rays. When it is exposed to sunlight, it loses its effectiveness. That is why it's usually combined with other sunscreen ingredients. (ref from here)
Oxybenzone is an organic (chemical) compound used in sunscreens. It forms colorless crystals that are readily soluble in most organic solvents. Oxybenzone absorbs both UVB and short-wave UVA rays (ref from Wiki)
Both ingredients were said that they'll lead to hormone imbalance and would cause cancer but they are not true. To know more about these 2 ingredients, read here.

I'm at the bottom for the fresh Sugar lip treatment now, so there's no more shape to it. Plus it actually broke at the base quite long ago that's why most of it sticked to the inner wall.

Rose tinted and non-tinted lip treatments.

I find that all of the different lip treatments has its own unique scent.
For the non-tinted one has a citrus scent and the Rose one kinda has a rich creamy floral scent to it.
I can't say much about the Honey as I'd lost it and I couldn't remember how it smells like too. ^_^"
All fresh Sugar lip treatments work pretty much the same for me, tinted or not. So here's my thoughts about them:
- creamy, thick wax-like lip balm
- feels only a tiny bit greasy (I won't feel uncomfortable with the grease)
- very easy to glide on my lips even when they are really dry
- when applied, it immediately softens all dead skin on my lips surface
- makes my lips look soft & smooth, and lip lines blurred
- gives a pretty nice gloss to it
- great to use both day & night
- it may be difficult for some lipsticks to layer over the lip treatment as it doesn't grab on lipstick pigments very well unless the lipstick's pigments are intense (not the sheer kind)
- helps maintain my lips feeling moisturized, soft, supple and most importantly unchapped for hours even when I wear lipstick on it
- need to reapply if I wear a lipstick on top of it as the lip treatment will wear off easily together with the lipstick when I eat/drink
- when I use it overnight (usually I apply generously, more than the amount I apply during the day), my lips feel its been deeply moisturized and the surface feels very soft, totally not dry at all
- it doesn't cause any millia seeds around my mouth or on my lips even when I apply a thick layer of it
- doesn't irritate or cause any allergies
Why is this my holy grail? Because fresh Sugar lip treatment is by far the only lip balm that can moisturize my lips so deeply that I totally do not need any lip scrubbing at all to remove the dead skin on the surface.
I can wear it for days, weeks and even months and my lips still feel so soft and unchapped without any scrubbing done. Once in awhile I only experience soft dead skin falling off by itself when I cleanse my lips with makeup remover which I usually use to remove lipsticks, or during a warm shower while I was washing my face. If I constantly use fresh Sugar Lip Treatments, the dead skin on my lips can actually be removed easily with just warm water,  no scrubbing needed! ^_^
I cannot emphasize enough how good this lip treatment is. Other lip balms that I'd used don't hit the base but this is the only lip balm/treatment that I had finished! No wonder my BFF want to buy me one after reading so much raves about this lip treatment online. ^_^

Where to buy?


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

This post is for sharing purpose only. I am not affiliated to fresh or its the company. All photos (watermarked) are taken by me. All photos  are true. Photo (non-watermarked) are from fresh.


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