Review & LOTD: VDL Festival Mineral Eyes (Love Mark) & Ready Action Pen Liner

Recently, I been using VDL Festival Love Mark eyeshadow and Ready Action Pen Liner (from VDL event) for my eye makeup. Here's one of my simple LOTD using both products and I also include swatches too~ ^_^

Festival Mineral  Eyes (Love Mark) in W.Sweet Room

A baked marble eyeshadow in kinda like lilac pink.


Expiry dates are printed on the bottom of the eyeshadow, easy to know when it's time to bin them. ^_^

The marble side of it has a mixture of brown, gold, burgundy, and blue-greens.

Left being the pink and right being the marble shadow. The marble comes out as a light brownish-burgundy colour.

I find that the colour isn't deep and look slightly washed-out due to the large glitters and pearl effect. At some angles however, the pearls and glitters look gorgeous.

VDL Ready Action Pen Liner (Sponge Type) in Black


What I have is 02 Sponge Action (Sponge/Foam tip). 01 is a Brush type Pen Liner.

Pen Liner has lifespan of 6 months after opening.

Drawn on back of my hands with no primer or anything applied. The edges seem to spread out a little on the surface except for the straight line that I drew. The black ink is very black and has a little glossy finish.

LOTD & Review
Below shows my eye makeup using both products, taken under indoor lighting without and with flash. Following photos taken after I'd wear the makeup for a day.

I'm using other pencil liner for the bottom outer half of my eyes because most ink liner will smudge or got washed off by my tears when drawn on my bottom lashline.
From the photos shown, you can see that the eyeshadow colours are obvious only under flash light and also during the evening and night time. That's because the eyeshadow have a pearl effect, it reflects spotlight & flashlight extremely well.
After using the VDL Festival Mineral Eyes, I feel:
- pretty blendable
- the darker shade will take little more effort to blend out
- colours are not too deep so it's good for both day and night look
- some glitter fall-outs on my cheeks found, hence I will need to put some loose powder or place a tissue under my eyes before application
- love the gorgeous glitter-bomb and pearl effect as it catches light and reflects wonderfully even in a low lit area
- easy to remove just by makeup remover or cleansing oil/ liquid

After using the VDL Ready Action Pen Liner, I feel:
- I'm used to brush tips so I feel sponge tip is quite stiff and hard to maneuver around
- after rounds of practice, I finally can apply it smoothly
- still feels slightly prickly on my lids because of the stiff tip
- wing effect is achievable even with sponge tip eyeliner, just needs more practice
- the ink doesn't spread out from the edges as like the swatches, probably because there is eyeshadow primer + eyeshadow below the liner to grab on to the ink
- the ink is pretty black, makes the eye shape that I'd drawn look prominent
- when layered on numerous times, the ink may turn into little black residues especially at the end of line area (however cleaning it up is easy, just dab tissue to remove)
- doesn't smudge or fades (when drawn on my upper lashline)
- easy to remove by makeup remover and oil cleanser

After using the Sponge tip pen liner, I also want to try out the brush tip too! ^_^ I love how black the ink is~

Where to buy?
Available at (Singapore) Suntec City Level 2 #02-338/339

For overseas readers:
VDL seems to be opening a Online store soon. Do keep a lookout for it ^_~

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