Revealing my 3rd personalized VanityTrove

Once again, revealing my personalized VanityTrove. This is my 3rd one now. ^_^
Every Monday VanityTrove updates new products to their website so that we can head on to VT platform and do a little shopping during lunch time to kick off those Monday blues! So clever of them to do that yah? ^_~

In this trove, I picked mainly masks along with hand & nail care: (clock wise)
- b.liv Knock-off Age Mask (28ml) x 1pc
- Storyderm Caviar Silk Mask (23ml) x 1pc
- Storyderm Collagen Silk Mask (23ml) x 1pc
- Storyderm Red Ginseng Silk Mask (23ml) x 1pc

- Huiji Fruity Lite x 2 sachets (Free mystery gift)
- Human + Kind All-in-one Hand+Elbow+Foot Cream (50ml) Sample
- Sassi Top Coat High Gloss for Natural & Acrylic Nails Full size
- Kerastase Elixir Ultime Sample (Free mystery gift)

It's my first time getting Storyderm masks. Storyderm is a Korean brand. I now dig Korean skincare and cosmetics so gotta try them all if I have the chance! ^.^
Storyderm Red Ginseng Silk Mask for calming, anti-ageing & whitening. Probably good for my sagging (yes... already sagging! U_U") & inflammation prone skin (not really acne, more towards clogged pores and little oil spots). It has calming effect so I think it won't make my inflammations worst than its current state.

Storyderm Caviar Silk Mask for anti-aging too (I wonder why one mask spells 'ageing' and another is 'aging'.. lolx~). This mask seems to be more hydrating than the Red Ginseng as it rejuvenates and moisturize the skin as well as helping in anti-aging.

Collagen Silk Mask. I think we all already know what collagen does to our skin. ^_^ It provides moisture and elasticity to our skin to give us more bouncier, youthful skin.

This All-in-one Hand+Elbow+Foot Cream is also the first product I'd gotten from the brand Human + Kind. I had used this for awhile now and I find that the cream is rather rich, therefore I need to control the amount I squeeze out from the tube. It is not really greasy, only a little bit sticky when I use it on my hands and arms, but when I touched something smooth (eg my iphone) after applying the cream, it will leaves visible fingerprints on the phone cover. I think I might have used too much, perhaps I should limit to only a pea size for both hands? It is however pretty moisturizing and it lasts long. (Read my review at VT platform.)

Human + Kind All-in-one Hand+Elbow+Foot Cream swatch. It smells of bitter herbs.

Applying it on right half of my hand. It doesn't leave the skin surface looking glossy/greasy.

Cellnique's b.liv Knock-off Age Mask isn't a stranger to me. I used to stock up b.liv masks everytime & use it every week and later on many other brands come along and I had stopped using b.liv masks for quite sometime now. lolx~
b.liv mask is also one of the first silk mask that I'd ever tried. I was very amazed how light this silk mask feels on my skin. To read my review, click here. ^_^ You will not be disappointed using b.liv mask, it is really pretty good!

Sassi Top Coat High Gloss for Natural & Acrylic Nails.

My nails don't look good so no swatch here! ^_^" Until I grow them to a longer length and perhaps shape them nice.. ok I don't know when that day will come. Lolx..

Mystery gift from the VanityTrove team! 2 packs of Huiji FruityLite slimming drink.

It seems to be like a kind of supplement or medicine? If I consume 2 sachets every time and each day 3 times, it means I will drink up to 6 sachets per day. I seldom drink that many water (I'm a human cactus/camel) actually.. to drink the same thing for 6 times per day maybe too much for me. I shall keep it to just 2 sachets per day if I want to slim down..
The drink is made up of various fruits. I can only make out the word 酸甘清 which means 'Lime fresh' (?) so I think this is a pretty sour drink.. and not to forget, fruity too (since the name stated. lolx~).

Another mystery gift, the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Sample which I'd receive before! ^_^

Personalized VanityTrove SGD$25.00 / box

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