Random shots at Cosfest XII 2013 @ Downtown East

July this year, Singapore Cosplay Club held the 12th Cosfest at the same old venue, Downtown East. Wow.. to think that it's already the 12th year.. How long ago have I been in this cosplay community? (O_O)
As my G12 Canon camera was sent for repair, I had to use my old Canon A520 camera to take photos.
On that day, I was nanny to Noshuu~ ^_^ I really am retiring from the cosplay scene.. feeling so lazy to do anything except helping out carrying bags, taking pics, tidying cosplayer's outfit wig and props etc.. Lolx~ *roll eyes at myself*
Ok here's some random shots I'd taken, not much because I don't feel like taking ugly photos of cosplayers with this grandma cam. =_="

Here's Noshuu as Raquel (Gothic). Gota love how she cut the designs out of those boards.... So nice *_*

Yuanie as Shining Blade Roaring Blade Sakuya
Veteran cosplayer (sound like so old... lolx~) who has her own cosplay website. ^^

The almighty Drefan cosplaying League of legends Pantheon.

Noshuu, Hoshi & Yuanie. I remember Hoshi's costume from previous cosplay event. ^^

Ototsuki Himeji as Fate/Unlimited Codes Saber

At first look I was like "Sho cute!Must take pic!" lolx~
3 cute girls cosplaying as Wreck It Ralph's Vanellope Von Schweetz, Creumbelina Di Carmello and Rancis Fluggerbutter.

Last but not least the most BLING group. Yet again we'd met... Previously I took photos of a few of them at Comic Fiesta with my good cam, their armour are so awesomely bling!

Now for my own random selca with friends~ ^_^
(Clockwise) With Val, Hoshi, Lyn & Nao

(Clockwise) With Sel, Noshuu, Kaori & Yumi~

I hope to be in the cosplay scene again to have fun with friends but mean time... wait for me to slim down cos I have hard time squeezing my belly into my costume... Hahahaax~ *Opps*


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