ORBIS is coming to Singapore!

Today, I'm going to feature some of the ORBIS sample products that I received during Natsu Matsuri. These products will be readily available when ORBIS Flagship counter @ Robins Orchard & Stand-alone store @ Junction 8 (#01-46) opens this coming October.

ORBIS Promotion
The cardboard fan given during the festival comes in handy as I was feeling very hot & sweaty that time. lolx~
Promotion printed on this fan:
Spend SGD$30 at ORBIS Flagship counter and get a mini Aqua Peeling Gel for free!

ORBIS Collagen The Beauty Drink
This is in Pomegranate & Red Grape flavour, formulated with 6000mg collagen peptide in it. It is an intensive beauty drink that help counteract the aging process.

Luckily there is a instruction slip in English given and even includes ingredient list as well. ^_^

Pictures from ORBIS JP website of the Collagen drink.

Besides high content of 6000mg Collagen Peptide there's additional 6 other kinds of powerful ingredients: 300mg of Vitamin C, 300µg (or mcg) Ceramide, Coenzyme Q10, Rooibos tea extract, Elastin Peptide and Royal Jelly.

With the sour pomegranate and sweetness of the red grapes, this drink would definitely taste good and suitable to be consume as a dessert drink or even mixed in a fruit dessert. Taste best when chilled. (Shake first before consuming)

It comes in 10 x 50ml bottle in a pack.
Basically I had finished the drink, it kinda taste bitter during the first sip, then the sweet & sour taste of apple juice comes in later. I couldn't much locate the pomegranate taste, it's just more of apple & grape in it. It gets pretty sour when I'm half way to emptying the bottle but it wasn't really that sour (since there's also the sweet side to balance up the taste) so I could actually finish it up in one go. I like the taste overall. ^^

ORBIS Petit Shake (Muscat & Aloe taste)
Petit Shake is a nutritious diet meal. The flavour I received was Muscat (White Grape) with Aloe pulps.

Description & Ingredients

A picture from ORBIS JP of Muscat & Aloe after mixing with milk.

More visuals from ORBIS JP website. They now come out with Pumpkin flavour! The pudding looks so niceeeeee..... *slurp*
Not sure if the pumpkin will be available in Singapore~  But there are actually a lot more other flavour available too~ See here.

How to make ORBIS Petit Shake? Just pour the shake in the glass, then mix 100ml milk into it and stir. It will then start to turn into a creamy tofu-like(poor choice of word lolx~) texture.

Instead of having your usual 750kcal meal, you can take Petit Shake to replace it with only 150kcal. A simple & tasty way to cut down your daily calories. ^_^

Petite Shake Video
Watch this video to better understand how it's made.

ORBIS Cleansing Liquid
An oil-free (oil cut) makeup cleanser formulated with 30% moisturizing ingredients.

The instruction slip describe it as a 'facial cleanser' (maybe mistaken for a 'facial wash' sometimes since the word are interchangeable), but it's actually a makeup remover liquid. After removing the makeup with Cleansing Liquid, follow on with a facial wash.

The Cleansing Liquid has been ORBIS No.1 best selling product for 11 years. Wooo I can't wait to try it too! ^_^

The cleansing agent removes makeup in no time as it focuses on efficiently cleaning off point and foundation makeup as well as dirt. There are more than 30% moisturizing ingredients in the formula that keeps the skin moisture balance, feels fresh and enables comfortable washing experience without feeling oily or slimy. Cleansing liquid can be used with wet hands.
This also comes with a refill pack in Japan, I wonder if there's refill pack available in Singapore ORBIS store too. I had not seen a refill pack for cleansing oil and liquid before. Makeup removers are mostly in those buy-use-&-throw-away kinda bottles. I would really love to get refill packs if they are slightly worth buying than the product in a bottle.

ORBIS Aqua Force skin care range
Got 1 sachets each for the Aqua Force Wash, Lotion-M and Moisture-M. All have the word "Oil Cut" below it, meaning Oil-free.

How to use and ingredients.

No.1 Basic 3-step skin care products, most loved by ORBIS customers who are in their 20~30s.

Force mild wash / Aqua Force Facial Soap

Aqua Force lotion

Aqua Force Moisture
This moisturizer can act as a makeup base too.

ORBIS UV Cut Sunscreen on Face Light SPF34 PA++
100% Oil-free, chemical UV absorbers-free, board spectrum (protection from both UVA & UVB) tinted sunscreen. It is the ORBIS' No.1 sunscreen for Spring & Summer season.
UV Cut doesn't mean UV-free. lolx~ I think it means UV absorbers-free + Oil-free. Everything cut cut cut! kekkeex~
UV absorbers-free means they do not use UV absorber ingredients. UV absorbers filter ultraviolet light by converting them into a safe infrared warmth however UV absorber ingredients may cause allergic reactions to some users.

Ingredients & Directions. Use this sunscreen after moisturizer as it's tinted.
If sunscreen is used alone, it can be removed purely by face wash. If foundation is used on top of sunscreen, please use makeup cleanser to remove.

In Japan, there are 2 kinds of UV Cut Sunscreens. One for dry skin namely the Sun screen (R) on face (cream type), the other is for oily skin namely Sun screen (R) on face light (milk type).

Sun screen (R) on face light (milk type)
No shaking is needed to use this sunscreen as the ingredient inside it will not gets separated even if the bottle sits for a long time.

Where to buy?
ORBIS Flagship counter @ Robins Orchard
Stand-alone store @ Junction 8 (#01-46)
From Oct 2013 onwards


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