Natsu Matsuri (Japanese Summer Festival) 2013

Have you recently went down to the Natsu Matsuri held at the Japanese School (Changi)? I hope those who went had a great time!
For me, it was rather a search-&-gather-old-friends kinda event. hahahx~ I had been to the Japanese summer festival for few times and you know, when you see the same stuffs every year, you don't get excited over everything anymore as like the first few visits. So, what would be more exciting than bumping into fellow friends with common interests among a thousand other people? ^__^ After that, it would be lots of chitchatting and selca moments!

Upon entering the school gate, we get a fan each... like always. Because it's gonna be super hot later... like always. Lolx~

Booths booths and more booths! It seems that Natsu Matsuri has aloooot more booths than last time! It improved soooo much that I'm liking what I see now. Though the queues are very long but they run pretty smooth and fast, because they had changed to collecting cash instead of dollar coupons (no tearing, checking coupon etc, so less waiting time). Also, more booths spread out the crowd. It probably had already improved for the past few years and I dunno about it since I usually don't patron the booths.. Too HOT and too many people!

Below is the Beauty Direct SG booth! Natsu Matsuri now invites companies to open up Japanese beauty booths! I also saw Shunji Matsuo and few other salons at the booths.

Game booths at the field.. so many people queuing. (=O=")

Yo-yo Tsuri (Yo-yo fishing) game! This is not an easy game, takes lots of patience and time.

Shooting game. Just as I left the game booth, someone caught the first prize and everyone around the game booth was like WAHHHHHHHH~  hahhaax..

From afternoon to night.. When sky turns dark, its time for everyone to gather around the stage to dance!

Last program is the best part where everyone dance to the songs. It's called the Bon Odori (Japanese Folk Dance). If you do not know the dance steps, just follow the dancers on stage or follow the crowd! That's wat I did too last time. ^_^"

I recorded a few videos (Instavideos) of the Bon Odori in my Instagram.
Click HERE & HERE (Rasa Sayang) to view it. ^_^  Rasa Sayang Sayang HEY!! *jumps* 
The jumping is soooo funny! And sho high!~

My only 'food' was a $3 Matcha Ice Cream! Amber one is Vanilla.. Soooo yummy!

Selca time!~
Bumped into Reichel (first pic) for the first time at Natsu Matsuri. 2nd pic is Amber & mi..

Then Mabel along with SK & others 'accidentally' found me and Amber.. Later also met a few other friends too there! 朋友无所不在。。哈哈哈~

My OOTD for the day.. main point is my new ombre sakura pink tights, Laforet bag..

And pink sakura hair clip. ^,^

At the end of the festival, I was given a bag of ORBIS samples when I passed by a slope walkway. Suddenly bombarded left & right with alot of smiley faces who are actually the ORBIS staff until I went "Huh? What just happened?" looking around at them while they quickly placed the bag into my hands. hahhaax~..
Actually, they are promoting for ORBIS which is going to be open soon coming this October!
I will provide individual pics for these samples in a separate post. ^^

It's been a really long time since the last time I post about fun events like this (not that other events are not fun, but this is something more special to me ^^).
I hope I'll be able to attend Natsu Matsuri again next year and watch my friend perform on stage which I kinda always miss it because I either wander around the booths for too long or I was too late to catch her performance. hahhax..

Anyhoo, Thanks for reading~ 

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Natsu Matsuri tickets sponsored by Beauty Direct SG. All photos (watermarked) are taken by me.


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