Launch: L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion Sapphire Black

After the Excellence Fashion Luxurious Golds Collection, L'Oreal Paris once again launches a new set of hair colour. This time it's in Sapphire Black. 

Was it that they'd heard my wish? Lolx~ ^,^ I do want to dye my hair darker but didn't thought of making it black. Nevertheless, I could still try this out since it's been a really long time that I had it in full black (about 2 years~). ^-^

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion: Stand Out In Sapphire Black
Multidimensional Dark Colour Is Now Possible With L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion Sapphire Black

Black hair is one of the most common hair colors in the world. Want to have raven locks like Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese or Freida Pinto? Go back to black, but with a twist in a totally spectacular way.
Repair the damage done by numerous bleaching and coloring jobs (Oh! That is so my hair! Lolx~) with L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion in 1.10 Sapphire Black, the newest addition to the Excellence Fashion range. With its intensely hydrating triple-care formula, hair will be colored and protected at the same time, making your hair silkier and bouncier after the coloring process! By going back to black, you don’t have to be afraid to let your roots show, and the unique formula efficiently covers any pesky grey strands, providing optimal grey coverage.
L’Oréal Paris has found a way to make black hair shine from every angle, creating more dimension than highlights can do. 
Experience the power of black pearls and how it adds dimension to your hair color. 

With crushed pearl pigments to create shine as well as blue tones in the color pigments to create multidimensionality, L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion in 1.10 Sapphire Black is also infused with the same fabulous ingredients as the other colors in the existing Excellence Fashion range:
1. Hi-Shine Complex: For spectacular brilliance and shine
2. Hi-Intensity Pigments: For rich and intense color
3. Triple-Care Formula (Micro-Cera Essence + Amino Acid + Collagen): To protect, strengthen & nourish hair while coloring so hair stays strong & silky-soft
Now, don’t be afraid to say that your natural hair color is jet-black. With L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion in 1.10 Sapphire Black, your raven locks will garner all the attention in the room, making you the ultimate in glamorous beauty: the owner of beautiful, glossy hair.

Other colours
P46 Intense Ruby Red, P56 Intense Violet Red, P66 Intense Spicy Red, P64 Intense Copper Red, 5.62 Intense Violet Brown, 6.35 Intense Copper Brown, 6.13 Golden Nude Brown and 5.13 Ashy Nude Brown.

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion 1.10 Sapphire Black SGD$18.90

Where to buy?
Sapphire Black will be available from October 2013 onwards in Singapore at:
Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores.

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