Launch: Albion Infinesse Skin Care Line

Early September, ALBION launched INFINESSE in Singapore, a new anti-aging skin care line developed based on advanced scientific research.
Albion Infinesse Skin Care Line

About Infinesse
How does Infinesse range of skincare create skin that is ‘visibly lifted & firm?
Infinesse focus on 1 special part of our skin which is the Dermal Cushion.
Inside the skin, there is a springy cushion-like layer that connects the dermis and epidermis. Commonly called the papillary dermis, at Infinesse we call this layer, which is located on the outer most part of the dermis, the 'dermal cushion'.
Acting on the dermal cushion (papillary dermis) is extremely important in order to achieve "skin that is visibly lifted and firm".

Infinesse focusing on skin's dermal cushion using 1 key ingredient: Renovate cPA®

Development of "Renovate cPA®"
Prof. Murofushi (of Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences, Faculty of Science, Ochanomizu University) is the discoverer of cPA (cyclic phosphatidic acid), a lipid with various physiological effects that exists in small quantities in living organisms.
Albion Infinesse Renovate cPA

Albion partnered with the university to conduct joint research into cPA and successfully created a version of cPA with excellent absorption properties for use in skin care products. This remarkable achievement led to the development of Renovate cPA®, the first anti-aging ingredient of its kind in the world.

Benefits of "Renovate cPA®"
1. Strengthen the density of net-like structure of collagen fibers
- Strengthen Cytoskelton of Fibroblast
- Strengthen Connection points with Fibroblast and Collagen
2. Boost high polymer hyaluronic acid in the reticular dermis
With both benefits, it will lift up the skin from the Dermis!
Albion Infinesse Benefits of Renovate cPA

Other active ingredients in Infinesse range
Ingredients in Albion Infinesse Skin Care Line

Efficacy Proof of Infinesse
Now that we'd learn the benefits of the special ingredient "Renovate cPA®", here's more visuals presented by Ms Maki Arakawa (Researcher from Research Development Centre, Albion in Japan) to show how Infinesse skin care can help in fighting aging, sagging skin.
Albion Infinesse Before After use

Alot more visuals! I love the fact that Albion provides scientific proofs with technology assistance such as this program. ^,^  (click pictures to enlarge)

Oh... laugh lines. I have them and I really really want to get rid of them!

This image is actually in 3D, it was rotating around at different angles on the screen just by maneuvering it around with the mouse. Amazing isn't it?

Last but not least, face mapping visual.
Albion Infinesse Before After use Face Mapping

There was also a demonstration during the event. Infinesse skincare was applied onto the model's left half of the face (our right half) and immediately... you can see her laugh line shortened, skin lifted up and her jaw line looks "V"!
Albion Infinesse Before After use demonstration

Albion 4-Step Skin Care
Feels somewhat different from the usual skin care regimen. Instead of ending with a cream after serum, Albion states to end with a serum as the last step. However it is required that we soften our skin first by applying milk lotion before conditioning the skin with lotion.
Albion 4-Step Skincare

Here's a better explanation of the skin care regimen by Albion:

Albion sub-brands
Albion sub-brands: Exage, Infiness, Excia, Ex-Vie

Infinesse Skin Care Step 1: Cleansing
Finally, here come the products!
Infinesse Force Cleansing Cream (Wipe-off/ Rinse-off)
- Mixes quickly with makeup and other impurities for thorough removal.
- Burnishes skin so smooth, it feels as if it's been reborn.

Infinesse Burnish Cleansing Milk (Wipe-off/ Rinse-off)
- Nourishes skin while thoroughtly removing makeup and other impurities.
- Leaves skin plump, supple, and vibrant from the inside

Infinesse Brush Up Wash
-Nurtures supple, good quality collagen while refining skin with its thick, pliable lather.
Albion Infinesse Skin care Step 1

Infinesse Skin Care Step 2: Softening
Infinesse Moisture Milk I
- Quickly revives the stratum corneum's elasticity.
- Instantly delivers taut, firm skin that's filled with elasticity.
Albion Infinesse Skin care Step 2 Moisture Milk IA
Albion Infinesse Moisture Milk IA Swatch
How to use?(refer to illustration)

Infinesse Skin Care Step 3: Skin Conditioning
Infinesse Moisture Lotion IA
- Lotion that fills the stratum corneum with dense moisture, for skin with abundant elasticity and luster. 
- Adheres snugly, for a dewy complexion that lasts and lasts.
Albion Infinesse Skin care Step 3 Moisture Lotion IA
Albion Infinesse Moisture Lotion IA Swatch
How to use?(refer to illustration)

Infinesse Skin Care Step 4: Active
Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA
- A lifting effect and elasticity so strong it bounces back against the effects of gravity.
- Fills the dermis through and through, plumping skin rapidly to achieve indisputably lifted skin.

Infinesse Emgraftment Cream
- Powerfully stretches wrinkles and sagginess.
- Feel like you have a brand new face.
- Achieves skin that's pulled tight from deep inside.

Infinesse Signless Eye Cream
- Acts on the levator palpebrae muscles.
- Lifts the eye area to achieve a dynamic look.
*The levator palpebrae muscles are the muscles of the upper eyelid that move when you open your eyes. They are located nearer to the eyeballs than the orbicularis oculi muscles. The orbicularis oculi muscles are used primarily when you close your eyes.
Albion Infinesse Skin care Step 4
Renovate cPA® + Hyaluronic Acid Injection ⇒ Instantly gives a firm and lifted appearance
1. Dramatically increase the hyaluronic acid in the dermal cushion, plumping skin rapidly and quickly giving it taut firmness and elasticity.
2. Enrich every millimeter of the "collagen network" that constitutes the dermis' structure and function, enhancing firmness and elasticity from deep inside the dermis.
- Boosts the density of the net-like structure of collagen fibers.
- Promotes production of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and the structural components of the dermis.
- Instantly strengthens, firms, and thickens collagen fiber bundles.
- Prevents damage to and promotes the production of elastin.
3. Fills the stratum corneum with moisture and powerfully grips the skin's surface. Supplies firmness and elasticity from the instant you rub it in, and maintains it.
Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA

Facinated with the pump outlet~ There is no visible opening when it's not in used as there is a translucent 'ball' stucked at the outlet. When I push it down, the 'ball' retracts back inside and product come oozing out from the sides of the 'ball'. This way, the product will not deteriorate caused by constant contact with air.
Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA Closeup
Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA Swatch
How to use?(refer to illustration)

Infinesse Skin Care Tools
Paper ruler to measure the jaw line (total length from bottom of the ear lobe to the chin) before and after using the products to check if the jawline length have been reduced.
Infinesse Eye Lift Massager for massaging eyes, face, jaw, neck, decollete areas.

Complimentary from Albion
- Trial set of Infinesse IA
Albion Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA Trial Set

- Infinesse Eye Lift Massager
This massager is not sold in Singapore (only in Japan). Happy to receive this as a gift, I really need some massage for my face~ ^_^

Includes a bag to contain the massager.
Albion Infinesse Eye Lift Massaging Beauty Tool

The massager is made of silicon, feels very smooth, rubbery and matte which doesn't cause friction when glide over the skin, thus reduces skin tugging. I'll talk about this cool tool in a separate post after I'd experience it. ^_^
Albion Infinesse Eye Lift Massager

Infinesse Force Cleansing Cream SGD$74
Infinesse Burnish Cleansing Milk SGD$74
Infinesse Brush Up Wash SGD$63
Infinesse Moisture Milk IA (200ml) SGD$115
Infinesse Moisture Lotion IA (200g) SGD$115
Infinesse Gravity Resistance IA (40ml) SGD$164
Infinesse Emgraftment Cream SGD$197
Infinesse Signless Eye Cream SGD$164

Where to buy?
Infinesse range is available at ALBION counter, Takashimaya departmental store, cosmetics department, level 1

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