Swatch: Lavshuca Dramatic Moist Melting Rouge PK-5

I'd got this unopened Lavshuca lippie sitting in my makeup stash for quite long already and finally decided to open it before it expires. hahax~
I actually bought this during my last Hong Kong trip (about a year ago) as I like the Moist Melting Rouge range after I had tried once from my 2011 HK trip.
I loved Lavshuca lippies as they are pretty pigmented even for their nude shades.

Product is made in Japan. I bought it in HK, so it has descriptions in Chinese on the sticker.

I'm really in love with most of the Lavshuca products because they look pretty 'magical' to me. The casing details and motifs draw my attention.
To use this Moist Melting Rouge, the sticker at the bottom have to be peeled off first.

Once the sticker peeled off, it looks like this. FW (Forward) to eject the product out, REW (Rewind) to retract it.

Close-up of the cap and the lippie.

Because this is the moist melting rouge, it contains slightly more gloss than other Lavshuca lip products. When I uncap it, there are some gloss (or oil) found leaked outside of the tip area.

Why is it called "melting" because it literally melts when I apply it. When I first used the PK-7, I thought that the lipstick was kinda spoilt or something, because it REALLY melts when I apply it on my lips. But after sometime, I got used to using it. Though it melts pretty fast, but the colour is quite intense and it provides a really nice gloss over it too. 
Just look at the swatch below, you'll see rather high intensity of pigments and gloss at the same time.
Lavshuca lipsticks usually cost only less than SGD$20. To me, their lipsticks are a must buy and they are my everyday lippies. ^_^ I would recommend everyone to try out Lavshuca products if you ever see it in Japan or in other countries (like HK, Taiwan etc..).
I do hope Lavshuca can come to Singapore one day!

To see swatches of other Lavshuca lipsticks including PK-7, visit my other Lavshuca blogposts.

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

This post is for sharing purpose only. All photos (watermarked) are taken by me. All photos & swatches are true.


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