Review: Skin Food Citon Scalp Care Shampoo

Last year, I won a Skin Food hamper @ Skin Food launch event which consist of full size shampoo and conditioner in it.
After keeping it in my cabinet for sometime, I finally needed it as my black hair starts growing longer which cause my scalp to get really oily and my hair (the black parts) to become really flat and limp.
I had forgotten that I had this all along and when I was digging among my stash of hair products I found this, lucky enough it is one that can help to control sebum on my scalp.

Packaging & Ingredients
I love how it is named - Scalp Care Shampoo. Other shampoos are commonly named as hair care shampoo or hair moisturizing/volumnizing shampoo etc.. but this one is scalp care. I went (⊙∙⊙) "OOooOOoOooo~" when I read the name. Hahhax~

It is clear with very little yellow tint shampoo liquid.

Foams up easily when mix with water.

- has a nice & pretty strong citrus fragrance
- dispense easily by pump
- I usually use 2 full pumps to cleanse my scalp
- foams up easily
- works around pretty easy on my scalp & on my black hair
- harder to work the shampoo on my bleach hair, it will get tangled at some parts like the ends
- after rinsing it off, my scalp and newly grown (black) hair feels very fresh and not oily at all
- I usually just brush the shampoo lightly through the hair to hair ends with my fingers to avoid hair ends being dry later
- my scalp and black hair feels dry but not taut after washing
- my black hair feels so much less oily for the rest of the day (if I am not sweating) compare to using normal hair shampoo
- the hair that are bleached & dyed feels drier though
- to avoid dry hair ends, I will mask & condition them (avoid getting them on the black hair parts) almost everyday
- after using for about 4-5 weeks, my scalp starts to get slightly oily again (which I find it is normal as that is the time when I'll switch to other shampoos)
- doesn't cause any itchiness or allergies
For the period I'm using the Citron scalp care shampoo, I am very happy that I have oil-free scalp and hair almost everyday! Because Singapore is a very humid & hot, it's hard for me to keep my black hair volumnized when I'm all sweaty. What's worst is that my bleached hair gets drier and frizzier when it's very humid or when it's raining so the right shampoo & conditioner combination is needed for my "combi" hair, just like skin care. ^_^
After using the citron scalp care shampoo, my scalp feels so refreshing because I can feel that it's very clean and all the black hair near the scalp feels squeaky clean and dry too. At same time, it is not too dry so it does not require conditioning (on the black hair only). While my bleached hair still requires mask & condition to tame the frizziness. If I have a whole head of black hair, I bet I don't need any conditioning at all. ^_^
I would recommend this shampoo for those who have very oily to oily, dandruff and normal scalps.

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Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

All photos (watermarked) are taken by me. All photos & swatches are true


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