Review: My Holy Grail Za Killer Volume Mascara

Hey all, today I'm going to review this wonderful mascara that I had received from Za sometime back (very long time back actually... hahaa.. ^,^").
Why I picked this mascara out of my 4813549846 new mascaras that are sitting in my stash is because Jermaine told me that this mascara is reallllyyy gooooodd~~ So I thought well, it is about time (DUH. Should have use it long time ago! Lolx~) to open this up!

This Za Killer Volume Mascara only comes in 1 colour which is #01 Real Black.

A close-up pic of the mascara taken back then at the Majolica Majorca x Za event.
The applicator is BIG! The applicator has very dense and medium long bristles.
At first I thought that this definitely will poke my eyes when I use it as its bristles are quite long and the brush head look thick and huge in compare to many other mascara applicators which I like using.

Refer to my previous post on How to Use the mascara.

Lash Swatch
Here are my bare lashes curled. They are very thin and not so long, and there's like only a few strands of bottom lashes (lolx~ ^,^"). 
Note that my lids are droopy (thus making my lashes droop as well) so it is important for me to get a mascara that doesn't make the lashes droop and helps them stay curled throughout the day.

First coat of Za Killer Volume Mascara on my right eye.

On both eyes...

Second coat of the mascara plus I applied it on my almost none bottom lashes too. I completed the look with a eyeliner on both lashlines.

- mascara wax's formula is just nice, not too wet or too dry (semi-wet wax)
- wax feels rather thick but not so thick that it will clump right away
- the applicator didn't poke into my eyes at all (So good!)
- the dense bristles grabs onto every single lashes nicely and separates them evenly too
- on first coat, it already volumnized my lashes quite alot and separates them perfectly without any clumps
- second coat must be done within less than a minute as the mascara drys up pretty fast, if done at the perfect timing, the mascara will not clump at all even if layered more than 2 times
- if the next layer is done too late, there will be visible clumps showing on the lashes, however it is still fine as the clumps are not too obvious and they don't fall out
- easy to apply the mascara on my bottom lashes (an additional + point as I hardly can ever get any mascara onto my short & sparse bottom lashes!)
- the applicator curls my lashes further and helps them to stay curled
- has a powerful curling and long-lasting factor plus very volumnizing too
- it doesn't have any lengthening effect
- doesn't smudge
- waterproof
- easily removed with warm water or cleansing oil (I usually use these 2 methods to remove waterproof mascara)

Here is a picture of my eye makeup which I took recently on a super hot day (30 over degrees!). I was sweating madly as I needed to stay under the sun for hours (literally!), but just look at how my lashes still stayed nicely curled at the end of the day. Wonderful isn't it? ^_^
I cannot emphasize enough how awesome this mascara is (And it's less than 20 bucks too! *O*). To me, this is my holy grail mascara which I will always think of using when I head outdoors. Few times when I used it, I got compliments on my nicely separated & curled lashes.
Hence I would recommend anyone who are looking for a good volumnizing & curling mascara to give this Za Killer Volume mascara a try! ^_^

Za Killer Volume Mascara (01 Real Black) SGD$18.50

Where to buy?
Available exclusively at Watsons

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

Products name written and coloured in cyan are sponsored by Za Cosmetics SG to me for trial & review only. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos (watermarked) are taken by me unless stated. All photos & swatches are true.


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