Review: Hada Labo ES Lotion

For the past month, I had changed to using Hada Labo ES Lotion as my first step of skincare (after face cleanser).
Hada Labo actually released this ES Skincare Series specially for the sensitive skin.
Although I do not have sensitive skin, but skin may become sensitive over a period of time if it keeps constant contact with allergens (eg. preservatives, perfume etc) which are usually included in many skincare products. Read on to find out more about ES skincare series & my thoughts about them.

Ultra Hydration that is as Gentle as Water
People who suffer from sensitive skin condition are usually selective in their skincare products to ensure that the products do not contain ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin. Among the ingredients that could possibly cause irritation to the skin include alcohol, fragrance, colorant, preservatives and others depending on ones' skin sensitivity.

With this in mind, Hada Labo carefully put together an ultra hydration series specially catered to those with sensitive skin. Staying true to its Perfect X Simple philosophy, this range is formulated using 5 additive-free formula, free of fragrance, colorant, alcohol, mineral oils and preservatives to allow even sensitive skin consumers to fully enjoy their skincare.

The ES series also contains 2 key ingredients:
1) 3 kinds of Hyaluronic Acid (Nano, Super, Normal) that can effectively ultra hydrate all skin layers from top to innermost layer. Skin will become remarkably smooth, soft and supple.
2) Zinc Gluconate to nourish, condition and protect sensitive skin from the harsh environment.

Hada Labo ES series is pH balanced and passed the low irritation stringent tests.

Hada Labo ES skin care range includes the following products:
1. ES Makeup Remover
- has a light and foamy texture that gently cleanses the skin. It hydrates as it cleanses and helps restore the skin's moisture.
2. ES Cleansing Foam Wash 
- instantly replenishes and locks-in skin's natural moisture. It's great for dry and dehydrated skin. Upon application, your skin will feel significantly softer and more supple.
3. ES Milk
- a lightweight and soft moisturizer with a non-sticky feel. It is great for those who prefer light texture.
4. ES Lotion 
- helps to gently remove makeup effortlessly. It does not leave a greasy residue or stickiness on your face after cleansing.

Hada Labo ES Lotion
This Hada Labo ES Lotion I received is the mild version. There is also a Rich version (for very dry skin or for dry season) which is not available in Singapore.

How to use?
The steps to using Hada Labo ES skincare is as such: (refer to picture below)
Step 1: ES Makeup Remover (known Liquid Cleansing in Japanese)
Step 2: ES Cleansing Foam Wash (known as Bubble Face Wash in Jap)
Step 3: ES Lotion
Step 4: ES Milk

There is only 1 size of Lotion bottle which is 170ml and a refill of 150ml (unsure about the availability of the refill in Singapore, pls enquire at the stores). For the Hada Labo sold in Sg, the words are all in English including description & ingredients. Expiry date is sticked at the side of the bottle (below precautions).

When I open the cap, a small bubble pop out. Familiar.... it happened to me when I opened the Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion too. And so I took pics of this bubble which it got bigger when I pressed the bottle. lolx~ *fun!*

This ES Lotion is unlike the Hada Labo SHA & Retinol Lotion, as it is totally non-sticky nor thick at all. It basically feels just like water, it flows easily & drips too when I tilt my palm sideways.

 When applied at the back of my hand (left) and when I spread it out (right).

Just as I had mentioned, it is basically like normal watery toner. It doesn't leaves any sticky feeling and it doesn't leaves any gloss on the skin surface either.

When I use a lotion or toner of a thicker viscosity or one that doesn't flows or drips that easily, I will use bare palms to apply them direct to my face. While for the toner that is watery kind, I will use cotton pad as they are hard to spread on both palms without dripping.
Here's the before after of my cotton pad (sorry if it Ewws u! ^.^"). The after seems like it's a bit yellowish in the pic, but in fact when I look at it in real life it doesn't look yellow. Cotton pad soaked with lotion actually helps in removing residues leftover from the previous skincare step (face cleanser) and dirt or dust that falls on the skin surface. It also helps to remove dead skin cells too.
- has a very mild nice scent which will be gone after spreading out the lotion
- feels very watery (just like water!)
- spreads very easily even using the cotton pad
- feels slightly cooling
- absorbs real fast into the skin
- skin feels hydrated instantly, areas around eyes and laugh lines (usually feel tight) feel quenched with moisture
- skin feels soft & supple
- after using for a month, skin surface feels pretty smooth when I touch it
- however the pores still feels the same, slightly rough (because lotion doesn't have the ability to clear clogged pores)
- doesn't cause any breakouts on my face, neck or even decollete areas (collarbone & chest parts)
- no reactions or allergies
- a very good basic lotion or toner for everyday use which doesn't make my skin oily or glossy and doesn't strip moisture off
Usually I will have oil spots (tiny enclosed white heads with slight inflammation surrounding it) on my jaw lines, neck and decollete areas which goes on & off by itself. Although its' cause is mainly not from the skincare I use but I would still avoid using thick creams or skincare that I feel are greasy on these areas. However, I used ES Lotion from my face all the way down to my chest area and it doesn't cause oil spots nor does it make them worst if I had them. It's pretty hydrating and mild at the same time. And that's the few main reasons why I like using this toner. ^_^

Hada Labo ES Makeup Remover (150ml) SGD$20.90
Hada Labo ES Cleansing Foam Wash (160ml) SGD$16.90
Hada Labo ES Lotion *Mild* (170ml) SGD$25.90
Hada Labo ES Milk (140ml) SGD$25.90

Where to buy?
Available exclusively at Guardian pharmacies nationwide.

Hada Labo Website (Singapore)
Hada Labo Facebook (Singapore)


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