Review: DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+

I'd received a box of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+ drinks during a Watsons DHC event and I'd been drinking these for awhile now and here's my review of it. ^_^

About DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+
Containing almost 50 per cent more collagen than other similar health drinks, DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+ is formulated with Fish Collagen Tripeptide for younger-looking skin. Compared to regular collagen which has large molecule sizes and long chain structures of numerous amino acids, Collagen Beauty 7000’s Tripeptide is easily and effectively absorbed by the body, producing and increasing the content of collagen in the skin, bones, ligaments cartilages and blood vessels.

Below illustrates 7000mg Collagen with 500mg Vitamin C, 400mg L-Citrulline and 200mg N-acetyl glucosamine and how DHC's Fish collagen Tripeptide molecule gets absorbed by our body easily.
▲ above pic from DHC Japan

☞ Packaged in 7000mg bottles, more than the average collagen drinks in the Japanese market (5000mg)
☞ Contains Citrulline (L-Citrulline) to boost blood circulation
☞ Complemented with Hyaluronic acid precursor (N-Acetylglucosamine), which eventually forms Hyaluronic acid with high water retention ability
☞ Enriched with Vitamin C to increase collagen synthesis
☞ White-grape flavour
☞ Low-fat
☞ Caffeine-free
☞ Recommended daily dosage: 1 bottle every night

Packaging & Ingredients
On the back of the packaging, the nutrition/supplement facts stated: (Note I used google translate hence some words may come out incorrect..^^")
Calories 53kcal, Protein 8.5g, Lipid 0g, Carbohydrates 7.3g, Sodium 33mg, Vitamin C 500mg, Collagen 7,000 mg, L-Citrulline 400mg, N-acetyl glucosamine 200mg. 
What I understand is that an adult's daily intake of Vitamin C is suppose to be 90mg, however together with the food we eat, our body can accept a tolerable intake level of 2000mg daily. So I would skip any other vitamins that contain high Vit C value when I take this DHC drink so that I will not exceed the limit. However on the other side, it's infact alright to take up to 2000mg or slightly higher as it is unlikely to cause adverse health effects. (Read more about Vit C)
N-acetyl glucosamine is a form of glucosamine and its daily recommended value is 1500mg to 2500mg, so it is still safe even if one is taking Gluosamine supplement along with the DHC drink.

Expire date is 2014 June without opening.

At the bottom of the box, there is a sticker with all in English. Makes it easier for us to read since we don't understand Jap. ^_^"

Total of 10 bottles. For the price of SGD$49.90 per pack, per bottle would cost $4.90 each.

The expiry date is also printed on the bottle itself incase when we threw away the box packaging, we need to keep track of the drinks' expiry.

I placed all the bottles in my fridge to chill them. ^_^
Once the cap is opened, it stays there without dropping off, take a little more effort to pluck it out so that when I drink directly from the bottle, the cap will not get in the way or I'll get cuts on my face from the sharp edges.

- smells very grape-like
- very sour and quite sweet (the sourness is tolerable after I started on the first bottle & because it's sweet too so it balanced the sour taste)
 - quenches my thirst & dry mouth, especially when it's chilled. So YUM!!~
- I often drink it with my supplement tablets (to wash away the tablets taste which I dislike and to allow easier swallowing of the big size pills)
- I take one bottle every evening or night, and sometimes 1 bottle every alternate days
- during that 2 weeks my skin feels so plump, round and smooth! (my skin feels rather saggy, loose on usual days)
- I experience very little oil spots or acne on my face & neck
- skin appears radiant and bright
- I also realised skin turns slightly fairer too
- skin overall appear slightly more even, discoloration appears not so obvious
- I have lesser concern of concealing my face during makeup as there are not much imperfections on my face
- large pores appear minimized as my skin feels plumped and a little lifted at the cheeks area
- my expression and laugh lines don't feel dry and trap only very little foundation (almost unnoticeable when I laugh or smile)
- the redness around the skin on my laugh lines doesn't appear much when I laugh or make certain facial expressions as it feels more firm up and slightly plumped too (I feel that the redness is caused by sagging skin)
- didn't experience breakouts
- no allergies
- didn't experience any sickness as well (sickness by means of normal light flu, cough etc. because the vitamin C helps keep me healthy ^_^)
Like I always say, I don't really have a good healthy diet daily (as I'm very picky when comes to food, I always prefer non-healthy food...^.^") so whenever I take supplement, it will usually show immediate and obvious results on my skin and body.
And when I totally stop taking them, the effects stop after a few days and I'll be back to having my usual problematic skin and body. Lolx~
Even though DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+ can be mixed together other food such as desserts (see  how to do it), I didn't do that because I depend on this drink to swallow all my 6-8 pills daily. If I don't need to eat my supplement tablets, I will then treat it as a dessert drink, slowly sipping the very nice sourly sweet collagen while watching shows or doing my work on the comp.
I do hope that DHC can put up some promo price for buying more than a box as I think 10 bottles is quite little, not enough for a month's supply. 

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000+ (10 x 7000mg bottles) SGD$49.90

Where to buy?
DHC flagship stores retailing the full range of DHC products including the latest ranges can be found at the following Watsons stores:
Bugis Junction, Compass Point, ION Orchard, Takashimaya S.C, Raffles City

DHC products can also be found at the key island stores at:
Watsons Choa Chu Kang Lot 1, NTUC Hougang Mall, IMM, Jurong Point, Parkway Parade, Tampines 1, Tampines Mall, Vivocity and East Point

Overseas readers: Can try purchasing from Rakuten Global Market

DHC WebsiteFB (Japan)
Watsons Singapore FBTwitterInstagramWebsite

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored by DHC & Watsons Singapore to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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