Revealing my 2nd personalized VanityTrove

Hey all, have you recently been picking items for your own personalized VanityTroves? ^_^
If you haven't yet, please do so now! It's never too late as VanityTrove often update their site with more new products for us to choose!

I'd recently gotten a few friends to jump on the bandwagon as well and they were really happy about this new personalized trove. ^,^

Ok here's what I chose for my 2nd personalized VT: (clockwise)
- Blumarine 'Bellissima Acqua Di Primavera' Eau de Toilette (Full Size Bottle 30ml)
- Stiefel Spectraban Sensitive (Sample Size 20g)
- OLAY White Radiance cellucent™ White Essence Serum (Full Sized Bottle 40ml)
- Sasatinnie Snail Rejuvating Face Mask (Full Size 20g)
- Silkygirl Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (Sample Bottle 25ml)
- Mystery bonus item: Essential Damage-Care Rich Premier Shampoo (Sample size 80ml) 
- Physiogel Face & Body Cleanser (Sample Size 60ml)

It's my first time trying out Sasatinne's product and I got myself a Snail Rejuvenatin Face Mask.
Definitely good for my oily combination skin where I'll sometimes get inflammation around my jawlines, forehead and cheeks area. ^_^ Snail mucus is known to help in inflammation problems.

Stiefel Physiogel Cleanser which I had actually tried the last round from the Physiogel event I attended.
It is a pretty mild cleanser that is for sensitive & dry skin and it doesn't strip moisture off from the skin. Physiogel products are hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, contains no colorants, perfumes and preservatives

I like it when expiry date is stamped on the product itself so even when I no longer have the box packaging with me (sometimes I keep them just in case), I will know when to discard the product away.

 Ingredients, directions of use and expiry date all on the box packaging. ^.^

Olay White Radiance cellucent white essence serum is in a full size bottle which I managed to get it while I was 'shopping' at VanityTrove's site.

Expiry date stamped on the bottom of the packaging.

Another product from Stiefel - SpectraBAN Sensitive 30 SPF30 PA++.
It's Anti-UVA (PA++) & UVB (SPF30) It's important for me to look for a broad spectrum sunscreen/sunblock as without any one of the factor, it will either damage my skin externally  or internally.

Full ingredient listed on the front of the product makes it appeal to me as I feel that this product looks pretty promising just from the packaging design! (hahhax~) It is also stamped with expiry date (good!).

Actual product is 3 times the size of this sample, so to say this sample isn't really small! I am so intrigued to try it out~

Silkygirl point makeup remover. This is a good size to bring along when I go overseas or chalet etc. ^_^

It is my first time to come across fragrances from Blumarine. This little 30ml Bellissima Acqua Di Primavera fragrance design is so cute and endearing. The acrylic cap cutting makes the whole bottle look like it's an accessory to my dressing table.
The fragrance is slightly tinted in blue. The logo and name is printed on what seems like a piece of textured ribbon fabric. I must say that the whole bottle design is quite different from the other fragrance bottles I own. Though it may look pretty normal to some, but this is one bottle that I like both holding it in my hand and as a decor to my vanity. ^_^

The fragrance has a pretty strong powdery scent with a mixture of wood & flowers in it. Smells light and airy. It also has a tiny bit of fruity note to it after it settled. A wonderful skin freshener after bath as it makes me feel like I'm applying powder on my body. ^,^~

Last bu not least, VT team include another Esssential Damage-Care Shampoo as the bonus item which I received in my first personalized VT box too! ^_^

Additional Tip: VanityTrove will update new products on certain Mondays so do remember to visit their website on Mondays!

Personalized VanityTrove SGD$25.00 / box

Where to buy?

Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)
Products name written and coloured in turquoise are sponsored by VanityTrove Singapore to me for trial & review. I am not affiliated to the company. All photos are taken by me unless stated. All photos are true.


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