Morn Creations @ Dakara Spree

"Whooooot Whooooooot~"
Ok well, I duno if owls go hoot or whoot or whoo.. lolx~ 
Anywhoooot, today I'm just introducing this brand name "Morn Creations" because I came across it when I was (as usual, addictively) browsing my FB timeline and shared a picture of it. Then.... somehow when I looked at the design, it occurred to me that I actually own a Morn Creations bag  loooooooong time ago! What hit me was this 2 metal eyelets eyes design. I was like "HEYYYYyyyy I have a bag that has 2 eyelets eyes too!"
And so, the search began...

I actually chanced upon the (above) owl picture from FB and then it linked me to Dakara Spree website which then I saw the bag brand name Morn Creations, and eventually I landed on Morn Creations HK FB page... In their FB cover photo, I spotted the bag that I had years ago!

Which is this: (Sorry for the small picture as this is from Morn Creations' FB cover pic)
I realize later that this is actually call the "Devil Bag". True enough, it did appear to me as a cute vampire face when I first received this bag as a present during my Goth days. (The days when I love anything & everything gothic) I could still remember who gave me this! *wink wink* But I can't remember where I place the bag already! (^,^")

After knowing this bag belongs to Morn Creations, I can't wait no more to share more pictures here!

Big Cat Collection
First up, the Morn Creations Big Cats Collection!

So cute isn't it! I prefer the black version ^_^

They have it in small pouches too! Omy~~~

Besides the iconic eyelets and the white fangs, the zipper designs are also specially made to look like the big cat paws! Awwwwww~~~ I love squeezing cat paws especially Mimi's one. Lolx~

Owls Collection
The other animal that has beautiful cat eyes would have to be an Owl, that's why I find them as cute as the cats~ ^,^

Just look at the details! I so loving the feathers, eyes, beak and the shape of the owl's head too! It is sho sho sho cute!

Zippers are made into none other than the feathers! To be frank, I kinda thought it would be owl claws.. lolx~

Messenger bag available too! The eyes and the beak design is... WOW. ((єOvOэ))

The pouch is so mini, sooooo cute that it wrenched my soul. *soul flys away*

Giveaway @ Black Box Singapore (by Dakara Spree)
I spotted a giveaway at Black Box Sg's page. To read about the giveaway, click here
Click the below image to go directly to join the giveaway by filling in the form.

To know more about Morn Creations and other bag collections, visit the links I provided below! ^_^
I hope you all had fun looking at these beautiful bags! ^_~


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

This post is for sharing purpose only. I am not affiliated to Black Box Sg, Dakara Spree or Morn Creations. Pictures are  from Dakara Spree FB & Morn Creations FB.


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