Mimi in Cats Of The World Photo Exhibition

On first day of August, I went down to The Arts House in search of my cat Mimi's picture that was displayed at the Cats of the World Photo Exhibition. =^_^=

The Arts House is located by the Singapore River near to the old Parliament House.

Cats Of The World
The photo exhibition is up from 1st Aug to 29 Aug 2013. And on certain saturdays there's purrzaar market (flea markets). Read more about it here.

At the Arts House~

While searching for his pic, I took random pictures of the other cat pics too~ Sorry for the low resolution as most are taken with my old Iphone.

I immediately recognize @berta_kat's pic because I followed this kitty too on Instagram! ^,^
LOL at  the Karate Kid... hahaha~

 Finally after walking the whole aisle, I saw Mimi's pic!

His face is too grey and dark for my camera to focus.. hahhaax~ The caption is different from the one I post, view the actual pic in my Instagram! ^_^
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To thank the Cats Of The World Photo for featuring him at the photo exhibition, here's some love from his bombastic belly. ^.^

The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane Singapore 179429


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

This blog post is for sharing purpose only. I am not in anyway affiliated to Cats of the World & The Arts House or its company/organization.


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