Makeup Findings at John Little Plaza Singapura

As promised (in my instagram post), here are the makeup brands that I spotted at John Little Plaza Sing!~ Some are not new but I guess no harm re-introducing them here so you know JL carry these brands too! 
I'd also included some random swatches! ^_^
Note: all these pics are taken using (my old & somewhat cranky) Iphone and the store lighting is very orange so I used Photoshop to filter off the orangy-ness. The colours in my pics may differ from actual thing.

Australian brand Mik@vonk. At first I thought it's a korean brand because of the packaging and logo design and colours (basically everything!) and then I also thought that its name is read as Mika vonk or something.. (I feel stupid! lolx~)  but the @ is actually 'at' so it is Mik'at'vonk in one word.

One of the eyeshadow palette swatch.

Random swatches of lipsticks and lip glosses from different range.

Swatches Close-up. 
I like the lipsticks as it is intense and smooth to apply! Some of the lip gloss are pretty pigmented too! The eyeshadow is also intense as I only swatched it once and the colour came out pretty obvious. Smooth and not chalky, I like this brown eyeshadow palette ^_^

Taiwanese brand Solone
Spotted Alice Fantasy Adventure Series (爱丽丝的奇幻冒险)! ^_^

Solone Perfect Drawing Eyeliner - It is a pencil eyeliner

Solone Role Switching Liquid Eyeliner
Solone Rose Covering Makeup Remover Pencil
Well, the name says it all. ^_~

Solone Vivid Fantasy Smoody Pencil - Moouse eye pencil. A eye colour in pencil form which is available in diff shades.

The Cosme Box
Contains Japanese makeup brands such as Candy doll & Eyemazing.

Candy Doll Lip Gloss

Eyemazing Cheek Color in 4 shades

Eyemazing Eyebrow Coloring in 2 shades

Swatches of Eyemazing Eyebrow Coloring in Milktea Gold and Natural Maroon.
Packaging reminds me of the first version of Heavy Rotation eyebrow mascara that I bought and the colour look very similar too. Personally, I prefer all lighter shades of eyebrow mascara. ^_^ I can use it to conceal my black brow hair and make it look soft.

 Eyemazing coloured false lashes.

Coverderm is a unique line of dermocosmetics, caring, preventing, treating, or effectively concealing any imperfection of discoloration of the face and body.
COVERDERM ® Camouflage is developed by Lydia O'Leary.
In some countries, Coverderm is sold under the brand name Covermark (Japanese brand). The product content is identical in both Coverderm and Covermark products, but the brand names and product packaging differs. Both Coverderm and Covermark are distributed worldwide by Farmeco. (ref from here)
So if you like Covermark, you should also check out Coverderm! ^_^

Poland makeup brand. It has a range of eye makeup that's targeted for sensitive eyes - HypoAllergenic.

This totally reminds me of my Uni Style+Fit pen ink cartridges... lolx~


MY bag is sho cute!!~

They got brushes too! And makeup sets! Look so interesting~

Studio Makeup
US brand makeup

Look what I'd found! ^________^
NUDES eyeshadow palette. Look like???? Hheheex~

Glimmer & Glow palette

Tribal polish & palette set

Glamour & Glitz palette

Where to buy?
John Little Plaza Singapura Level 1


Till then! Cheers! (●♡●)

This blog post is for sharing purpose only. I am not in anyway affiliated to John Little and the mentioned brands or its company/organization.


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